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Get the Look: Leighton Meester’s gorgeous skin

I am not going to lie, I love Gossip Girl I know I’m probably double the age of the target audience but its my guilty pleasure.  I have been noticing how flawless Leighton Meester’s (Blair Waldorf) skin is and wondered what she uses. Well it’s non other than La-Roche Posay the few things I have tried from the line I have loved and now I have something new to try, the Toleraine products. Now how to get my hands on a wardrobe like Blair Waldorf.

From Glamour to Marie Claire, Leighton Meester is spilling her beauty secrets. Leighton, who is known for her gorgeous skin, clues readers in on how to achieve complexion perfection. The key: this Gossip Gal uses La Roche-Posay’s Toleriane line.

The actress starts her day by grabbing her go-to face cream, La Roche-Posay Toleriane Riche Moisturizer, which she feels is “really gentle stuff.” After a long day of filming on the streets of NYC, she needs to rid her skin of all impurities; Leighton prides herself on going to bed with a fresh face. She says, “I’m really good about taking off all my makeup.” She uses Toleraine Dermo Cleanser, a light, smooth, and lotion-like cleanser that gently removes her makeup and additional residue — it’s no wonder she always looks camera ready.

Now if only there was a product that could help Blair Waldorf clean up her act!

La Roche-Posay is available at CVS Pharmacy,, and

Do it yourself mani pedi with La Roche-Posay

Do It Yourself Manicure & Pedicure

Pamper Yourself with Lipikar from La Roche-Posay!

I love  Lipikar from La Roche-Posay! I received a sample awhile ago and it had got buried under one of my “to-do” piles. But with the warmer weather and constantly wearing sandals my feet were needing a little love. I started using the Lipikar line last week applying after my shower and the results speak for themselves. My skin on my hands and feet is much softer and even my heels are soft and smooth.  The lotion absorbs really well leaving only a softness to my skin no oiliness. A great way to keep your skin looking great all summer long.

Don’t have time for a day at the spa? La Roche-Posay helps you achieve expert results from the comfort of your own home! Indulge in a perfect manicure and pedicure with Lipikar Xerand and Podologics.

Lipikar Xerand is a non-oily fast-absorbing cream that leaves hands soft and supple. This water-resistant formula also helps reduce dryness from repeated washing. Simply apply and massage until absorbed for hands that beg to be held.

For cracked heels try Lipikar Podologics. It reduces the thickness of calluses in just 5 days and nourishes dry feet immediately. Put your best foot forward by applying daily and carefully massaging problem areas.

Save time this summer with La Roche-Posay!

Lipikar Xerand: SRP $14.00

Lipikar Podologics: SRP $18.50

Have Acne? Fight Back!

June is National Acne Awareness Month. Learn the facts and successfully treat with products from La Roche-Posay and Nature’s Gate!

CEW Award Winning La Roche-Posay Effaclar AI targets the facial zone where breakouts occur to effectively clear skin and even skin tone while minimizing irritation. The formula combines two effective ingredients, Lipo-Hydroxy Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide, to treat imperfections and help control breakouts.

Address your acne the natural way with the Nature’s Gate Natural Results Acne Extra Strength Spot Corrector. This formula utilizes advanced, acne fighting ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil and cutting-edge Oligopeptide-10. It’s clinically proven to clear blemishes in 6 weeks and prevents new ones from forming!

La Roche-Posay Effaclar AI: SRP $29.00

Natural Results Acne Extra Strength Spot Corrector: SRP $9.99

Today is National Sunscreen Protection Day!

Aside from an unattractive burn, aging skin, sunspots and skin cancer are some of the few, but detrimental results of sun damage! UV rays can add serious risk to your health if continued without protection. On May 27, Celebrate Your Skin and keep it protected. I have been sampling a bunch of sunscreens to find some favorites for summer, I have listed a few of my favorites and a few I am excited to try.

I love JASON Naturals, I’m a fan of their SPF lip balm and can’t wait to try some of the other sun protection products from the Sunbrella line.

JASON Naturals Sunbrellas gives you a family friendly, easy way to stay healthy all Summer long! Blended with all natural ingredients and specialized products for individual needs, JASON Naturals offers you the products needed to Celebrate Sunscreen Day, Your Way!

JASON Natural Products are available at Whole Foods and other health and natural food stores in the United States and Canada, or by visiting


This is a great dual action product, the mist feels great on my skin and absorbs completely before I apply my makeup. It does double duty with SPF 8 giving my skin another layer of protection. After being out in the sun, Skindinavia Summer Moisturizer feels amazing on my face it cools it and restores lost moisture.  A must have for the hot summer months.

Skindinavia Summer Moisturizer

The first moisturizer made for Summer.
Light and hydrating. Breathable mist contains a hygroscopic (water attracting) moisturizer that mimics your own skins hydrating elements. Amazing under makeup and for those with oilier t-zones and shine. Over 60% of users claim it is “The best moisturizer I have ever used.”


This is a great heavy duty sunblock, if you plan to be active in the sun this is the one for you. It’s sweat and water resistant and will keep you protected while you are out having fun. I love this one for the beach it absorbs quickly and keeps my skin safe for hours even while in the water.

Zia Age-Defying Solar Care Face SPF 30
Ultimate Age-Defying Solar Care Face SPF 30 delivers dual-action sun protection against sun damage and visible aging. UVA and UVB sun filters are blended with soothing nutrients, like Cucumber and Arnica, to defend against photo-aging. This unique oil-free formulation controls surface shine and never feels greasy or sticky. Water and sweat-resistant for even the most active lifestyles.


Super lightweight even with reapplication I didn’t get that dreaded sticky sunblock feel on my skin. On top of protecting me from sunburn it also protects me skin from future damage, fabulous!

NEW La Roche-Posay Anthelios 45 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid

Breakthrough Technology Cell-Ox Shield™: a synergistic combination of patented high efficacy sun filters and powerful anti-oxidants to further protect your skin, even at the cellular level*.
Recommended For

* All skin types

Product Information
Ultra light sunscreen fluid for face with breakthrough Cell-Ox Shield™, provides a synergistic combination of patented high efficacy sun filters and powerful anti-oxidants to further protect your skin, even at the cellular level*.

The advanced UV filtering system of Anthelios 45 is a unique association of photostablized sunscreens for broad-spectrum and longer-lasting^ protection, with advanced efficiency against UVA rays. Anthelios 45 also uses a powerful anti-oxidant complex called Senna Alata, a tropical leaf extract known to defend skin cells*.

The fast absorbing, weightless texture leaves skin feeling clean with a silky finish. High UVA and UVB photoprotection for outdoor use.


I keep this little treasure in my purse so I am never without sun protection. SleekSkin skinblock is a super light mist that is so easy to apply on the go. It absorbs quickly and my skin is left smooth and ready for the sun. My face tends to get pretty oily in the summer and this formula has helped keep me from breaking out after sun exposure.

SleekSkin skinblock Ultra Light SPF 25

A unique splash-on sun protection that won’t clog pores, Ultra-Lite SPF 25 is formulated with UVA / UVB to prevent further damage, and anti-aging Green Tea and Aloe Extracts to repair and nourish the skin. Ultra-Lite SPF 25 is highly recommended for oily, acne-prone and blemish-prone skin types.

Results: Skin appears healthier, smoother and rejuvenated while fighting harmful free radicals and UV rays.


This sunscreen is ridiculous, it feels like buttah on my skin. It comes out as a super fine mist and after it absorbs my skin feels crazy soft. The first time I used Paula’s Choice  I walked around forcing people to feel my super soft skin. My husband laughed until he tried it then he fell in love with it too.  It provides great coverage so you aren’t left with missed spots that burnt. And because it feels so great on your skin their is no fighting my kids or hubby to use it.

Paula’s Choice Ultra-Light Weightless Finish SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray
All Skin Types
50% Off – Product Expiration Date: Oct 2010

# Convenient spray-on application
# High level of broad-spectrum sun protection for those who spend extra time outdoors
# Formulated with effective UVB sunscreens as well as avobenzone for superior UVA protection
# Provides ultra-light hydration and a weightless feel well-suited for normal to very oily skin, on face and body
# Contains potent antioxidants and anti-irritants to boost skin’s environmental defenses
# May be applied to facial skin (spray into hand and apply; do not spray directly on face)
# 100% fragrance-, preservative-, and colorant-free


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