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Golden Goddess!


I have very fair skin, and since hitting my late 20’s I decided to ditch the dangerous tanning beds and make sunscreen my best friend. I still love to have a little glow in the summer time so I am always trying new self tanners. Yesterday I gave Model Co. Tan Airbrush in a Can a trial run and overall I am very impressed.

The spray comes out really evenly so if you are the right distance from your skin you don’t need to hand blend at all. Tan Airbrush in a Can also has a great cocoa butter scent and your skin is left smelling sweet and not like fake tanner. Once you spray your skin you are left with a nice bronze color that develops into a beautiful golden tan. I was most impressed at the color of the tan my skin looks perfectly brown like a natural tan with no hint of orange. The only downfall is due to the great airbrush style sprayer it can be very messy to apply. I would suggest instead of standing on a towel you just apply in the shower, the spray with get everywhere and with the shower I just sprayed down the walls and there was no trace of color.

If you want to spend the last month of summer looking like a golden goddess order your Model Co Tan Airbrush in a Can you will love the way you look!

Model Co Tan Airbrush In A Can


It’s all about being bronzed through safe, sunless tanning! ModelCo has finally created the first ever self tanner that puts an end to stained hands and uneven coverage. Like your own personal airbrush, TAN goes on as a fine mist leaving you with a smooth, natural tan. The deep golden pigment gives you an instant all-over healthy glow whilst the long lasting self-tanner develops underneath in hours.


1. To remove all previous color and or prep your skin for a long lasting tan use apply TAN REMOVER EXFOLIATING SCRUB and BUFFED EXFOLIATING BODY TOWEL to exfoliate hard to reach places like your back, and extra dry places like knees, elbows, and ankles.
2. To obtain long lasting results, apply TAN AIRBRUSH IN A CAN with 45 minute after showering, when your skin is clean. Cover the floor if you intend to stand and spray, or spray in the shower so any excess spray can be easily washed away. Shake the can well (this is really important) and spray about a foot away from your body in a light, even motion (you’ll love the cocoa butter scent!).
3. Apply a light spray for a subtle hint of color or a heavy application for a dark golden bronze. Remember practice makes perfect and if you do make a slight mistake please feel free to rub the tan into your skin (and you can use the TAN REMOVER to wash the excess tan off your hands!)
4. Since your tan will deepen over time, wait twenty minutes before dressing and eight hours before showering. TAN AIRBRUSH IN A CAN is designed to suit all skin types so if you would like a darker tan simply apply another layer!

$30.00-$42.00 Model Co Tan Airbrush In A Can

Lip Lights- LOVE IT!


I am a gloss addict, I started counting my glosses this weekend and gave up when I passed 30. I love lip gloss and while there are all different colors and styles I haven’t found any lately that really stood out until I found Lip Lights by Model Co.

When I first opened the tube I let an excited little yell out when I saw the LED lights in the lid. At first I thought it was just a gimmick that was really cute and fun but I didn’t know how much I would actually need the light. I ventured downtown to go dancing with some girlfriends on Friday night and decided to bring my Lip Lights and I fell in love. Instead of needing to run to the bathroom for a lip gloss touch up I was able to retouch perfectly even in the darkened room. When the gloss wand is pointed at your lips the LED lights shines perfectly at your mouth and if you use the little mirror on the side you can perfectly reapply anywhere.

So the light is fun and highly useful (great for navigating the recesses of my purse) but even with the fun light you need a great gloss for it to be worthy of adoration. Lip Lights is not just a fun product it’s a great lip gloss with the perfect touch of color and a ultra high shine. On top of the great color Lip Lights goes on smooth and doesn’t get sticky, even after cocktails and dancing Lip Lights has great staying power.


Gloss on the go with LIP LIGHTS, ModelCo’s ultra-shiny, creamy gloss with in-built lights and mirror for precise after dark touch-ups, it’s lights, camera, lip action with LIP LIGHTS!

LIP LIGHTS banishes queues and backstage fights for the mirrors, it’s all here to let you touch up and reapply day or night.

LIP LIGHTS is the ultimate in modern glamour for a model perfect pout anywhere, any time. With LED lights concealed in the lid that automatically activate when opened, lips are illuminated for a precision, no-mess application. A side panel mirror means you can gloss on the go, you’ll never get caught out looking less than perfect. LIP LIGHTS is a handbag essential with auto on/off and long-lasting battery, it’s ideal to locate items in your handbag. LIP LIGHTS is available in 5 long-lasting shades. So light up your lips as you let the music take control at and ensure precision perfect touch ups while you’re shimming on the dance floor. LIP LIGHTS is your gloss, mirror & flash-light all in one!

Directions: Open lid, the LED lights automatically turn on. Ensure lid is closed properly to turn off light & conserve battery


$28.00 Model Co Lip Lights

Celebrate those bold brows!


I saw these pictures of Chloe Sevigny in Blackbook Magazine today, and I thought – she has some beautiful brows!  They’re big – and they’re bold, but they’re great! 


Lash + Brow NEW from ModelCo.
What it is:
A conditioning night time treatment that supports healthy eyelashes and brows.

What it is formulated to do:
Wake up to wow lashes and brows with ModelCo’s Lash + Brow to condition existing lash/brow hair while supporting new hair health. This is your beauty secret weapon for visibly voluptuous lashes and fuller, thicker looking brows in just 14 days! This unique product helps improve the appearance of thin lashes and over plucked brows with a deep conditioning blend of vitamins and proteins that help prevent free radical damage to the hair.

What else you need to know:
The unique easy-to-use brush is great for precise application.

$42.00 - ModelCo Lash + Brow 0.24 oz


Perfection Lip Wax Kit – but it’s not what you think!


I’m not sure what I think about this.  A wax base for lipstick?  I dunno about that.

Create the ultimate, collagen-free lip shape and say, “goodbye” to fine lines, feathering, and lipstick that bleeds. Perfection comes complete in a sexy pink compact with lip wax, mini illusion lip liner, a sculptor brush, and mirror. Perfection Lip Wax Kit saves the day with a soft creamy wax that moulds into grooves and keeps that lipstick in place plus the skin-colored liner enables you to create the ultimate lip shape. ModelCo Tip: Apply Perfection Lip Wax as a base for your favorite lip gloss to increase staying power!

$28.00 – ModelCo Perfection Lip Wax Kit