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Murad Introduces Limited Edition Hydrate for Hope Set!

Did you know?

· Nearly 1,200 women under the age of 40 died due to breast cancer in 2011. Although that number can be daunting, there are currently more than 2 million women in the US with a history of breast cancer still living.
· Cervical cancer claims the lives of nearly 14,000 women each year.
· Ovarian cancer claims the lives of more than 15,000 women this year.

And while cancer is the second largest cause of death in the US, but we forget that many of them are treatable diseases. This year, Murad has once again partnered with City of Hope to help raise awareness for breast and women’s cancers research, treatment and education programs. Watch this video to see how City of Hope and Murad are working together, click here.

The limited-edition Hydrate for Hope set where we will be donating 10% from the sale of each set sold to retailers to the City of Hope’s women’s cancer programs.

The Hydrate for Hope set, which comes in a pink and white polka dot cosmetic bag, includes Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture and Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for Eyes. These uber-rich moisturizers feature a luxurious blend of super-hydrating ingredients that quench skin and restore youthful resiliency.

Murad’s Hydrate for Hope set is available at and select retailers nationwide in October 2012 and retails for $49.50 (a $79 value)

Give Problem Skin the Boot! Check out the new acne fighting products from Murad!

Oh how I love these Clarifying Wipes! I can work up quite a sweat at the gym and sometimes I can’t get right home to shower. I keep a pack of the Clarifying Wipes in my purse and I can get my skin clean on the go. It helps prevent and treat any breakouts and the wipes have quite a bit of  moisture so you I can clean my face, neck and chest. They smell great and leave my face feeling fresh and really clean .

Murad Clarifying Wipes

Whether you have acne due to hormones, genetics, stress or just have oily skin that’s susceptible to the occasional blemish, Murad can help combat those pesky red bumps and breakouts with its new Clarifying Wipes for blemish-prone skin, the latest addition to its award-winning Acne line.

Clarifying Wipes for blemish-prone skin, which is clinically-proven to fight blemishes and remove pore-clogging dirt, features an oil fighting formula that comes in a pre-moistened, ultra-soft wipe to reduce shine, balance and tone blemish-prone skin anytime, anywhere – perfect for those on-the-go!(30 Count, $18)

Take them to the gym, school or work – these wipes are great for a quick midday touchup, in-flight refresher or anytime you want a clean, fresh feeling!

Murad’s Clarifying Wipes for blemish-prone skin ($18.00 for 30 count) are available on They will also be available in select salons, spas and at Sephora and Ulta October 2012

With very fair skin the worst part of a breakout is the redness that can be hard to conceal. I have found Murad Acne Overnight Soothing Gel really helps clear up the redness while I sleep. The formula spreads well and is really refreshing, with a soft peppermint scent. It makes a noticeable improvement in not only the redness but inflammation of blemishes all while you get your zzz’s!

Murad Acne Overnight Soothing Gel 

Have you ever noticed when you break out you’re not just dealing with the pesky bumps but also the redness, irritation and über sensitivity of your skin? As if the acne isn’t bad enough now you have to figure out how to deal with the redness that it often comes with. Today, Murad is announcing a solution, the launch of Acne Overnight Soothing Gel for red, irritated skin, which is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that work all night to help reduce the tenderness and redness caused by acne.

How does it work?
· Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants work to soothe red, inflamed skin
o The complex blend containing a Flavonoid “Naringenin” found in grapefruit, oranges and tomatoes, has strong antisepsis and anti-oxidant properties
· Natural cooling agents such as Peppermint Oil provide a gentle, calming effect on tender and blemished skin

Bonus: This triple-threat not only works to combat redness from acne but also helps alleviate sunburns. Canadian Willowherb helps to diminish redness specifically caused by UV exposure and over-processed skin. As the newest treatment product addition to Murad’s Acne Line, created to reduce acne and acne related issues, Overnight Soothing Gel is the ideal complement to the entire family of products scientifically formulated to combat acne concerns.

Murad Acne Overnight Soothing Gel for red, irritated skin ($30 for 1.7 FL.OZ.) is available on, at the Murad Inclusive Health Spa and Murad Inclusive Health Medical Group and will be available in salons, spas, and at Sephora and Ulta September 2012.

Be still my heart  a multi-tasking skincare product for pores, fine lines and clearer skin! Within a weeks use I could see a definite improvement in my skins clarity and a reduction in pore size.  The formula also helps plump skin to reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. All this and it smells fresh and feels fantastic on my skin!

Murad Pore & Line Minimizing Hydrator

Blemishes don’t just torture hormonal teens – recently there are more and more cases of adult acne appearing. Today, Murad is announcing the launch of the Pore & Line Minimizing Hydrator to its Anti-Aging Acne Line, created to reduce acne and aging concerns simultaneously. The newPore & Line Minimizing Hydrator refines pores and provides essential hydration to soothe and repair skin breakouts.

Formulated to balance skin and minimize the signs of aging, this dual-action hydrator maintains clear, youthful skin by clearing and tightening pores for a refined complexion while boosting collagen for skin that looks and feels plumper and smoother.

How it works:

· Kombucha Collagen Defense® stimulates collagen production and inhibits its breakdown to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

· Lentil Seed Extract and Witch Hazel tighten pores and help control excess oil

· Cinnamon Extract restores the skin surface by reducing inflammation and optimizing oil production

Pore & Line Minimizing Hydrator is available on, Sephora, Ulta, and leading salon and spa locations nationwide ($49.50, 1.7 FL. OZ.).


Disclosure: Complimentary samples were provided to MHU for an honest review, all opinions are 100% our own.

You must try Murad’s Skin Perfecting Primer, named “Best Bronzer” by SELF Magazine!

Hybrids® Skin Perfecting Primer has quickly landed on my must-have list. I pretty much ONLY use Murad products on my face, whether it’s face wash or lotion – I’m SOLD. When I heard they were launching a new line of products that not only help my skin – but also can be used as makeup – I was in heaven! I’ve had a couple weeks to try these new products, and they ARE as amazing as you would expect from Murad. Simply PERFECTION.

BB creams come in a variety of different formulations and qualities mainly perceived as being anti-inflammatory and having a soothing effect.  The big draw with BB Creams is that they’re all-in-one products typically featuring moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock.

So how do Murad Hybrids combine skin care and makeup into one? To give you flawless skin with lightweight coverage, Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer comes in either a matte makeup finish or dewy makeup finish and can be applied either underneath makeup or in place of it, evening skin tone and minimizing pores while delivering skin-nourishing ingredients. The line also includes two additional primers with added benefits. Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer Acne and Shine Control conceals flaws while controlling acne breakouts and shine, and Hybrids Absolute Bronzing Boost SPF 15 | PA creates a golden glow while protecting and firming skin.

Hybrids® Skin Perfecting Primer Dewy Finish

Why you need it:

Oil-free primer ignites a radiant glow, powered by light-enhancing minerals
Primary Benefits:

  • Restore smoothness while a universal shade provides the perfect skin tone match
  • Minimize the appearance of pores

GO HERE for more information – or to pick some up!

Dr. Murad’s Tips for Preventing Acne from the Inside Out.

Dr. Murad Shares Tips for Preventing Acne from the Inside-Out
According to Howard Murad, MD, FAAD, “Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness.” When the body is at optimal health, the skin will follow suit. Through a three-pillar approach, Dr. Murad’s Inclusive Health philosophy focuses on internal, external and emotional elements. For an acne-free complexion, Dr. Murad recommends looking at skincare as full body care.

Eat Your Water
When you eat your water through raw fruits and vegetables – Goji berries and pomegranates are particularly good – you not only hydrate your cells, you also feed your complexion with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

Dr. Murad’s advice: “Consuming greasy foods or chocolate will not cause acne, but overall proper nutrition is important for healthy skin. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A to help normalize the production of dead skin cells, a key factor in acne breakouts.”

Consume Healthy Oils
Many people who suffer from acne, try to avoid grease at all costs. But, the skin needs healthy oils. Foods such as eggs, salmon, black cod, and walnuts contain healthy oils that keep the complexion well-nourished and prevent the skin from drying out and breaking out. Many people with acne think that drying out their skin is the best way to prevent oil overproduction. But that’s a myth. Oily skin needs moisture – just the right kind. When you dry out your skin it actually creates and overproduction of oil, making acne worse.

Dr. Murad’s advice: “Increase your intake of these foods during colder months as a preventative measure to avoid dry, unbalanced skin that’s often associated with seasonal changes and can lead to breakouts.”

Carefully Select Topical Products
Teenage acne is most often caused by overly active sebaceous (oil) glands triggered by androgen hormones. Young adults should choose treatment products that are free of pore clogging oils. Look for moisturizers that provide oil-free hydration and contain ingredients like Queen of Meadow and Algae Extract to clear pores and reduce sensitivity.

Dr. Murad’s advice: “Teens should read labels and select products that contain botanical extracts and essential oils, such as Lemon Peel Oil, Lime Oil, Tangerine Oil, and Apricot Kernel Oil. These provide excellent antioxidant benefits which help protect the skin from environmental damage but do not clog pores and cause additional breakouts.”

Practice Conscientious Hygiene
Many people put thought into selecting the best cleanser, moisturizer and treatments for their face but forget about other products that constantly touch the skin.

Dr. Murad’s advice: “Frequently change your pillowcases and towels, replace makeup sponges and sterilize powder brushes to prevent bacteria from flourishing.”

Get Plenty of Rest
Eight hours of sleep a night is the best medicine for skin. When you are sleeping, the skin goes into a much- needed repair cycle.

Dr. Murad’s advice: “’The concept of beauty sleep’ is real. At night, your body refreshes cells, restores skin elasticity, and even helps you maintain an ideal weight.”

Exercise Regularly
Creating a regular exercise routine is as good for the complexion as it is for the rest of the body. Sweating is a great way to flush out toxins trapped in the skin and the movement helps bring oxygen to the top layers of your skin.

Dr. Murad’s advice: “Exercising regularly nourishes the skin with oxygen, fresh blood and nutrients and improves the body’s endocrine function, leaving the skin looking and feeling better.”

Engage In a Strong Emotional Health Routine
Both teenage and adult acne are often caused and exacerbated by Cultural Stress (generated by a fast-paced, hectic lifestyle), diet and genetics. These factors contribute to the nervous and endocrine systems becoming over-stimulated, increasing the prevalence of acne symptoms. Additionally, hormone fluctuations lead to increased acne breakouts, as experienced during the teen years or for women who are pre, post and menopausal. Stress is a major cause of acne, which is why it’s so important to maintain a healthy connection to yourself, your loved ones and your friends.

Dr. Murad’s advice: “Surround yourself with a positive social environment and tune out negativity. These efforts will nurture the psyche and in turn, affect your skin’s outward appearance.”

Check out the Murad acne line and more at www.

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