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Ashlee Simpson models Jessica Simpson’s new clothing line!

Ashlee Simpson is the new face of big sister Jessica Simpson’s clothing line!

The 28-year-old actress modeled Jessica’s new bohemian-inspired outfits in the new fall campaign.

She told People Magazine that it was an honor to do the shoot for her 33-year-old sister, who was pregnant at the time of the shoot.

Legendary photographer and director, Ellen von Unwerth was drafted in to capture the print adverts as well as a behind-the-scenes video.

‘We were all having a good time, kicking dirt in pretty dresses,’ she explained.

When it comes to their personal styles, Ashley, who has just wrapped up a short stint as Roxie Hart in the musical Chicago, admitted that she and her sister could not be more different.

Ashlee really looks beautiful in these new pictures, doesn’t she? I actually really like Jessica’s clothing line. I think she has a really cute, all-American style that a lot of girls really look good in.


Jessica Simpson posts picture of her bare pregnant belly – in a bikini!

Jessica Simpson announced to the world that she’s pregnant for a second time, on Christmas Day. Now, the 32-year-old tweeted a picture showing off how far along she really is!

Jessica posed in front of a mirror, and took the picture of herself in a bikini and robe, exposing her bare belly. She wrote “Bumpin’ and Proud.”

The image comes as Jessica graces the cover of the upcoming issue of the Weight Watchers magazine.

The singer and designer flaunts the results of her 50lb weight loss on the January cover of the diet programme’s periodical, in which she talks about how she slimmed down after the birth of daughter Maxwell.

‘I’m crazy about smoothies, so I bring fruit chopped up and ready to go,’ she explained.

‘That way, I can sip the same smoothie all morning long between takes. If it thins out, I put it back in the blender with crushed ice for a few minutes.’

But since Simpson is now pregnant with her second child, and has relaxed her adherance to the Weight Watchers plan until after the birth.

But she will remain the face of the company and they will continue to run ads promoting the blonde’s 50lb weight loss, as well as pushing a new commercial in which she announces her pregnancy.

Praising her ‘successful’ weight loss, the company added: ‘Jessica will not be following the programme during the pregnancy while her weight and well-being are monitored by her obstetrician.’

Gotta give the girl kudos. She looks amazing in the picture above.

Here’s another picture she posted, which we first saw last week.

FIRST LOOK: Jessica Simpson shows off her 50lb weight loss on the set of her new Weight Watchers commercial!

Today we’re getting our first look at Jessica Simpson’s new Weight Watchers body, on the set of her latest WW commercial.

Seven months after giving birth to her daughter Maxwell Drew, Jessica posed for a series of pictures showing off her 50lb weight loss.

Jess shot the new “Expect Amazing” ad campaign before her new pregnancy began to show, and will begin airing on December 25. (Check out the picture, below!)

Shortly after becoming a mom, Simpson, 32, admitted that she felt self-conscious about her post-baby body – but said she was ready to get back into shape.

“I think anybody who’s gone through a pregnancy, after they have the baby, it’s like, ‘I need to do something about this!’ ” she told PEOPLE in May. “For me, I really want to do something that is a lifestyle, because in the past I’ve been known to yo-yo diet.”

So, when Weight Watchers asked her to be their new spokesperson, the fashion mogul eagerly said yes, and signed her friends up for the program, too.

“Weight Watchers changed my relationship with food, and I feel so much more prepared to make the right choices,” she says. “It feels pretty incredible.”

I wonder how long Weight Watchers will keep Jessica on, considering she’s pregnant again. Do you think they’ll keep her on payroll, or ditch her?


BREAKING NEWS: Jessica Simpson is pregnant again!

Now that is fast! Tori Spelling fast!

Jessica Simpson is pregnant with her second child, just seven months after giving birth to her daughter, Maxwell.

The 32-year-old has dropped 60 pounds since giving birth in April.

While Jessica hasn’t announced the pregnancy yet, sources confirm the news is true. “It definitely wasn’t planned. But yes, Jessica is pregnant again”, a source revealed to Us Weekly.

It’s the second baby for Jessica and her fiance, Eric Johnson. “She really is overjoyed!”, said the source.

According to TMZ, the star lost a staggering 60 pounds on a healthy eating plan filled with low-fat smoothies, protein and plenty of vegetables as part of a $4million sponsorship with Weight Watchers.

The nutritious plan, obtained by TMZ, was devised by her former private chef and adheres to the WeightWatchers point system where each food has a ‘points value’ based on calories and fat content.

The plan, featuring dishes such as super low calorie egg white omelettes, chicken satays, whipped chick peas, soba noodles and shrimp skewers, has clearly worked wonders.

Her diet began in July with a 15-day smoothie diet consisting of five days of three smoothies a day, gradually working in snacks and meals over time.

On Thanksgiving Jessica shared a card on her official website and Twitter page with the message: ‘I am so grateful for my new lil family! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!’

It is unclear whether Jessica spent Thanksgiving with other members of her famous family.

I am totally surprised by this news. She worked soooooooooooo hard getting that weight off, and now she’s going to balloon back up! Part of me would be upset I did all that work, and then I would just undo it all again.

Wow…. this one really surprised me!

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