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Perfect for your Valentine!


I don’t have this gift set…but I want it! Any of you know my husband, you should tell him. :) How cute is this Valentine’s Day Kit? I want it!!

If you’re in the mood to seduce your sweetie, try LUSH’s True Love Gift. This no fail temptation kit is filled with our aphrodisiac-infused Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, our equally appetizing red glitter Love Soap and moisturizing Yummy Yummy Yummy Shower Gel. Outside the shower, lather up with our light and luxurious Vanilla Dee-Lite Lotion or show your partner heavenly bliss with a little Heavanilli Massage using our sexy vanilla bar.

LUSH True Love Gift SRP $44.95 14.5 Oz

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics can be found in over 656 locations worldwide with 45 LUSH locations across Canada and 104 in the U.S, online at or by calling 1.888.733.LUSH

Happy “Gilt-Free” Hanukkah!


Scrambling to make this year’s Festival of Lights more memorable than the last?

Top off 8 days of presents with the unique dreidel-shaped Better Than a Blintz Gift from LUSH! With four of LUSH’s best selling bath bombs, it’s the perfect gift to help a loved one unwind and relax this holiday season. At only $19.95 and pre-wrapped with reusable post-consumer recycled packaging, feel good about the affordable and eco-friendly gift you are giving. Choose from a lemongrass infused Avobath, grapefruit and mandarin packed Happy Pill, apple-scented So White or a peppermint-infused Magic. Take a long relaxing bath with one of these bath bombs and see why this gift is really better than a blintz (or Potato Pancake!).

Erin’s Christmas Countdown #10


I usually decide what to buy my friends by picking something I want myself and then I know they will like it. This year I have a new problem I want to give some friends a Lush gift set but I can’t seem to part with them, I love them so much I don’t think I can bear to give them away.

With the cold winter air nothing feels better than a warm bath or shower and Lush has everything you need to treat your skin right and leave the bathroom and you smelling delicious. Lush makes the holidays even easier by picking perfect pairings and gift wrapping them the only thing you have to do it peel you fingers of the goodies and hand them to a friend! These Lush gift sets make a great gift of pampering for anyone in your life, here are a few of my favorite gift sets.


So perfect for a girlfriend on top of being all natural products that are great for her they smell delicious and who doesn’t love all the cute pink! Snow Fairy shower is one of my favorite shower gel scents,  sweet as cotton candy it will leave the your whole bathroom smelling amazing.

Snow Fairy Gift Wrapped

If we could have three wishes, this would be all of them. This gift brings together three of our sparkliest, girliest, sweeties: Snow Fairy Shower Gel (truly magical, we wait for it all year-round), Angels Delight soap (smells of jelly beans and is inspired by a colourful kaleidoscope) and Shimmy Shimmy glitterbar (smells of soft vanilla and covers you in glitter). Pick this up for any girly-girls you know and they’ll jump up and down and clap their hands with delight.



Love it! On top of being super affordable it contains some of my favorite Lush items. The Cinder Bath Bomb  is one of my all time favorites it leaves my skin smelling so delicious and super soft. I am a huge fan of anything minty and Ice Blue Soap is perfect it leaves you clean as a whistle and feeling refreshed. Mr. Butterball is one of my new favorites the warm vanilla musk is relaxing and super moisturizing.

To Be Jolly Wrapped

A selection of bathing delights to help you through the cold, dark, winter season and keep you jolly all the way through. Mr. Butterball is the snowman version of our perpetually popular Butterball that keeps winter skin smooth. Ice Blue soap invigorates and awakens on cold winter mornings and Cinders Bath Bomb (a new invention this year) warms up cold bodies and rejuvenates tired minds. For some extra fun, cut up the gift wrap and dress up the snowman!

Host Thanksgiving Day…in LUSH Style + BLACK FRIDAY DEALS!!!


I was just sent some amazing Lush products to try and was brought right back into my old obsession for this amazing company and their products. This time of year its easy to get caught up in the holiday madness, Lush comes to the rescue with the perfect products to help you slow down and enjoy the moment.

Start with Lush 13 (Unlucky for Dirt) soap on top of being antiseptic it’s very calming on my skin. My hands get so dry this time of year with the cold and the fact I am constantly washing them. After the first use of Lush 13 they didn’t just feel clean they felt softer and moisturized and smelled yummy!

Once you have all your prep work done unwind in the bath with a Lush Cinders Bath bomb, let the fizzing bomb melt your stress away and fill your bathroom with the scent of sweet cinnamon and orange. I just tired the CInders bath bomb this weekend and on top of smelling amazing it was so relaxing simply the perfect end to a hectic day. It leaves the most amazing scent on your skin you might find your loved ones want to snuggle even more than usual!

If the stress of family has you down try the Lush Comforter Bubble Bath bar, it lives up to its name. My daughter had a severe stomach ache yesterday and the poor thing was in so much pain. I remembered I had the Lush Comforter bar in my cabinet and got a warm bath going for her. She went from hunched over in pain to playing in the tub and even a long nap after (which is nothing short of a miracle since she gave up naps before age 2). The bar is huge and can easily be broken in half for two different baths, I only used half for my daughters bath I am saving my other half for a special treat for myself.

Give yourself the gift of relaxation with one of the amazing Lush products, and stock up during black friday on Lush for gifts for your loved ones.


Start cooking…

Season the turkey (or Tofurkey, as we prefer at LUSH) and add in the stuffing – just be sure to wash up before working with the vegetables. Use LUSH 13 Soap, Unlucky for Dirt ($7.95 for ¼ lb), a rose-scented soap made with oregano, which is a strong natural antiseptic and antibacterial ingredient. Make sure to keep it in the kitchen for easy access.

Prepare the house…

Be sure to put out festive soaps and luxurious hand lotions for your guests. LUSH Vanilla in the Mist Soap ($7.95 for ¼ lb) is a delicious way for company to wash up and tease their taste buds with a savory blend of vanilla, coconut and tonka. Another great addition to your bathroom is Charity Pot Hand & Body Cream ($20.95). It moisturizes skin and all proceeds go to charity, making it a great way to give back on Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your delicious meal…

Be sure to get a “breath of fresh air” in between dinner and dessert or you may fall asleep from an overdose of tryptophan (or tofutophan). LUSH Breath of Fresh Air Facial Toner ($7.95 100ml) will give you a quick spritz to awaken your mind and rehydrate skin. For an added jolt, keep it in the fridge!

Leave the dishes until tomorrow and give thanks to a hot bath – you deserve it…

LUSH has exactly what you need to wash away the day’s stress. If you’re looking to warm tired, sore muscles, use Cinders Bath Bomb ($3.95). Or if want some bubbles to relax, use The Comforter Bubble Bar ($8.95), aptly named because it eases your mind and body after a long day.

And for the day after, make sure to take advantage of LUSH’s Black Friday offer. When you spend $50, you’ll get a FREE Snow Fairy Shower Gel (250ml), but if you shell out $80, you can choose between a FREE Snow Fairy Shower Gel (500ml) or a Snow Fairy pre-wrapped gift that contains a Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Angel’s Delight Soap, and Glitterbug Massage Bar. Let the holiday shopping begin!