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Kelly Osbourne is releasing a clothing line that will include plus sizes!


Kelly Osbourne has been all over New York Fashion Week. She’s making the rounds not only as co-host of E!’s Fashion Police, but also to promote her new clothing line. Kelly says the new line will be plus-sized friendly. What does she mean by that? She has said that all of her clothes will cost the same – whether you’re a size 2 or 24.

Will opening up about her new line, she also humorously opened up about her own chest size, saying it’s getting bigger without explanation! Here’s more from Kelly on her clothing line – and boobs:

1. The clothes will be bigger, yes, but not more expensive. “First thing I want to make very clear: I’m not just doing a plus-size line. I’m doing a line for every girl that goes past a size 10. In my research, I’ve found that the prices go up after size 10 and that really hurts my heart – it’s not fair! So with my line, the size 2 will be the same price as the size 24. Yes, there’s more fabric and yes, it costs more to make, but it will be the same price for every girl that wants to wear it, end of story.”

2. That said, the clothes will be large enough to accommodate her, uh, growing bosom. “I have no idea what’s happening to me – my boobs have grown very large and I don’t know why,” she confesses. “Everyone is like, ‘You’re pregnant, you’re pregnant!’ and I’m like, ‘No! that’s not happening!’ It’s kind of fun, though. It’s nice have them for once.”

3. Crop tops will probably be involved. And her dad Ozzy will probably rock one, too. “I’m always in crop tops. I love them. In fact, the funniest Tweet I’ve ever received was from my father after I posted a pic of myself wearing a crop top. He said, ‘I love that shirt! Can you get me that shirt?’ and I was like ‘No, Dad! It’s a crop top!’”

I think it’s great – her approach to clothing. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with – and I wonder where they’ll sell it? Will it be high end clothing – or clothing normal people like moi can afford?


Kelly Osbourne covers Cosmopolitan UK, talks about her multiple stints in rehab

Kelly Osbourne covers the September issue of Cosmopolitan UK. In the issue, Kelly opens up about her past problems with drugs, and how she had to learn to take care of her parents.

She confessed, “I’ve been to rehab seven times and to two mental institutions.” She added that her mom Sharon supported her throughout each trip to rehab. “My mum even had me put in a padded cell once to scare me,” Kelly, 28, said, “but like a brat I just sat it out until she said ‘Well, that’s not going to work.'”

In return, Kelly learned to take care of her mom 10 years ago when she was battling cancer. “When I was 18, I was set to play Lindsay Lohan’s best friend in ‘Freaky Friday.’ Then my mom got diagnosed with cancer. I was faced with the choice of a career or spending what could have been the last days of my mother’s life with her.”

She bailed on the movie, and decided to stay near her mom. “I said, F— you, career, hello, Mother. I became my mum’s nurse 24/7. I gave her injections and medicines when she had seizures. I even had a parking space at the hospital with my name on it. I thought I was going to lose her, it was awful.”

She went on to talk about having to take care of her father after a near-fatal quad crash in 2003. “He couldn’t move from the neck down and was basically a paraplegic, so I slept on the floor by the side of his bed for four months. I brushed his teeth and washed his clothes, and every day we’d put on our swimsuits and I’d shower him,” she says. “Not many people can say they’ve wiped their mother and father’s arses more than they’ve wiped their own,” she adds.

My mom has been battling terminal cancer for years, so I understand how difficult it is having a sick parent. It’s excruciating.

One more picture (a better one) of Kelly after the jump! More »

Kelly Osbourne shows off her custom-made Tiffany’s engagement ring!

Kelly Osbourne is showing off her gorgeous engagement ring! Of course, she wants you to think she’s simply showing off her new nails, but you and I both know she’s showing off that diamond!

On Saturday she posted the picture above, and wrote “Loving my new manicure. Thank you Es Nails.”

Kelly and Matthew Mosshart, 29, became engaged on January 1st, but they didn’t tell anyone until her custom-made Tiffany ring was ready!

“I designed it to look like an earring that my father wore when I was little,” says the daughter of Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne, 64. “I used to hold my finger up to his ear when I was little and say, ‘I want a ring like that.’ Now I have one!”

Kelly says her parents were the first to know about her engagement; Us Weekly exclusively broke the news in its Feb. 4 issue. “She was just really happy,” she says of mom Sharon Osbourne, 60. “She kind of expected it. Put it this way: Matthew’s the only man I’ve brought home who my parents have liked more than me. Or who my dad hasn’t called an absolute f-cker behind their back. Or tried to plot some way of getting rid of them!”

Beautiful ring – I’ll give her that!

Kelly Osbourne covers Cosmo, “I do want babies, but I don’t want a great big vagina.”

Kelly Osbourne lands the July cover of Cosmopolitan. Can I just start by saying – wasn’t it just Christmas? How on earth are we already seeing JULY covers!? This is mind blowing.

Anyhoo, Kelly looks gorgeous in these photos, if you ask me. In a photo after the jump she poses with her boyfriend, Matthew. I’m not sure WHY Kelly got the cover, but here you go!

Her future goals: “Happiness and a Golden Globe. What? I’m fabulous. I need a Golden Globe. What is life if you’re not going to live it to the fullest? People think this is my 15 minutes. F–k you. I’ve got an hour.”

How does she feel about her dad recently falling off the wagon?
“I love and respect that he’s honest enough to say, ‘Yes, I did this. It was my fault.’ He’s a real man. Most people would hide, and he doesn’t. It doesn’t make me love him any less. It took a long time to get to that place, but I understand it now. And my mother does too. We had a TV show about this. Now people are trying to act like it’s a new story. It made me break down and cry when my parents rather than the Boston Marathon were on the cover of the British newspapers. People lost their children from a terrorist attack, and that’s superseded by this bullshit story that is not even real.”

Do you want kids?
“I do want babies, but I don’t want a great big vagina.” On that note – MORE after the jump! More »

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