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Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer.




I am a huge fan of Perricone MD, their products have that special quality of showing you how good your skin can really look. Their newest launch No Concealer Concealer is the perfect addition to the line and works wonders when I pair it with No Foundation Foundation.

The product is so light you just need the tiniest drop to get great coverage. While this little miracle worker is feeding all kinds of goodness to your skin to combat aging its also hiding under eye circles. It feels really refreshing on my skin and it brightens my whole eye area  making fine lines nearly unnoticeable. I just love how bright my skin looks and it stays on all day, no creasing or fading. All this and SPF 35!  

Perricone MD No Conealer Concealer
A multi-tasking anti-aging concealer with broad spectrum SPF 35
With Neuropeptides and Vitamin C Ester
9mL / 0.3 fl oz
Instantly camouflages imperfections and dark circles
Softens fine lines and delivers powerful anti-aging benefits with Neuropeptides and Vitamin C ester
Great primer for eye make-up; helps with makeup wear and longevity
Crease-proof, non-drying with one universal shade for all skin tones
Protects with BROAD SPECTRUM UVA AND UVB, non-chemical, mineral based SPF 35

Top Tip
For best results, simply dot on and pat in. Don’t rub or swipe.

Dr Perricone Discusses: Fighting Cellulite


Dr. Perricone Discusses: Fighting Cellulite

Aging does not just take place on the face. As we age, we commonly see changes in the body that include the loss of muscle tone in conjunction with the addition of body fat, particularly in the abdominal area, and on the legs and arms. This excess body fat is directly attributable to two factors. The first is the loss of insulin sensitivity, the second the elevation of cortisol (the death hormone) levels in conjunction with a decrease in the life or youth hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and human growth hormone.

This combination of loss of muscle tone and increased body fat results in a condition commonly known as cellulite — the dimpled appearance of skin caused by fat deposits just below the surface of the skin.

Combat Cellulite by Changing Your Diet
While cellulite is not entirely ‘curable’, there are several dietary changes that can minimize and improve the appearance of cellulite.

1. Make anti-inflammatory foods the basis of your daily diet. This will ensure low body fat, maintenance of muscle mass and radiant skin, and will help you avoid swings in blood sugar, which can cause the storage of fat and a breakdown of muscle tissue.

2. Drink plenty of pure, non-carbonated spring water throughout the day (6 to 8 glasses) with a generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Lemon is rich in bioflavonoids and vitamin C (anti-inflammatory antioxidants), and acts as a natural diuretic to help the body shed excess water.

3. Eat plenty of detoxifying fruit and vegetables. Lemons, asparagus, cranberries, fennel, celery, dandelion and ginger root are natural detoxifying agents, and many experts believe detoxifying the body helps eliminate the lumpy and bumpy appearance of cellulite. These fruits and vegetables also act as natural diuretics to help eliminate excess water build up.

4. Eat a diet rich in lignans, which will help lower estrogen levels. Estrogen can contribute to cellulite as it activates the production of fat cells and encourages fluid retention. Foods rich in lignans include chia seeds and sesame seeds.


Perricone MD Cold Plasma Body

A superb multi-functional, all-over body lotion designed to define, tone, and hydrate the skin. With proprietary Cold Plasma delivery system DMAE and Caffeine.
8 fl oz / 237 mL

A body treatment formulated to help firm, tighten and tone the appearance of skin, while smoothing imperfections and hydrating for a gorgeous, radiant glow. It minimizes the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin on thighs and buttocks and revitalizes the look of dehydrated, crepey and sagging skin. Part of the award-winning Cold Plasma collection, it’s an essential treatment for a beautifully sculpted body and formulated to address the most visible signs of aging and impart gorgeous, supple, healthy looking skin. Layer it under No Sun Tanner or your favorite body cream or lotion for amplified results.



Perricone MD No Sun Tanner: Streak Free, Golden Glow!

I am very fair skinned and have such a hard time with streaks with most sunless tanners. No Sun Tanner has a slight tropical scent and leaves my skin feeling soft, shimmery, moisturized and most importantly no streaks. If you are new to sunless tanners this is a great choice, just apply daily until you reach the depth of color you want and then reapply as needed to maintain. This is the only sunless tanner I trust on my face, brightens my face and I never have to worry about it clogging my pores. 

Perricone MD No Sun Tanner

Imparts a gorgeous, healthy, natural looking tan
With pro-Vitamin D

No Sun Tanner is a multi-tasking all over face and body self-tanner that nourishes the skin with pro-Vitamin D while promoting a gorgeous, natural looking tan.

Unlike traditional self-tanners it does not streak, smell, leave the skin dry or impart an unnatural color. Results are truly dramatic with a tan that customizes to your skin tone within 3 to 7 days. Best of all, it also acts as a treatment and hydrator delivering essential moisture and firming benefits to the skin.




Disclosure: MHU was sent a sample to review all  opinions are 100% 0ur own.

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