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New from Laura Geller: Spackle, Tinted Under Makeup Primer!


This makeup primer is great! I have very testy skin, and it doesn’t like a lot of primers/foundations. But this one works flawlessly with my skin. I love it! It’s a great size for the price, you won’t be disappointed!

What is it: Designed to revive and retexturize your skin, this makeup primer helps you achieve a flawlessly smooth finish. It keeps makeup fresh for hours, while imparting a delicate, candle-lit glow.

Who is it for: Suitable for all skin tones and types.

Why is it different: Developed with nourishing, soothing botanicals, this oil-free formula is a unique makeup primer. The silky, skin-perfecting base layer acts as a smoothing interface between your skin and your makeup.

How do I use it:
Wear it under foundation or bronzer for a lustrous look, or on its own for
a subtle glow of radiance. Prime pump several times to initiate product flow. Smooth a thin layer over your clean, moisturized face. Use alone or all over face for a radiant complexion, or wear under foundation to increase the longevity and durability of your makeup.

From Laura Geller.
2-oz spackle tinted under makeup primer in Champagne, a sheer champagne glow
Made in USA

$25.00 – BUY IT HERE!

New from Laura Geller! i-care Waterproof Eyeliner Trio!


These new eyeliners from Laura Geller go perfectly with my new eyeshadow! I love how easily the liner glides on, and most of all – I love how long it lasts! It’s waterproof eyeliner (which in my opinion is absolutely necessary) and is long-lasting! One of the greatest features of this liner is that it comes with it’s own sharpener – built in! I’m always losing my eyeliner sharpeners – so this is fabulous!! You won’t be disappointed!

What is it: I-Care waterproof eyeliner is a nourishing, long-wearing formula that glides on for expertly lined lids that last. The ingredients in the versatile trio are ideal for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes. Ophthalmologist-tested.

Who is it for: Designed for those who want perfectly-lined eyes.

Why is it different: I- Care’s treatment-like formula contains beneficial and nourishing ingredients perfect for the delicate eye area. Mineral oil-and preservative-free, I-Care is specifically formulated for use around the eyes. The highly smudge-proof formula helps to perfectly line the inner eyelid. A soft, flexible smudger is attached to the opposite end. Pull the smudger off to find a little sharpener tucked inside. Unlike most eye pencils, I-Care has a retractable point.

How do I use it: For a fine line, sharpen the tip and draw a line as close to your upper and lower lashes as possible. Extend the line slightly at the outer corner. For a smoky look, make the line a little wider, and feather it out with the smudger. To line the inside of the lower eyelid, press gently on the skin below your eye to bring the lid forward, and apply with care. To keep the liner moist and creamy, remember to click the cap tightly in place between uses.

From Laura Geller.

0.012 oz Black eyeliner, a matte black
0.012 oz Brown eyeliner, a deep mocha brown
0.012 oz Eggplant eyeliner, an aubergine plum
Made in Germany

$42.00 – BUY IT HERE!

New from Laura Geller: Moonshadows Sugared Baked Pearl Eyeshadow


These new eyeshadows are freaking awesome!!! Look how gorgeous they are!! They look just as spectacular on as they do here! Love, love, love these new colors!!!

What is it: Just like the moon, this beautiful duo combines a light side–Laura’s shimmery sugared baked pearl eye shadow–and a dark side–her popular eye rimz. Eye Rimz is a highly pigmented formula in pitch black that–when applied wet and swirled with vibrant color–helps create a more metallic shade. Fire Water is an eye shadow with a soft champagne glow combined with Eye Rimz in pitch black with turquoise shimmer. Midnight Magic is an eye shadow in a soft, luminous pink combined with Eye Rimz in pitch black with a dark-plum shimmer.

Who is it for: Suitable for all skin tones and types.

Why is it different: This product’s beauty is all thanks to the unique baking process where creamy pigment is poured onto terra-cotta pans and baked slowly for 24 hours. The result is a dome of extremely fine powder that gets hand-polished into a tablet of powder that goes on smoother, feels silkier, and adapts perfectly to any skin tone.

How do I use it: For a look that’s strongly defined and professionally polished, start by smoothing the pale shadow over your lid from lash line to crease. Then stroke a thick line of the dark Eye Rimz along your top and/or bottom lash lines. You can extend the line up and out for added drama. For a sleek, metallic look, apply Eye Rimz with a wet brush.

From Laura Geller.

0.06 oz Eye Rimz and eye shadow duo
Made in Italy

$18.00 – HERE!

Hot new mascara from Laura Geller! Full Figured Lashes Mascara!


Bigger is better. This volumizing mascara magnifies and extends lashes by combining two lengths of nylon fibers in a creamy, water-resistant formula. Cellulose and amino acids work to strengthen lashes, while rice protein adds shine. Vitamin-rich ingredients help maintain hydration while preventing damage, so your lashes look luscious day after day. Ophthalmologist-tested, the formula is suitable for contact lens wearers. From Laura Geller.

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I love this mascara, and I’m a tough critic. I dismiss most mascaras, because I’m extremely picky. I am especially tough on the brushes, a brush is the most crucial part of mascara, if you ask me. And I really love this brush, I love the mascara itself, I love how easily it goes on, and how easily it comes off. It looks and feels like a million bucks!

Also – not that it reeeally matters, but I love the look of the tube! It fits in the hand just perfectly, and I love the shape of the handle! Awesome! All around – two thumbs up!!!

$21.00 – BUY IT HERE!

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