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I was recently sent a sample of the new Kenzo Power Cologne and I was excited to have my husband try it out. Turns out it smells so good I love wearing it. It is definitely a man’s scent but it is fresh enough to not be overpowering and I love the citrus scent. It would make a great Christmas gift for the man in your life.


Kenzo introduces a new fragrance for him, a simple, subtle statement of masculinity—KENZO POWER COLOGNE. Olivier Polge’s woody citrus creation is highlighted by the fusion between fresh notes emblematic of colognes and the ambery intensity of KENZO POWER. Japanese designer Kenya Hara’s original bottle design becomes transparent; the silhouette a single curved line. A fragrance perfectly suited to the crisp, cool days ahead.

– Notes of verbena and bergamot
– Woody citrus

Intense amber notes of the original Kenzo Power fuse with citrus to create KENZO POWER COLOGNE, a woody citrus fragrance for him. Verbena, bergamot and cardamom blend with geranium and black pepper before settling into a base of vetiver and cedar.

$50.00-$68.00 Kenzo Power Cologne

New Kenzo Ryoko!


I love the new Ryoko Summer Fragrance collection, a pocket pebble sized fragrance containing 5 great Kenzo fragrances.  It feels like a smooth river stone in your hand and is made to travel with you and deal with the bangs without breaking.  Small enough to be TSA approved for airline travel its functional and beautiful!

Kenzo Ryoko

The Concept: Working with famed industrial designer Karim Rashid, Kenzo Parfums takes fragrance and design into uncharted territory with RYOKO –a pocket-sized, ultra-light fragrance pebble. Each smooth RYOKO (meaning travel in Japanese) houses one of Kenzo’s favorite scents in a series of five colorful, ergonomically-designed stones that fit into the palm of the hand and is airport-friendly (less than 3 oz).

The 2009 Ryoko Collection is saturated in high-gloss color. Fragrance pebbles are suspended in a see-through box, signifying one of the ironies of modern travel -motion without movement. Five of our favorites to take wherever you wish.

The Range for her
FlowerbyKenzo eau de parfum nomad spray
KenzoAmour eau de parfum nomad spray
L’eauparKenzo eau de parfum nomad spray


Karim Rashid sketch for Kenzo

The Range for him
L’eauparKenzo pour homme nomad spray
Kenzo Homme nomad spray

Launch June 2009 20ml nomad spray SRP: $29

New L’eauparKenzo eau Indigo


I love L’eauparKenzo new fragrances eau Indigo! The bottles, as usual are beautiful enough just to display on your counter, the bottles are carved to fit together seamlessly and when the color of the bottles blend become indigo! How cool!

As for the scent, the men’s fragrance is very sexy and bright the citrus and coriander blend perfectly and balance out with a woody scent. I think the men’s is my favorite with its spicy fresh smell.

The women’s eau Indigo has a great mandarin and floral scent and while its strong enough to smell throughout the day it doesn’t overpower me or leave me sneezing. Both are great summer scents that my hubby and I will be enjoying as the weather warms. The women’s is so popular it it temporarily sold out but should be available on the Kenzo website shortly.



– Notes of coriander and elemi
– Recommended for evening wear

As night falls, L’eau par Kenzo becomes Eau Indigo, a pair of sensual fragrances for him and her inspired by the seductive dance of color and scent as dusk sets on water. Fresh, zesty notes unfold into a sensual base built around an amber note. L’eau par Kenzo eau Indigo captures the moment when twilight skims over water’s surface and the heat of the day tangos with chilly whispers of the night, releasing a unique scent suggestive of the possibility and adventure yet to come.

$55.00 1.7 fl oz


L’Eau Par Kenzo Eau Indigo Pour Femme: a sensual floral with notes of bergamot, mandarin, jasmine, orange blossom, ylang, tonka bean and amber.

This eau de parfum has a gentle, zesty start with notes of bergamot and mandarin, then unfolds into a sunny floral heart of sambac jasmine and closing with a rich amber base. Sambac jasmine is a flower native to southern Asia, symbolizing purity, eternal love and nobility. Its fragrant flowers are often used to make leis and worn as an adornment for both its beauty and fragrance.

$55.00 1.7 floz.

Barefeet Fantasy is as great as it sounds!


As an avid sandal wearer I am always on the hunt for a great foot lotion. Though many have lofty claims it takes days to get results if they ever come. I just got a tub of Kenzo’s new Barfeet Fantasy today and I couldn’t rip off the packaging fast enough. 

First off the scent is great, smooth and rich and the lotion feels like butter. It makes a great massage lotion for an at home pedicure to stretch out your salon visits. After rubbing the lotion in my feet felt so smooth even my heels, and there was no greasy residue the lotion absorbed really well into my skin. Even after showering tonight my feet still feel smoother. Now I just need to talk my hubby into giving me a foot massage with this amazing lotion! 


– Repairs
– Nourishes
– Relaxes

Pamper your feet all year long with Barefeet Fantasy massage balm. Enriched with cupuaçu butter, this luxurious massage balm nourishes and prevents dry, rough heels, while shea butter repairs and soothes tired feet. Inspired by nature, KenzoKi skincare pairs advanced research with four natural elements from Asia to create the ideal balance of performance and pleasure. Four plants, four fragrances, four collections that delight the senses while enhancing the natural beauty of skin.

$30 Kenzo Barefeet Fantasy

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