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Introducing Zoya’s FALL Collections: Cashmeres & Satin!

My favorite time of year is coming…… FALL! I love most everything about fall. Apples, baking, leaves, colors, and believe it or not – FALL polish colors! I love the darker colors, I much prefer them over the bright and peppy summer colors. I’m not really a bright and peppy kind of girl.

Zoya has just launched their two GORGEOUS new Fall Collections: Cashmeres and Satin!

First up, Satin!  Zoya Fall 2013 Satins Sampler contains the following: Neve, Giovanna, Channing, Claudine, Mason and Maria Luisa

Color Family Blues, Purples
Color Finish Cream
Color Intensity 5 ( 1=Sheer – 5=Opaque )

I LOVE these colors! How fun!

Next up is Cashmeres. Zoya Fall 2013 Cashmeres Sampler contains the following: Livingston, Sailor, Hunter, Louise, Flynn and Pepper.

Color Family Blues, Purples
Color Finish Cream
Color Intensity 5 ( 1=Sheer – 5=Opaque )
Color Tone Cool

These colors are SO fun. I love them! I can’t wait to try each and every one out!!

Get your own individually – or as a set – HERE!

One Direction launches nail polish in support of anti-bullying campaign!

British boy-band One Direction is launching a limited edition line of nail polish colors and a stationary range in support of a new anti-bullying campaign.

The band has teamed up with Office Depot to help abolish bullying among children. In a new video posted on You Tub, the boys hold up placards asking us to “Simply put – choose to live nice.”

The ‘1D+OD Live Love Move Together Against Bullying’ campaign aims to raise $1m for anti-bullying education in U.S. schools. CONTINUE READING (VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP!) More »

A nude polish – that beats all others!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a hard time finding the perfect nude nail polish. I’ve tried a lot (check out all the polishes below I recently had to purge from my collection!)

A couple minutes ago I decided to throw on Yummy Mummy from butter LONDON, and after one coat, I loved it! (This was after I pushed my cuticles back with a lego out of sheer desperation. FYI: It works! Who knew?)

I put two coats on – and I did not love it. Two coats of this color made it look more beige than nude, and that wasn’t the look I was hoping for. So I wiped it off – and reapplied just one coat – and voila! The perfect nude color! (I see online that a lot of people like the 2-coat color, so you may like it more than I did!)

FYI: I need to fill my ridges! I know they make products for that…. but anyhoo, that’s the new color! Isn’t it fun!

Nail Polish: Colors that are trending NOW!

Looking for something new in the nail polish department? The colors that are selling fast right now are colors such as sea green, burnt orange, and berry red. Here are some of the hottest colors – buy them while you still can!


Bordeaux-hued lipsticks were hot on the fall runways, but if you’re hesitant to wear a full berry lip, ease into the trend with a wine colored nail polish. Like the perfect party gift, Essie’s Recessionista ($8; starting in September) is a one-size-fits-all merlot, while YSL’s Rouge Expressioniste ($25; and German-icure by OPI ($8.50; for locations) mirror a well-aged pinot noir.


Dark emerald shades like Estée Lauder’s Viper ($20;, LCN’s New York Beat ($7.50; starting in September), and Nicole by OPI’s For Gold Times Sake ($7; put a literal meaning to the term “green thumb.”


Pantone’s color of the year gets a touch of warmth with burnt orange lacquers. Sweep on OPI’s Schnapps Out of It ($8.50; for locations) for a classic crème finish, or use Ciate’s Skinny Dip ($15; and MAC’s Styleseeker ($16; starting in late August) if you want to add some multi-dimensional shine.


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