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Web Beauty!


Glamblush: An exclusive Q & A with Jenna Jameson!

Stiletto Jungle: Come check out Estee Lauder’s new 7 piece Free Gift With Purchase!

Beauty Snob: The best travel brush EVER!

BellaSugar: Get the most from your makeup: Concealer!

Off the Rack: Would you wear green nail polish like Rihanna?

Kiss & Makeup: Are your beauty products killing you?

55 Secret Street: Brush up on your foundation application technique!

Fashiontribes:  Add capes to your Fall Fashion Must Have list!

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Web Beauty!


GlamBlush: Have you ‘slinked’ into the cat eye craze?

My Fashion Life: Colored Tights are a MUST HAVE this season!

Elke Von Freudenberg: Bangs are HOT this fall!

BellaSugar:  Is the “Supermodel” dead?

Beauty Snob: Lab Series Skincare for Men!

Off The Rack: Need a makeover?  Here are 5 ways to update your look!

Kiss & Makeup: Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion!

Girlawhirl: Soap & Glory Cosmetics now available at Target!

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Web Beauty!


Beauty Snob: MAC’s Smoke Signals Collection (HOT!)

Lipstick, Powder & Paint reviews Secret’s new Clinical Strength Deoderant!!

My Fashion Life: Are you a hoodies person?

Bella Sugar: Get the most from your makeup; use your old toothbrush!!

Off the Rack: Trend Alert: Braids! (I wish my hair was long enough for braids!)

Kiss and Makeup:  OMG please tell me scrunchies aren’t coming back!?

Talking Makeup: Check out this great cosmetics bag!

The Makeup Bag: Check out Laura Mercier’s new Stormy Collection!

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Web Beauty!


BellaSugar: Check out Elizabeth Arden’s new Fall Line!!

Off The Rack: The MUST-HAVE Fall Scent…Nina by Nina Ricci.

Beauty Snob: Latest beauty trend in China – letting fish nibble off your skin?

GlamBlush:  Check out why lipstick just got a whole lot sexier!

eBeauty Daily:  MAC’s new Blue Storm Collection!

Stiletto Jungle: New & Hot; Knox Handbags!

Lipstick, Powder & Paint: Brush away dirt and oil!

Frugal-Fashionista: Dress like Jessica Biel – and cheaply!

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