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Paris Hilton launches “Fairy Dust”


Paris Hilton “went totally crazy” exercising before her recent raunchy photoshoot.

The hotel heiress – who is seen wearing a tiny boob-tube bikini top and short skirt in the advertising campaign for her new fragrance Fairy Dust – was reportedly thrown into a panic when she found out what bosses had chosen for her to wear in the shoot.


A source close to Paris told Fox News: “Paris didn’t want to be airbrushed so as soon as she found out what she had to wear she went overboard with Pilates classes and exercise – she went totally crazy toning up.”

The 27-year-old beauty also came up with the idea for the shoot – which shows her waving a magic wand and wearing fairy wings complete with the tagline, ‘Do you believe in fairy tales?’ – because she wanted to “bring some fantasy to her fans during these tough economic times”.

A shoot insider said: “Paris wanted to look ethereal, but also wanted her perfume to inspire people. She hopes she has done that with the new campaign.”


Call me crazy, but I don’t want to smell like Paris Hilton.


Paris Hilton arrives at Selfridges, Oxford Street for the only signing in the United Kingdom of her latest fragrance, Can Can.

These pictures had me cracking up, so I had to post them.  Just because you’re in London, doesn’t mean you have to wear ridiculous hats!  It looks like Paris has to go to the bathroom.  What the crap!  Who buys this stuff!?

KMart special! 



GO HERE to buy this fragrance…if you dare! :)


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