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Jennifer Aniston becomes the face of new hair product line created by MIT Scientists!

Living Proof announced last week it is joining creative forces with Jennifer Aniston as she becomes a co-owner and hair care spokesperson in the ground-breaking company. Living Proof was founded by Dr. Robert Langer, Institute Professor of MIT and by Jon Flint and Amir Nashat of Polaris Venture Partners, a leading venture capital firm that supports the translation of scientific discoveries into meaningful products. Living Proof has distinguished itself by attracting world class scientists and utilizing advanced scientific technologies that originated from MIT to solve women’s toughest beauty problems.

Ms. Aniston will actively help build the Living Proof hair care business using her understanding of what drives our culture and hair trends today. Her role will involve hair care brand development and creative marketing direction for Living Proof’s hair products as well as collaboration with our leading stylists and scientists on new hair care product ideas.

Aniston explains her decision to partner with Living Proof: “What caught my attention about Living Proof is the company’s unique approach to hair care — using scientific technologies to offer women actual proof in a bottle rather than hoping for results. I’ve tried so many hair care products,” says Aniston. “Over the years, my hair has been subjected to everything…blow dryers, flatirons, curling irons, color, extensions, you name it. My hair has taken a serious beating. After using these products, I felt like I finally discovered a solution that works every day. I could not be more excited to share Living Proof with the world.”

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Get Kate Hudson’s MET Ball Look with Living Proof

Inspiration: A day spent sun-bathing in San Tropez

The look: Elegant yet flirty, not too coiffed but still full of body and texture.

How to get the look: David Babaii used Living Proof Full to give Kate Hudson’s fine, limp blonde hair a thicker feel. He rubbed the product between his fingers to activate the ingredients and applied FULL from root to shaft. He rough dried the entire head to add additional volume. He then created a side part and formed a braid along the side of her face. He gathered all the hair back into a low bun at the nape of the neck, pulling the braid back with the rest, creating a sexy, cool up-do.

Babaii said, “Usually I am afraid to braid Kate’s hair because it is so fine, but Living Proof Full added the dimension and depth I needed to create this fabulous red carpet look.”

New from Living Proof! Full Thickening Cream

I want to try this! I love their leave-in conditioner!

What it is:
A lightweight cream that leaves hair looking and feeling noticeably thicker and healthier.

What it does:
This styling innovation allows fine, thin hair to act like thick hair with naturally soft, touchable body. By depositing thickening points on the hair strands, Full creates a thicker surface that enables fine hair to have natural movement and bounce, beautiful shape, and volume throughout the day. While traditional thickening products create a hard, brittle hold that collapses upon touch, Full allows your style to remain flexible, soft, and resilient. Go ahead, run your fingers through your hair, no need to fear a style fall.

$14.00 – BUY IT HERE!

My Review: Living Proof, Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner


I recently tried these two new products from Living Proof, and I absolutely loved them! I have naturally frizzy hair, and finding shampoo and conditioners (forget about styling products) has always been very tricky for me. I’ve tried many different frizz-free shampoo and conditioners in the past, but nothing compares to these products.  My hair has never felt so healthy, and soft.  I can even let my hair dry without product (a no-no for me!) and I can see a drastic difference in the appearance of my hair.  Do yourself a favor, and give these products a try.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

no frizz shampoo and conditioner

for all hair types

Beautiful, frizz-free hair starts with properly cared for hair. No Frizz Shampoo features an exclusive sulfate-free surfactant system to effectively cleanse hair without harsh stripping. No Frizz Conditioner rehydrates even the most dry, damaged hair without silcones or oils. Together they deposit PolyfluoroEster – the same breakthrough technology as our styling product – onto the hair to effectively block humidity and reduce friction.

Finally, a complete system for hair that’s incredibly smooth, soft, and frizz-free.

How it Works.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Beautiful, frizz-free hair starts with hair that’s properly cared for. Just shampooing and conditioning your hair – two simple things you do everyday – can cause unwanted damage. Most shampoos on the market – even those that claim to be natural – contain sulfates: harsh drying detergents. These sulfates damage the hair – stripping it, and fading its color. They dry hair out and perpetuate the frizz cycle. The majority of conditioners today rely on silicones or oils which allow humidity to penetrate – leaving hair limp, greasy and just as frizzy as before.

New No Frizz shampoo and conditioners are formulated with no sulfates and silicones – relying upon entirely new technology to cleanse and hydrate even the driest, most damaged, frizz-prone hair – leaving it soft, shiny and, of course, frizz-free. And, they deposit PolyfluoroEster, the breakthrough secret ingredient in our No Frizz styling line, onto the hair so you can say good-bye to frizzy hair days forever.

$24.00 eachBUY HERE!

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