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Jenny McCarthy on aging gracefully: I’m not interested!

Jenny McCarthy, former Playboy Playmate and host of her own new show, VH1’s The Jenny McCarthy Show, knows how imperative it is to age gracefully in front of the camera.

“I am Team Botox,” Jenny admits in an exclusive interview in the new issue of In Touch, on newsstands now. “I do it here and there. I use very little, so my face still moves,” she says of the procedure.

And although Jenny says she’s open to getting plastic surgery done in the future, she plans on waiting. “You don’t really need old-fashioned surgery any more with all the lasers and Botox,” she explains. “So I’m not sure I would go under the knife until I’m at least as old as Joan Rivers — like 99 or however old she is!”

Despite her success, Jenny says she’s not the next Oprah — “That’s like saying I’m the next God!” — but being in front of the camera does push her to bring her A-game. “Ninety percent of the way you look is what you eat, so I’m really just cautious. I’ll really fill up on fruits and vegetables,” she explains of her preparation for her upcoming show airing Fridays at 10:30 p.m. “Maybe I’ll guinea pig myself on new [beauty] treatments on the show. I’ll be the rat for America, without going overboard!”

The picture above is Jenny and her 10-year-old son, Evan.


Jenny McCarthy shows off her huge, new, foot tattoo!

Jenny McCarthy made good use of the power outage during the Super Bowl on Sunday. The talk-show host was able to get a large tattoo on her foot during the blackout.

On Saturday, McCarthy tweeted, “What age should people stop getting tattoos?”

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She determined, I guess, that 40 isn’t too old after all. McCarthy announced this morning that she got a new tattoo during the blackout on Sunday. She showed off her new ink this morning, a rose with vines.  “Cramps on press tour. Doing Kathy lee and Hoda next. Hoping they have a heating pad and Whisky. Wait… Of course they will have Whisky.”

Here’s the photo McCarthy tweeted at 6:34 a.m., in which she displayed her new ink to the world.

Jenny McCarthy co-hosted a Super Bowl party called Leather & Laces on Friday night. Among her fellow hosts were Kendra Wilkinson, Rachael Leigh Cook, Brooklyn Decker and Stephanie Pratt.

McCarthy is currently promoting her upcoming talk show, which premieres Friday on VH1. She said she will use Hugh Hefner’s old “Playboy After Dark” as inspiration for “The Jenny McCarthy Show”.

Stephanie Pratt? How is she still getting gigs like that?

What do you think of Jenny’s new tattoo? I have a foot tattoo, it’s a teenie flower above my pinkie toe. I am not a fan of these huge foot tattoos, I think they can look super trashy, very easily. I’m not saying this one looks trashy, I’m just not a fan.


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