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Splurge worthy!


I have loved pretty much every La Mer product I’ve had the chance to try and the new La Mer Body Refiner is no exception. There is something instantly spa like when you see the trademark soft green color and great La Mer scent.

What is great about it? Well La Mer seems to have perfected the consistency, not too thick or thin it was easy to work into my skin and didn’t wash away before I was done.  The buffing particles worked great on my skin and with no sharp edges it was a nice break from some of the overly coarse products out there. My skin felt amazing when I was done, on top of feeling fresh my legs and arms were as smooth as baby skin.

La Mer introduces The Body Refiner
Diamond Infused. Moisture Rich.

Ever since The Max Huber Research Labs began engineering their first body treatments, they have incorporated the most luxurious ingredients to care for skin all over the body. Now, they have poured a wealth of knowledge into the creation of La Mer’s latest innovation, The Body Refiner. True to La Mer’s heritage, this multi-faceted treatment utilizes precious ingredients—including 1.75 carats of pure diamond dust— to deliver a cushiony resurfacing treatment that both polishes and softens the skin.

Plush, creamy, and calming, The Body Refiner incorporates fermented acidic sea muds harvested from a natural marine source to detoxify and purify skin for a bright, healthy appearance. Their low pH level makes these muds extremely gentle and especially suitable for sensitive skin. This essential purification process clarifies the skin and helps to restore its smoothness.

Pure diamond powder and polished sea quartz act as physical exfoliants, as this precious treatment instantly lifts away dull cells, gently retexturizing skin to reveal a smooth and supple new surface. The Body Refiner’s cream base serves to cushion the skin and protect its moisture barrier.

“To create the most effective exfoliator on earth, we incorporated the hardest material on earth – diamonds. When diamonds are crushed and polished they provide an extremely thorough yet gentle exfoliation,” says Loretta Miraglia, Senior Vice President of Product Development and Innovation. “Each Body Refiner contains over one and a half carats of diamond dust to lavish the skin with extraordinary softness.”

As The Body Refiner is massaged into skin, La Mer’s piezoelectric (electrically-charged) minerals – tourmaline and sea quartz – convert the massage action into energy, helping to stimulate circulation and awaken skin. A new vitality appears to glow from within.

For best results, massage with circular motions until the large particles completely dissolve. Rinse well. Use once or twice a week followed by The Body Crème. Skin is left instantly smoother and brighter as its radiant fresh surface is revealed.

$110.00 La Mer The Body Refiner

Ashlee Simpson’s Beauty Obsession


I’d probably be obsessed with it as well, but at $350  a bottle, I’ll never know!

“La Mer Concentrate is the most amazing thing that I’ve ever put on my face.  It feels so soft – it makes my skin feel like a baby’s.”  — Ashlee Simpson


Designed for fragile, post-trauma skin on the face and body, The Concentrate complements skin’s own natural healing process. Miraculously, the appearance of scarring resulting from surgery and burns is noticeably improved. Irritation and redness caused by chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser treatments are visibly diminished.

This revolutionary treatment infuses skin with an unprecedented concentration of the original Miracle Broth™ found in Crème de la Mer. Immediately, skin’s sensitivities and redness are soothed. La Mer’s exclusive Lime Tea helps protect skin from a wide range of external insults, giving it the ability to focus energy on repair. The most precious and effective marine and plant extracts work in synergy with the Miracle Broth™ for a wealth of extraordinary results. This exclusive blend helps damaged skin renew and rebuild its appearance. Special barrier repair ingredients act as lipid “cellular cement” to help strengthen vulnerable skin. The Miracle Broth™, Lime Tea, marine and plant extracts are suspended together within a breathable barrier to slowly and optimally deliver their vital energies.

Feelings of tight or taut skin, often associated with scars, are miraculously relieved, increasing skin’s flexibility. Suppleness and smoothness are greatly restored. The result is a fresh surface. Huber’s vision is renewed as skin’s appearance takes on a new life. La Mer’s scientists recommend using The Concentrate in tandem with Crème de la Mer to seal in its vital, skin-renewing benefits. Clinical studies have shown visible results after 8 weeks. For external use only. Do not use on fresh or open wounds.

$350.00 – BUY IT HERE!

Great coverage without the weigh down.


I have never been a big fan of tinted moisturizers or sunscreens somehow they always feel so heavy on my skin and leave my face extra shiny. I have finally found a SPF tint worth my devotion, La Mer SPF 18 Fluid Tint is simply divine. I applied a little first thing in the morning and noticed how light it felt and how quickly it absorbed into my skin.

All day I noticed my skin kept the flawless coverage and also how it left my skin feeling amazing. You only need a tiny drop so a tube of the La Mer SPF 18 fluid tint will last you forever. This is the perfect product for hot summer days when your normal foundation will be too heavy.

La Mer The SPF 18 Fluid Tint

Dr. Max Huber understood the power of light. Just as plants need sunlight to thrive, there are energies within the light spectrum necessary for our well-being. Utilizing this principle, The SPF 18 Fluid Tint captures beneficial light while diverting potentially damaging light. It brings a touch of color to the skin for a smooth, even finish.

Designed for daily use, this water-borne formula absorbs instantly into the skin to provide broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. A trio of natural and sea-derived ingredients uniquely benefit the skin. Gemstones absorb light energy, transforming it into beneficial green light to enhance anti-oxidant activity. Photonic spheres within The SPF 18 Fluid Tint redirect and diffuse light. Smart, light-reactive seaweeds impart natural humectant properties to bind moisture – preventing dehydration. Worn over Crème de la Mer, The SPF 18 Fluid Tint acts as a generator, actually boosting its efficacy.

Available in Light, Medium and Dark.

$65.00 La Mer The SPF 18 Fluid Tint

Truly Amazing!


I am a recent convert to the La Mer line I was pulled in by their great Foaming Face wash but now I have been pulled even deeper. The La Mer eye concentrate is beyond amazing you can see a difference the first time you use it but it only gets better, I can now see the lines starting to lighten around my eyes.

But what really sold me on this product is what happened under my eyes. I have had severe allergies most of my life that have unfortunately left me with dark under eye circles and puffiness that won’t budge. That is until now… I am two weeks into using La Mer’s Eye Concentrate and my under eye circles are gone and on top of that the puffiness has also disappeared. Though the price is high you need barely a dab to cover both eyes one tub will last a long time and the results are undeniable.

*Editors note* My son somehow got my La Mer Eye Concetrate tub and was eating it, I think my shrieks of horror upon this discovery could be heard across the city. I nearly cried and he did cry when I took it away I guess it’s also tasty because he was licking his lips for more. I know have it kept safe behind two locked cabinets.

La Mer The Eye Concentrate

A Redbook 2007 MVP (Most Valuable Product) Award Winner, this concentrated, ultraluxe eye treatment quenches and conditions impressionable skin. The Eye Concentrate significantly reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, lines and wrinkles, encouraging the eye area to look and feel healthy, supple and luminous as never before.

The Eye Concentrate is infused with three unique forms of Miracle Broth™: the original, a concentrated form and a new, encapsulated form designed to optimize continuous release to the skin. Known for its healing energies, the Miracle Broth™ infuses skin with the energy it needs to focus on renewal.

The Eye Concentrate works in tandem with a specially-engineered, silver-tipped applicator which helps cool the skin, immediately improving micro-circulation. Rich in hematite, a naturally magnetic mineral known for its energies, The Eye Concentrate works over time to dramatically dissolve the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. The eye area appears healthy, more vital.

Improving clarity and discoloration, an exclusive marine ferment penetrates the skin with a powerful wave of activity. The appearance of discoloration and unevenness is dramatically diminished. Skin that looks tarnished and dull regains a healthy radiance and brightness as it is brought back to its most luminous center.

Improving tone, The Eye Concentrate utilizes a wealth of precious marine and plant ingredients to help skin reinforce its natural support system. Skin that has lost its elasticity and suppleness is gently smoothed and toned, vastly reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Stamina and resilience are greatly restored. A wealth of anti-oxidants defends the eye area against future damages.

$160.00 La Mer The Eye Concentrate

Ok, I have one more little obsession….


So you can’t escape all the beauty ads these days promising radiant skin, I have tried more than a few but found little to be excited about. Upon suggestion by a beauty expert of La Mer I tried their Radiant Infusion and I finally found that radiant skin I have been chasing. The Radiant Infusion toner starts going to work right away and within days my face was glowing, and my pores are much less noticeable.

La Mer The Radiant Infusion 

This high-potency, next-generation infusion delivers extreme radiance, clarity, pore-minimizing and tone. With bio-fermentation and physics as its heritage, The Radiant Infusion’s vital ingredients – ionizing sea salts, Radiant Ferments and super anti-oxidants – are suspended within a radical, fluid architecture. Expanding and contracting as necessary, the mesh-like sea gel works with La Mer’s exclusive Deconstructed Waters™ to deliver extraordinary activity on demand, settling into the landscape of the skin where needed.As The Radiant Infusion drenches the skin, it sets in motion a continuous wave of radiance-enhancing benefits. Immediately, skin looks bright and refreshed. Pores that may have lost their integrity look tightened and refined, toning the skin’s appearance. A natural source of electrolytes essential to the body’s well-being, Ionizing sea salts work in The Radiant Infusion to release a flood of beneficial negative ions, immediately energizing the skin and awakening a healthy, more vital and luminous appearance. Created with a blend of rare blue and white sea algae transformed through a meticulous bio-fermentation process, a combination of Radiant Ferments delivers a powerful cascade of activity. Precious marine extracts and sea botanicals infuse the skin with energy, instantly boosting clarity, luminosity and brightness and helping bring skin to its most radiant center. Augmented with La Mer’s exclusive Lime Tea and a super anti-oxidant cocktail, The Radiant Ferments work to prevent the appearance of future discoloration, helping skin discover a refreshed, renewed, radiant life.

$90.00 La Mer The Radiant Infusion

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