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PHOTOS: LeAnn Rimes tweets bikini pics from her vacation!

Do you think that LeAnn Rimes calls the paparazzi and lets them know where she is and what she’s doing? Seems like every time the girl puts on a bikini, she’s swarmed by paparazzi. She likes to act annoyed with the paps, but I’m guessing she actually quite gets off on it. She tweeted photos of herself on vacation, and then tweets “I guess I’ll go for an ocean dip at midnight cause there are at least 30 paparazzi and @kikicaldas has disowned me.” Hmm/

Anyway, these photos were taken in Miami, where LeAnn is vacationing. According to sources, LeAnn is taking a mini vacation (without her husband and his kids) before she begins touring for her new album.

And back to the bikini photos. Dare I say she’s looking better? She got WAY too skinny there for a while, but she actually looks pretty healthy in these pictures!


LeAnn Rimes debuts her dramatic new look on Twitter!

LeAnn Rimes, 30, has decided to change things up a bit.

The singer debuted her new bangs on Twitter on Saturday.  While getting her new look, she tweeted, ‘Love my Andy Lacompte! I got banged! Love em! Was time for a fun change.’

Shortly after the new ‘do, she headed to Palm Springs where she was performing a private show. Her husband went along for the ride. ‘Meeting my hubby and the boys there,’ LeAnn wrote on Twitter. ‘Love when I get to have fam around when I’m workin.’

The day before the star had performed at a pre-Grammys party, but she skipped the ceremony itself on Sunday. Here’s her look from the pre-Grammys party.

I don’t think I care for the bangs on LeAnn. In my humble opinion, bangs only look good on a handful of people. She’s definitely not one of them.

PIC: LeAnn Rimes “trying out” tattoo!

Just months after LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian married in April, LeAnn is looking to possibly ink her vows on her body – permanently.

The country crooner displayed a temporary tattoo inspired by the promises her husband made to her on their big day while attending the Lollapalooza music festival this past weekend in Chicago – where Cibrian is also filming The Playboy Club.

“You gave me the courage to be truthful,” the ink, etched on her ribcage, reads. “I promise to give you the comfort to be trustful.”

Rimes says she’s “just trying something, playing” for now – although it may be more permanent than she originally intended.

“Too funny!” she Tweeted. “I can’t get it off. In search of rubbing alcohol I think!”

I’m not a huge fan of getting tattoos for your significant other. I don’t know why – seems like you’re just askin for something. I’d like to see the statistics on how many relationships end after one or the other is permanently inked.


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