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Pamper Yourself with Molton Brown



I’m a huge fan of bubble baths in the cold winter months and Molton Brown makes some of my favorite bubble bath products. Their new Coco & Sandalwood has a beautiful  light musky scent, that’s incredibly relaxing. I love how rich and silky the bubbles are and the soft scent it leaves on my skin.

For a relaxing night at home, draw up a warm bubble bath with an exotic body wash from Molton Brown,  like the Coco & Sandalwood Body Wash. This body wash is the perfect gift to let that special someone relax, close their eyes and head to the islands.

Molton Brown Coco & Sandalwood Body Wash $30
London via The Philippines:
The milky white of freshly cut coconut. Honey dripped from spoon to lip. Gandang drum heard along the shore.

The way we blend it: A body wash with coconut fruit extract (to help energize the skin) and warming sandalwood.

Why you’ll love it: Close your eyes and head to the islands with this soft and subtle body wash – perfect for drifting away during your evening shower or bath.

For more information on the Molton Brown body washes and lotions, candles and more please visit

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary sample for review. I was not paid to write this post and all opinions are my own.

Molton Brown’s products make me feel like I’m staying at a 5-star hotel…. in my own home.


Have you ever tried a product that just made you feel fancy? This product makes me feel fancy. It’s the kind of hand soap you only want to bring out when your friends are coming over for happy hour, and then after they leave, you put it away so your kids won’t use it. It’s that fabulous (and I do mean fabulous). It smells HEAVENLY – and the scent lingers on your hands for hours after washing? Doesn’t that just sound fancy? Let this handwash transport you to a different country – a different life. Okay, that’s hokey, but still… it’s pretty stinking fabulous.

I had the pleasure of sampling the Molton Brown Handwash in Rockrose and Pine scent. OMG. Next I want to get the set!


Rockrose & Pine Hand Wash & Lotion Set

London via Siberia: The softness of cashmere. A cocoon of warmth. A log cabin hidden in the snow.

The way we blend it: Siberian pine oil with red thyme and rockrose.

Why you’ll love it: This gift set is the perfect winter-warming hand care duo wrapped in aromatic oils and woody plant extracts.

In other Molton Brown news: On September 28th, Molton Brown opened their U.S. new flagship on 59th & Madison Avenue to transport customers on a journey of ingredient discovery like no other! From a multi-bowl sink upon entrance that allows each customer to immediately experience the products to a playful fragrance wheel, the store offers a transportative experience into the world of England’s finest beauty brand. I would love to invite you to experience the store where the brand’s newly restored products will be unveiled and celebrated.


*Disclosure: I was sent these products to review for the site, I was not paid to write this post, and I was not compensated for my opinions. The opinions you read here are mine alone.

Forget the tie, spoil your dad (or man) this Father’s Day with the new Molton Brown Sport Collection.

Now that is specimen of man to start your Friday! =)

I recently had the opportunity to test the new Molton Brown 4-in-1 Sportswash, it’s one of the three  new products in the Molton Brown Sport range. I have always been a huge fan of Molton Brown and I was excited to check out their new Sport Collection for Men. Perfect launch timing with Father’s Day right around the corner, with Molton Brown you know the products will have quality ingredients and smell amazing. Inspired by Vietnam’s cassia fields, and the refreshing blend of cassia bark, nutmeg and lime round out the amazing scent blends of this line.

The product smells amazing very masculine without being overwhelming. Now I can’t say how it works on shaving your face but I did try it on my legs and it worked great. I love that it is a 4-in-1 this would be great for any guys sports bag to keep him clean and looking and smelling great. If you want to spoil your dad or you man this Father’s Day be sure to get him something from the new Molton Brown Sport Collection!

SPORT Collection by Molton Brown
For today’s savvy guy, when it comes to grooming products, bar soap and Barbasol just won’t cut it! The new SPORT Collection by Molton Brown, available May 2013, will leave you (or your guy) groomed and refreshed without having to loot the girls’ locker room. An aromatic blend of spices and citrus will soothe tired muscles post-work out to keep you at the top of your game.

Molton Brown chose Harlequins rugby player Ugo Monye as their  Sport Collection ambassador.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Molton Brown and I can’t wait to be the face (and body) of the new collection.” Ugo Monye

Molton Brown Sport Collection

  • 4 in 1 Sports Wash for Body, Face, Hair & Shave  $24 – designed for body, face, hair and shaving, it’s quite possibly the ultimate all-in-one performance product available today. Blended with cassia bark to deodorize the body, skin conditioners for the face, ultra-shine complex for hair and guar gum to soften stubble.
  • Sport – Anti-perspirant Sportstick $22 which delivers 24-hour protection, andiroba seed oil to keep skin soothed, and anti-perspirant active ingredients to combat body odor.
  • Sport – Body-warming Sportbalm $26 Blended with vanillyl butyl for heat, to warm muscles and macadamia nut oil to condition the skin. For the active man, this works like a high end tiger balm with deep soothing heat and a great scent.  The warming balm can be applied pre- or post-exercise.

All products are sold separately and are available May 2013 in Molton Brown Stores, Saks Fifth Avenue, and at

Molton Brown’s Mahina a New Unisex Fragrance

When I first heard the tropical notes in the New Molton Brown Tahiti, I knew it would be a perfect scent for cold winter days. I figure if I can’t jump on a plane and jet to Tahiti I could at least smell like I am sunning myself on a tropical beach.

The fragrance does not disappoint, the first notes of ylang-ylang and orange blossom as so warm and enticing. After it dried the notes of Jasmine, Vanilla and Cedarwood mingle and if you close your eyes you can almost feel the sand beneath your toes. Just don’t look down if your house is like mine its probably a smashed cracker or Legos. 

Mahina Unisex Fragrance

London via Tahiti

  • May Contain Sunshine.
  • Drop anchor in French Polynesia.
  • Hammock dozing in the shade. Hot skin, black sand.
  • A tiare flower tucked behind the ear.

The way we blend it:

  • A top note of ylang-ylang and fresh orange blossom.
  • Middle notes of Tahitian tiare, jasmine and frangipani.
  • A base of vanilla and cedarwood.

Molton Brown has launched ‘Mahina’, the latest addition to the brand’s fine fragrance collection, ‘Navigations Through Scent’.

‘Mahina’ (named after a region of Tahiti) takes inspiration from the laid back, sun-drenched island with its top notes of ylang-ylang and fresh orange blossom. This new artisanal blend heralds the next stopping point in Molton Brown’s unisex ‘Navigations Through Scent’ range of fine fragrances, which sees the brand travel to worldly destinations along the ancient spice route.

The new unisex fragrance from Molton Brown fuses tiare flower, the queen of Tahitian flowers, with base notes of vanilla and cedar wood to create a citrus-wrapped floral scent that perfectly evokes the translucent aqua lagoons and sandy shores of French Polynesia.

As Jennifer Jambon, Molton Brown’s Principal Perfumer explained: “‘Mahina’ is a bright, happy fragrance inspired by the idyllic white beaches of Tahiti. The blend of fresh citrus orange flower and ylang-ylang combined with the white floral heart of the tiare flower creates a beautifully balanced floral fragrance for both men and women.”

Tiare flowers, the lead ingredient in ‘Mahina’, are traditionally worn as necklaces in Polynesia, acting as a ‘living scent’ and, in some Pacific islands, women tuck the flowers behind their ears to signify their relationship status. It is one of the most costly ingredients in perfume, yet it remains prized for its unique floral aroma.