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Elizabeth Olsen goes pink!

Elizabeth Olsen, 23, got a dramatic makeover for the Fall 2012 issue of Bullett magazine. Mary-Kate and Ashley’s sister sports a pink wig for the magazine’s “romance” theme.

We already knew that Lizzy could pull off the no-makeup look flawlessly, so it’s nice to see her dolled up in fantastical hair and makeup. Strangely enough, she’s not even the first Olsen to go pink — Mary-Kate’s been known to let her locks enter magenta territory a few times.

But don’t think the New York University student was looking to play off her sister’s success in any way. Elizabeth has established herself as a fashion figure in her own right with some pretty edgy red carpet style. And anyone who’s seen her eerie performance in “Martha Marcy May Marlene” can agree that she’s applied this same fervor to her acting. Elizabeth talked to Bullett during the filming of “Very Good Girls” about her diligence:

“There’s definitely a reason why I went to so many acting conservatories. The more I trained, the less people could say, ‘Oh, she’s just so-and-so’s sister.’ They can still say that, sure — I have no control over that — but at least I know I’ve worked hard. There was definitely a time when I overcompensated, but I’m kind of over that.”
Even though we can’t help but associate her with Mary-Kate and Ashley (owning every VHS they ever made pretty much signs you up for a lifetime of devotion), we think Elizabeth is well on her way to establishing quite the acting — and style — career for herself. Check out her cover and a couple more shots of her with pink hair below. Do you think Elizabeth will continue to set trends like her older sisters?

I love her. I think she’s incredibly talented, and she’s beautiful to boot!


Emma Stone opens up in the new Interview Magazine: “My first heartbreak was like being killed”

Emma Stone graces the big September issue of Interview Magazine, and inside, the actress is almost unrecognizable!

For the article, Emma was interviewed by director Cameron Crowe. The actress opened up about love and heartbreak, and compares being dumped to being killed. Hmmm:

“What was your first heartbreak like?” Crowe asks.

“I was crawling on the floor. I remember throwing up,” Stone, 23, replies.

“It was so visceral. It’s like someone has killed you and you have to live through it and watch it happen. … It was awful,” she says.

Although painful, Crowe and Stone discuss channeling their distress into their work.

“Creatively, do you think it’s true or false that many of the artists who we know and love are often governed by a single event that happens in their life, and that event then becomes this vivid, iconic thing they return to over and over in their work?” Crowe asks.

“One-hundred percent true. That’s not actually my moment or my theme – my moment is not one that I would probably talk about,” says Stone. “But there is a moment that keeps coming back over and over throughout my life. It’s the thing that I return to when I’m making a decision out of fear. Anything that I’m doing out of fear is defined by that moment.”

In the magazine, Emma wears some high-fashion ensembles including BalenciagaJil SanderArmaniYves Saint Laurent and Chanel.

What do you think of the photo shoot?

Nicole Kidman goes topless for the September issue of V Magazine!

And practically bottomless, as well…

Nicole Kidman definitely shows off her naughty side as she poses on the cover of V Magazine’s September issue!

The 45-year-old Oscar winner wears only a skimpy black and gold skirt, which is so short it shows off her backside.

Photographer Mario Testino took the photographs, and he couldn’t have been happier with his muse.

‘Beautiful, beautiful,’ Testino could be heard saying during the shoot. ‘You are so hot it is beyond! Look at your body! It is incredible,’ he enthused to the movie star.

Nicole took part in the spread to promote her new film, The Paperboy, which gets a limited release in the U.S. on October 5.
Meanwhile Kidman will be honoured at the New York Film Festival.

The Cold Mountain actress – whose movie career has spanned nearly 30 years – will have a special tribute paid to her at the 50th annual festival on October 3, 2012.

Festival director Richard Pena said: ‘Nicole Kidman is one of film’s finest contemporary actresses.

‘Since her breakthrough performance in To Die For and her bold and provocative appearances in Lars Von Trier’s Dogville, Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, and as Virginia Woolf in Stephen Daldry’s The Hours, Kidman has insisted on finding roles that are complex, bold and demanding.

‘We are excited to honour her with a tribute at the New York Film Festival.’

The long standing director will also be honoured at the gala event when the festival is held between September 28 and October 14.

The 45-year-old Australian will see her latest movie The Paperboy – which she appears in alongside Zac Efron and Matthew McConaughey – shown during the prestigious event.

The blonde actress – who rose to fame in thriller Dead Calm – has since gone onto star in several hit movies including Moulin Rouge, and The Hours which have won her three Golden Globes as well as an Academy Award.

I’m really interested in seeing ‘The Paperboy’. I hope it’s good, I can’t really tell which way it’s going to go.

Here’s a video from the shoot, and the trailer for ‘The Paperboy’!

Check out the Azealia Banks cover that’s been banned in 7 countries! That bad?

British fashion magazine Dazed & Confused just released it’s controversial Azealia Banks cover.

Last week the mag tweeted that the September issue, which the rapper covers, had already been banned in 7 countries. Why?

Well, see for yourself! The magazine features Banks smoking what looks to be a giant pink condom, with the headline “Azealia Banks Blows Up”.

So here’s the question…. is it really that bad?

What do you think?