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Limited Edition: O.P.I. Lincoln Park At Midnight

I love dark nail polish.  My sister is always giving me crap to go lighter… try brighter pinks, already!  But I always go back to what I’m comfortable with…dark polish.  So I love this new limited edition O.P.I polish.


The limited edition color inspired by the popular Lincoln Park After Dark features a midnight purple with a slight shimmer.  I likey!!!


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Get pretty spring “Garden Party” nails with OPI


I love OPI’s Garden Party collection the soft shades are great for spring and perfect for french manicures.  The pale colors complement all skin tones. My personal favorite is No Bees Please I love the light pink color its just enough and not to much. $7.50

Buy it here.

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Ohhh la la French Tips & Toes Manicure Pen


Sephora has done it again with their new French Tips and Toes Manicure Pen. A chubby, felt tipped pen makes achieving a perfect french manicure a snap. You simply glide the angled tip over the whites of your nails. Allow to dry for about 10 seconds then cover with a translucent nail polish of choice.

This pen looks great, I just added another item to my wishlist for Mother’s Day. $8.00

Buy it here.

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Need healthier nails? (Who doesn’t)

Sally Hansen’s Nailgrowth Miracle is an ideal fix for nails damaged by dry weather or acrylic tips.  This treatment strengthens nails and holds on to polish well!  Added bonus?  Comes in a cute little gold bottle.


  • Exclusive protein complex prompts fast nail growth
  • For soft, bitten, thin or damaged nails that just won’t grow
  • Soy Protein binds moisture to nails – strengthening & lengthening without brittleness
  • Keratin helps protect nails against splitting, cracking and tearing
  • Collagen and multi-vitamins stimulate healthy nail growth for visibly longer, beautiful nails in 5 days

$8.00 – BUY IT HERE! (Or at your nearest drug store)

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