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I love Courtney Cox, she is just gorgeous! I have only had a chance to try a few Kinerase products but they work amazingly well. Courtney just helped launch the new Kinerase C8 Peptide Intesive treatment with brand new Snap-8 technology.

New York, NY (November 17, 2008) – Leading skincare brand Kinerase introduced the beauty world to the new C8 Peptide Intensive Treatment and the dermatologist-exclusive Pro+Therapy C8 Peptide Intensive Treatment – innovative next generation products that target skin damage on every level for noticeably younger looking skin within 28 days. At a breakfast on Tuesday, November 11th at Milos in Manhattan, Kinerase VP of Dermatology Alexandra Coles with the help of Kinerase spokesperson Courteney Cox Arquette and Orlando-based dermatologist J. Matthew Knight, MD, revealed the newest peptide on the market, SNAP-8, and discussed the amazing anti-aging benefits it will provide.

“Kinerase is a head of the curve with the introduction of the new SNAP-8 technology found in the C8 Peptide. This neuropeptide works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face caused by repetitive facial expressions – especially those found around the eyes and forehead area. Women are going love the results they will achieve with this new product,” said Dr. Knight.

Dressed in a stunning Nina Ricci chocolate brown dress and Thomas Wylde shoes, the world’s favorite “friend” Courteney Cox Arquette expressed her love for Kinerase and new C8 Peptide products. “I have been using the C8 Peptide for the last few weeks now, and I can see a real difference already! My skin looks great and even my makeup artist commented on the results. I live in Hollywood where everyone is looking ALL the time, and I’m just glad to be with a company who makes me look good all the time.”


Kinerase C8 Peptide Intensive Treatment.……………………………………$98.00 MSRP

Kinerase Pro + Therapy C8 Peptide Intensive Treatment with Kinetin and Zeatin………………………………………………………………………$119.00 MSRP


Kinerase® C8 Peptide will be available in January, 2009 at, Nordstrom,, Sephora,, ULTA, and To purchase Kinerase by phone, call 1-800-826-9755.

Kinerase® Pro+Therapy C8 Peptide Intensive Treatment with Kinetin & Zeatin will be available exclusively through preferred dermatologists and plastic surgeons in January, 2009. For more information or to find a physician near you, please visit


Dry Winter skin?


New! Kinerase Ultimate Day and Ultimate Night Moisturizers

What it is:
A duo of Kinerase’s stand-out moisurizers for day and night.

What it is formulated to do:
These rich creams are ideal for dry, mature, or enviromentally damaged skin. Each contains the highest concentration of Kinetin, to improve skin texture and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What else you need to know:
Set includes a 1.1 oz Ultimate Day Moisturizer and a 1.1 oz Ultimate Night Moisturizer.

$100.00 Kinerase Ultimate Day and Ultimate Night Moisturizers

Personal Review: Kinerase


I recently had the chance to try a few of the Kinerase products. If there name sounds familiar it might be because their spokesperson is Courntey Cox Arquette and they have a long list of celebrity fans. I have heard a lot about the Kinerase products and the awards they have won but you always wonder how well a product actually works.

I started using the Day & Night Moisturizers and the Pro Therapy C6 peptide lotion a little over two weeks ago. With the first use I noticed it was unscented which I like and it seemed to go on smooth and absorb well. I have been using specialty anti-aging creams for awhile so I wondered how different it would actually be. Over the next few days of use I noticed my face was less oily during the day, I am usually really shiny by the afternoon and my face was still smooth and oil free at bedtime. I don’t know if that is even supposed to be a side effect of use but anything that makes my face not shine is great in my opinion.

Of course the big reason for using Kinerase is their promise to reduce the signs sun damage and aging. My face is still fairly wrinkle free I just hit the big 30 but I am starting to get little crows feet and laugh lines. Over the last few weeks they have been softening though and I have noticed the last few nights they are barely visible. My skin feels so smooth and I have even noticed my pores have gotten a little smaller. I really like this product it delivered on what it promised and more I am hooked!

I have listed a little more info about the three products I tried they have many additional products at their site to meet different skin types. Right now Kinerase will give you a FREE sample of their Ultimate Day Moisturizer all you need to do is email your first and last name and mailing address to

Note if you opt-in for their free sample, you agree to receive future email offers from Kinerase.


Kinerase ® Ultimate Day Moisturizer
This luxurious daytime moisturizer is specifically formulated with sun-light activated technology and contains the highest concentration of kinetin to improve skin texture and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Contains the highest concentration of kinetin to improve skin’s appearance, and Photosomes that are clinically proven to improve the appearance of sun damaged skin by 52%. Ultimate Day Moisturizer is the richest day cream available in the Kinerase core collection.

$125.00 BUY IT HERE.


Kinerase ® Ultimate Night Moisturizer
This luxurious nighttime moisturizer contains the highest concentration of kinetin and provides ultimate hydration for dry or environmentally compromised skin.

Advanced technology creates an 8-hour moisture reservoir for overnight skin rejuvenation and rehydration. Scientifically advanced ingredients help correct the signs of sun damage and other visible signs of the aging process.

$125.00 BUY IT HERE.


Pro+Therapy C6 PEPTIDE with Kinetin & Zeatin®

Kinerase C6 Peptide with Kinetin & Zeatin is a physician strength topical alternative to injections. It offers the latest in anti-aging skin care technology by incorporating six amino acids to complement and enhance the Kinerase Pro+Therapy regimen for optimal skin care results. The “C” in C6 Peptide with Kinetin and Zeatin is for Vitamin C, and the “6” represents the 6 amino acids in Argireline. This product contains the world-wide physician exclusive ingredient, Zeatin, which is available only through the Kinerase Pro+Therapy collection.

The Kinerase® Pro+ Therapy line is only available through authorized dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other selected physicians. Please consult our Physician Locator for your closest authorized physician.

Courteney Cox & Kinerase!

Courteney Cox Kinerase

Kinerase provides superior moisturization for skin recovering from dermatological procedures, dry and sensitive skin and retinoid-intolerant skin. Many dermatologists and plastic surgeons recommend Kinerase to improve the look of sun-damaged facial skin, and to reduce the appearance of lines and winkles. It is similar to Retin A and Renova because they all work on a cellular level.

Kinerase will NOT give you the peeling, burning, redness, and sun photosensitivity like these other products. Kinerase uses a plant extract that is known in scientific studies to stop photo-aging in plants.

Courteney Cox Arquette is looking radiant here at a press event for Kinerase skincare this last weekend. She has supposedly been using the product for over five years.

“I use the Kinerase line and love it, especially the Cream Kinerase. It is a simple beauty routine that really works. It feels great on my skin and I feel even more confident because so many dermatologists recommend it.”

-Courtney Cox


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