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Perricone MD Celebrates 15th Anniversary with New Formula 15!

I started using the new Perricone MD Formula 15 just a few weeks ago and I am loving the difference I see in my skin. I always put the most of my beauty budget into skincare and make sure to use high-quality products. So to see such a  visible difference in my skin was surprising albeit a nice surprise. The  patented Formula 15 is very effective and seems to be what my skin had been missing.

Formula 15 has an incredibly lightweight texture and seems to just melt into my skin, I like the slight hint of citrus. I noticed with the first use my face felt smoother and my foundation seemed to stay put better. After two weeks of use my skin is feeling tighter, more toned, and it has really helped improve the texture of my skin. 


Perricone MD Formula 15
In celebration of the 15th anniversary, Perricone MD is launching Formula 15, a highly advanced formulation of Dr. Perricone’s original Face Firming Activator – the product that put him on the map over a decade ago.

The active ingredient and powerful anti-ager, Alpha Lipoic Acid, had never been introduced in clinical skincare but over the last decade, advancements and breakthroughs in the skincare industry thanks largely to Dr. Perricone’s groundbreaking research, have set new standards and raised the bar for what people have come to expect from skincare, redefining the anti-aging category and making Formula 15 available to the masses. Dr. Perricone’s innovation has quite literally come full circle.

Formula 15 addresses fine lines and wrinkles, surface imperfections, dullness and rough texture. Formula 15 minimizes the length, depth and width of a wrinkle to impart unsurpassed smoothness and radiance and is formulated with Dr. Perricone’s signature, patented sciences to contain Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE in the highest concentrations available in any Perricone treatment product.

Powered by the revolutionary delivery system, NTP Complex ensure optimal results by driving the actives deep within the skin and takes a revolutionary approach to reversing the appearance of winkles in three modes of action:
· Addressing micro-scarring beneath the skin before they surface wrinkles
· Smoothing visible surface wrinkles
· Firming and tightening the skin
Perricone MD Formula 15 will be launching in October 2012 at Sephora for $125.

Repair Damaged Summer Skin with Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester 15

My fair skin has taken a beating with the summer sun exposure so I was excited to check out the the new Perricone MD  Vitamin C Ester 15.  The chief  ingredient, Vitamin C Ester , comes in at  15 %  which is the “highest concentration in any anti- aging treatment .”

It’s a very lightweight cream and you don’t need much to get great coverage. I use it on the sun spots on my nose and my neck and chest. In the last two weeks I have noticed my skin has slowly been brightening and is much clearer. It even smells  yummy almost like a  creamsicle!

It is a splurge but the product really works. In two weeks the most dramatic change has been in the firmness and clarity of my skin. All that and its fading sun spots!

Vitamin C Ester 15
Summer has its many perks. Beaches, barbeques and the perfect sun-kissed glow. But as Autumn nears and your tan begins to fade, your complexion may not be thanking you. Harmful UV rays and months of overexposure has left your skin dry, damaged and in need of a serious overhaul. Get ready for firmer, brighter and smoother skin in a flash!

Vitamin C Ester 15  is a prescription-grade 15% concentrated treatment, the highest available in any anti-aging product and patented for topical application. Rejuvenate your ravished summer skin each night with each of these 7-day tubes and give skin a more youthful look by boosting collagen production, smoothing skin texture and dramatically brightening its appearance. In one week’s time, redness and dullness disappears, leaving you with a porcelain-like complexion.

Now your glow doesn’t have to depart along with Summer – your winter skin can be just as radiant!

Research results:
Consumer use study results of seven days of use:
– 85% agreed it helped support their skin’s structure for more resilient skin
– 80% agreed that their skin felt firmer
– 80% agreed that their skin felt tighter and more toned

– 83% agreed that their skin looked smoother
– 80% agreed that this product helped fix the roughness of their skin
– 73% agreed that this product gave their skin a smooth, porcelain finish

– 78% agreed that this product helped fix the dullness of their skin and their skin appeared brighter
– 75% agreed that their skin looked and felt rejuvenated each morning
– 73% agreed that their skin had a healthy inner glow and looked more even

Available at Sephora; 4 tubes (10ml each), $120 USD.


Disclosure: A complimentary sample was provided to MakeherUp all opinions are 100% our own.

Dr. Perricone Discusses: A Common Breakfast Mistake

If you want to look your best start on the inside! I love Dr. Perricone’s easy tips and advice for small lifestyle changes to get big results.

What Should You Be Eating To Start Your Day?
In the morning madness of the back-to-school season, it can be tempting to take a nutritional shortcut in the form of a pastry or cereal rather than preparing a healthier breakfast. However, these choices lead to a quick boost that just as quickly fades, leaving us more tired than we were to begin with. The secret is not the quick fix, but the slow and steady one – and believe it or not, this even applies to basic oatmeal.

Instant Oatmeal versus Old Fashioned Oatmeal & Steel-cut Oats
If your bowl of oatmeal stars with opening a packet of instant oatmeal, you’re likely not getting the nutritional benefits you think you are. Instant and slow-cooked oatmeal are processed differently and accordingly, your body also processes them differently. In addition to the undesirable addition of added salt and sugars, instant oatmeal or quick cooking oats actually have a higher glycemic index than slow cooking oatmeal, because of the way the oats are processed. This processing means that the body takes less time to digest the oats, which causes a rapid rise in blood sugar — resulting in a burst of inflammation.

However, slow cooked oatmeal, which is slowly absorbed by the body, is a delightful way to enjoy the benefits of the complex carbohydrates in this extraordinarily healthful whole grain, which provides sustained energy and also stimulates the release of serotonin, a key neurotransmitter that can lift mood and reduce carbohydrate cravings. Oats are also rich in vitamins, minerals, fibrous lignans and phytochemicals that protect against heart disease, cancers, diabetes and a whole host of diseases. Oats are a valued source of slowly digested complex carbohydrates, providing quality calories for energy needs – they’re great for a quick energy boost. Don’t forget to top your oatmeal with some anti-inflammatory treats:

Cinnamon, nutmeg or clove to help further control variance in blood sugar.
Chia seeds for further energy, protein and minerals.
1 tablespoon of chopped raw walnuts, almonds or macadamia nuts for added protein and omegas.
Coconut milk or oil, both excellent sources of healthy fats to help slow absorption of carbohydrates.
Mixed berries for an antioxidant boost.

Need another reason to eat slow cooked oatmeal for breakfast? Oats have been shown in scientific studies to favorably alter metabolism and enhance performance when ingested 45 minutes to 1 hour before exercise.

For an extra boost try:

Perricone MD Omega 3 Supplements – 90 Day
A dietary supplement that helps elevate mood, regulate weight and support cardiovascular health. With DMAE, 90 day supply.

Given the hectic and stressful lifestyle that so many of us lead, few of us are eating a balanced diet – we are not getting the vitamins and minerals that we need on a daily basis. Supplementation of our diet provides the vitamins and minerals we need to help maintain our overall health and wellness. Omega 3 has been shown to reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases. Combining Omega 3 supplements and regular exercise has been shown to improve cardiovascular and metabolic health.

Dr Perricone Discusses : Beauty Foods

Two Foods for Supple Skin & Abundant Energy

For optimal health, our diets need to include anti-inflammatory fat sources. This is a topic that I have covered extensively over the years. In fact, because they cause increased inflammation in the brain, I hold extreme low-fat and fat-free diets culpable for the epidemic of depression sweeping this country during the past two decades. Ideally, our diets will be free of excess saturated fats and all trans fatty acids—another reason to avoid all processed and pre-prepared foods.

The end result of following the anti-inflammatory diet will be the prevention of free radical-induced inflammation. There will be a great improvement in our physical appearance, decreased wrinkling and sagging of the skin, increased energy levels, elevated mood, better brain function, decreased body fat, greater muscle mass, stronger bones, and a powerful immune system.

The essential fatty acids found in Chia seeds and extra-virgin coconut oil are anti-inflammatory. They also have the unique ability to stabilize the cell plasma membrane, the outer portion of the cell. When we stabilize the cell plasma membrane we decrease our risk of oxidative stress and its resultant production of the cascade of inflammatory chemicals that causes damage throughout the cell, especially the mitochondria.

Chia Seeds
The seeds from the chia plant (Salvia hispanica L) are a concentrated source of high quality macronutrients required by the body: omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fiber, high quality complete protein without gluten, and low-glycemic carbohydrates. Rich in antioxidants, chia also reduces inflammation and can help mitigate the signs of premature aging.

Although chia seeds are relatively new to the world food market, they have been a staple food for the peoples of Mexico for centuries. Because of their high soluble fiber content, chia seeds form a hydrophilic colloidal suspension (gel) in water and slowly release their nutrient content and water into the digestive tract for absorption and utilization over extended periods of time. This provides an even and sustained source of nutrition, hydration, and energy for the body as it passes through the digestive tract. Because of this attribute, chia seeds were highly valued as an endurance food by the both the Mayans and Aztecs and are still used today as food in Mexico and the southwestern United States—in fact they are a staple food of many long-distance runners in the U.S.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil—energy and weight loss
Long vilified as an unhealthy food choice, coconuts and extra virgin coconut oil are now rightly taking their place as a healthy food and a healthy type of fat. The types of fats found in coconut oil (medium-chain triglycerides) boost immune function and the anti-bacterial, anti-microbial compounds are metabolized efficiently to hydrate and repair skin from the inside out, imparting skin with a supple glow.

Coconut oil is also a beauty food that appears to promote weight loss. According to a study “Medium-Chain Triglycerides Increase Energy Expenditure and Decrease Adiposity in Overweight Men,” published in the medical journal Obesity Research, diets rich in coconut potentially stimulate weight loss by increasing metabolism and may be considered aids in the prevention of obesity.

Revered by athletes, coconut oil contains less calories than other oils and its fat content is easily converted into energy. It also does not lead to accumulation of fat in the heart and arteries. This is because the fat is in the form of medium chain triglycerides, (MCT’s).

Most of what we consume in the Western diet consists of artery-clogging, ‘long-chain’ saturated fats derived from animals. But the plant-based medium chain fatty acids tend to digest quickly, producing energy and stimulating the metabolism which is the reason oils like coconut are popular with athletes. A number of studies have found that the medium-chain triglycerides in coconut oil are neither readily converted into stored fats nor can they be readily used by the body to make larger fat molecules. Coconut oil helps in boosting energy and endurance, and enhances the performance of athletes.


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