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Not your mother’s Nair!

Do you all remember your mom using Nair when you were growing up? I remember so vividly that pink bottle of Nair, always in the bathroom, sitting on the corner of the tub. (Recognize that bottle above?)

What’s the next thing you remember about Nair? I remember stinging skin, and a very, very strong smell. Still with me?

Last week I got a big ol’ box of products from Nair to try out, and my first thought was….. could it be the same Nair I remember? Will it smell the same? Feel the same? Honestly, I haven’t given Nair a second thought since I left my teens, and this was the first time I really considered giving it a try again.

I opened the first box, and it was their new product, Spa Clay. So how’d it go?? Follow me after the jump! More »

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