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Sarah Hyland Graces TeenPROM’s 2013 Cover

She may make you laugh on ABC’s Modern Family, but Sarah Hyland takes fashion seriously. The actress graces TeenPROM’s 2013 cover, on newsstands December 25th, and in the interview, she opens up about stepping up her fashion game, her longtime boyfriend Matt Prokop, her senior prom experience, and more.

“I’ve always expressed myself through my style, from when I was a child playing dress up to now.”, the actress says. “I think fashion is a way of expressing yourself and who you are,” Sarah says.

“I don’t think you ever make fashion mistakes because if you like it at that time, then it wasn’t a mistake,” she says.

On the Marchesa gown she wore at the 2012 Emmys, which she collaborated on with designer Georgina Chapman: “I think it’s cool to be recognized, especially since I co-designed it,” Sarah says. “But I don’t think people’s opinions should matter too much.”

However, there is one opinion she takes into consideration, that of her longtime boyfriend, actor Matt Prokop: “His opinion means a lot to me. If he says he likes it, then I’m like, ‘Okay this is good.’”

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Kim Kardashian’s lingerie photo shoot for Factice magazine isn’t half bad!

A while back Kim Kardashian tweeted some pictures from the set of this photo shoot. We knew the shoot would show her in lingerie, and now we’re getting a look at the full shoot! And call me crazy, but I think the pictures are actually really beautiful!

I’ve never heard of this French magazine before, and I suppose on their part it’s genius doing a photo shoot like this. Everyone’s going to want to take a look at these pictures!

Kim Kardashian, scantily clad in lingerie, poses for photographer Vijat Mohindrain the current issue of French fashion magazine Factice. In the spread, Kim flaunts her famous curves in beige negligees, garter belts, and draping pearl necklaces. She blogged on her website, “This was such a glamorous, feminine shoot and it was an honor to work with Vijat.”

What do you think of these pictures?


Lea Michele comments on her boobs in Marie Claire: “They’re my prizewinners”

Lea Michele really loves her bust, so much so that she says the plans on showing them off more often. “These babies are great. They are my prizewinners,” she said.

The ‘Glee’ actress lands the cover of January’s Marie Claire. The 26-year-old admits that she used to be nervous about wearing low cut tops, but now she claims she can’t wait to show them off more. They were nervous to make their appearance but feel they have earned their place. So they asked if they could come out, and I was like, “All right, you guys”. They definitely rose to the occasion, so I am going to give them more opportunities.”

Um, okay.

Michele, the breakout star of the hit musical TV show based around a school Glee club, has become a regular on the Hollywood red carpet.

Showing off her body has previously angered parents who thought as she was playing a High School student she had a responsibility to keep covered up.

‘I think Lea Michele is sending the wrong message. She plays such a “good girl” on Glee and a lot of kids look up to her persona. Then she poses very provocatively on two magazine covers which makes my almost-13-year-old son very confused and offended,’ New York based mum Kim Trefcer told FOX411.

‘I find it frustrating as a parent who is trying to teach right from wrong to their kids and then you have things like this happen which is showing middle schoolers things like sex sells and all that goes along with that.’

The Parents Television Council also criticised a photo spread in GQ magazine of Michele and her co-stars Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith, in which Michele and Agron appeared in skimpy underwear, that was described as ‘near pornographic pedophilia.’

I have to say, I kind of agree. I remember the GQ pictures, and they were borderline inappropriate. Not because they were minors (they’re not) but because they play minors on TV. Remember the pics? See them here.

Ass for the boob comments, I just think that whole thing was really, really weird. Who talks about their boobs like that, anyway?


Jessica Biel lands the January 2013 cover of Elle Magazine!

Jessica Biel looks gorgeous in Dior on the cover of the January issue of ELLE. Posing with some of fashion’s greatest visionaries in Paris, Biel proves she can rock any look and have fun doing it. In her interview with the magazine, Biel opens up about choosing that pink wedding gown, her honeymoon bliss, and even husband Justin Timberlake’s penchant for pie baking.

On choosing her wedding dress:

“I wanted the dress to be very romantic and feminine and a shape that I very rarely wear. I have never been crazy about all-white wedding dresses, for me at least. [Giambattista Valli] had created that same fabric in a fuchsia-and-pink combination for a dress in a previous collection, and I asked him if he could create that same pattern in a white combination, and he suggested pink. It was a bit of a leap of faith at the time, but it turned out better than I could have ever imagined. [Putting it on], I felt like I had made the right choice. I felt elegant. And it moved like a dream.”

On the best part of being a newlywed, Biel wrote exclusively to ELLE from her honeymoon, rumored to be in Tanzania:

“Honeymooning is the best thing about being a newlywed. I wish I could honeymoon forever.”

Biel’s thoughts on marriage:

“It means always having someone there to open the pickle jar…to share the ups and downs with, have adventures with. Someone to go swimming naked with. That kind of thing.”

On Justin Timberlake’s domestic side:

“He bakes pies. He’s Southern, so he’s got all this influence from his grandma. He does a three-layer pie…and blueberry crunch cake, which is pretty unbelievable. It doesn’t happen all that often, thank God. Otherwise, it would be a big problem.”

On plans for the future:

“My goal now is to work with great directors. Small role, big role, medium-size role- it doesn’t matter. I just want to work with someone who’s going to push me to a scary, exciting place that I’ve never been before.”

I really think Jessica’s beautiful, but she has GOT to do something about that hair. Yikes. Time for the bangs to go.

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