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Introducing Estee Lauder’s Red Hautes Nail Lacquer Collection!

This season, coat nails in a racy range of deep to bright reds that provides a perfect match for every skintone and every occasion – introducing NEW Pure Color Nail Lacquer Red Hautes Collection. This latest shade statement by Estée Lauder and Creative Makeup Director, Tom Pecheux, pays homage to red – the most timeless, most identifiable shade of nail lacquer – with an alluring twist. These rich and saturated tones are inspired by the glamour, sophistication and romance of red, while capturing the shade’s undeniable naughty and playful sex-appeal.

The luscious, red tones in NEW Pure Color Nail Lacquer Red Hautes Collection drench nails in highly pigmented color that make the perfect statement no matter what the occasion. “There are five types of red to answer every desire.” said Pecheux “There are day reds and there are night reds.” Either as a soft and subtle accent or a bold splash of color, these hot, sultry shades are the most covetable way to wear red, transforming nails into the ultimate high-fashion accessory.

NEW Pure Color Nail Lacquer Red Hautes Collection

• Pure Red
• Beautiful Liar
• Le Smoking
• Love Bite
• Fallen Angel

I have two of these polishes, in ‘Love Bite’ and ‘Beautiful Liar’. I have allllllllllllways loved Estee Lauder’s nail polishes, because of how beautiful the look on – and how easily they’re applied. I’ve always said the brush is key –  in both nail polishes AND mascara, and the brush on these polishes are amazing. They look beautiful and festive, and I’m wearing it right now!! Loooove!

Availability: The new Pure Color Nail Lacquer Red Hautes Collection is available at select Estée Lauder Counters nationwide and NOW!

May I suggest what a PERFECT stocking stuffer these would make? I don’t know a single girl who wouldn’t love to see this in her stocking Christmas morning!

Retail Minx Available for First Time in ULTA Beauty Stores Nationwide!

Minx, Inc.® co-founders Dawn Lynch-Goodwin and Janice Jordan have answered the prayers of fashion enthusiasts everywhere by announcing the launch of a retail line, Minx #1, for at-home application. A favorite of celebrities and fashion designers, Minx has previously only been available in salons where it is applied professionally, but starting June 4, 2012 a new line of eight distinctive Minx #1 designs will be sold in ULTA Beauty stores nationwide.

“We could not be more excited about offering the Minx #1 retail line,” enthused Dawn Lynch-Goodwin. “We have always believed that nail fashion is an essential fashion accessory, and our collaboration with ULTA Beauty gives us yet another avenue through which we can share our passion for elegant and provocative nails.”

CHECK OUT the limited edition patterns of DIY nail coatings through the

Janice Jordan stated, “We wanted to make Minx available for people who would like to get a manicure or pedicure on-the-go, with no drying time, and give them a taste of the luxury Minx service that they can get in salons.”

The Minx co-founders were particularly pleased to partner with ULTA Beauty for the retail launch. “ULTA Beauty stores offer great products as well as an exciting shopping experience complete with a salon and events,” explained Janice. “Our brand has a very similar philosophy as we have seen firsthand how wearing Minx nail fashion is an experience in itself!”

The much-anticipated retail line includes nail coatings for both fingers and toes, giving consumers the ability to perform glamorous manicures or pedicures at home. A complete set of fingers and toes is priced at $18.00, and the self-applied Minx #1 is distinctively different from the Professional Minx formula sold to salons. Minx #1 will launch a new collection quarterly, with designs exclusive to ULTA Beauty.

The eight designs in the retail line demonstrate the creative versatility of Minx #1 through dazzling metallic hues and runway-inspired prints, and include the following:

* Silver Moons: Metallic chrome accented by a silver matte moon comprise this classic;

* Gold Moons: This color is made up on metallic gold accented by a gold matte moon;

* Wild Pink Cheetah: The hot pink and black cheetah spots on a gold base bring out the animal in you;

* Triangle Tango: A geometric pattern featuring gold and silver triangles accented by black dots;

* Diamond Diabolique: An elegant and rich metallic pattern borrowing heavily from the tribal trend of this season;

* Summer Splash: A glorious explosion of color to welcome the summer;

* Technical Tribal: A detailed matrix design and an unexpected jolt of color decorate a golden base;

* MinxLusion Chex: This checker design features the exclusive MinxLusion prismatic silver matched with black squares.

Minx burst onto the fashion scene four years ago with celebrities including Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian flaunting their custom Minx designs on their fingertips. Since then, design houses such as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, and Missoni have collaborated with Minx to create nail fashion that has appeared on catwalks in New York, London, Paris and Milan.

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Maybelline New York introduces Color Show Fashion Prints Nail Stickers and Sequins

No surprise Maybelline New York, official Makeup Sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, knows its way around the runway. Widely regarded as the cosmetic color authority, Maybelline New York mixes fashion forward runway style with beauty savvy, taking it from the catwalk to the sidewalk and bringing the latest colors, textures and trends to cutting edge cosmetics from head-to-toe. Now, just in time for the holidays, Maybelline New York introduces Fashion Prints Nail Stickers by Color Show and Sequins by Color Show, two limited edition mini-collections that no nail diva will want to miss! Here’s the deal…

Fashion Prints Nail Stickers by Color Show – the ultimate fashion fix for fingertips!

These runway-ready, handcrafted designs are the ultimate fashion accessory. And thanks to UV cured technology that lasts, these fashionable prints are made to stick around.

Eight on-trend patterns include Fierce N Fuchsia, Midnight Lace, Wild Reptile, Metal Prisms, Cheetah Chic, Sapphire Jewels, Divine Crocodile and Resort Couture.

Easy to apply in three simple steps: 1.Select a sticker that best fits each nail. 2. Lay the sticker over the bare nail and apply a little pressure over the entire surface of the nail using the cuticle stick 3. Fold the spare top of sticker over nail tip and file away the extra length of sticker in a downward motion.

Sequins by Color Show – a show-stopping nail effect that will have fingers party perfect!

Get your nails ready for the holidays with show-stopping nail candy that dazzles with non-stop runway sparkle and fierce sequin effects.

A unique transparent suspension gel holds these concentrated pigments in their truest form for crisper color and ultra high shine. A flexible resin resists chipping and allows for a smooth, controlled application. The Easy Flow brush makes application virtually mistake proof. Try all eight glam-tacular sequin-laden shades: Ruby Rhinestones, Lavender Sparks, Silver Gleam, Gold’s Night Out, Sea-Quins, Rose Bling, Sapphire Masquerade and Cocktail Dress.

New Fashion Prints Nail Stickers and Sequins by Color Show will be available in mass market retailers nationwide as special limited-edition collections. Suggested retail prices are $7.99 for the Fashion Prints Nail Stickers and $3.99 for Sequins. Hurry fast because this is ONLY available during the month of November!

Kelly Osbourne apologizes for not feeling sorry about her $250,000 nail polish!

Kelly Osbourne issued a Twitter apology (sort of) on Wednesday after the Fashion Police host was criticized for wearing a $250,000 manicure to the Emmys on Sunday.

“I see that my nail polish has offended some of you,” she write, “however I see your point, but it was a once in a lifetime experience. #MyApologies.”

“Please forgive me for not regretting it,” she continued. “It made me feel like a queen!”

Osbourne, 27, wore a p0lish created by jeweler Azature that consisted of 267-carats of black diamond. Although the polish came with a hefty price tag, Osbourne says she she did not drop a penny to wear it on Sunday.

“I was just lucky enough to be the one that got picked to wear it,” she said.

Do you think Kelly should be sorry?