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Steal Gwen’s look.


Gwen Stefani is a makeup artist’s dream. Besides the fact that she’s gorgeous, she is also absolutely fearless when it comes to experimenting with new looks. From airbrushed eyeshadow to ruby red lips, she wears makeup like no one else. If you want to take your look for a walk on the wild side and get Gwen’s sexy, retro style, follow these steps from Tony & Tina’s international makeup artist Eddie Funkhouser.

STEP 1 Before applying makeup, use a hydrating moisturizer and eye cream. With your fingertips, dot foundation on your forehead, chin, the bridge of your nose and the apples of your cheeks. On the forehead and cheeks, blend in an outward motion; on the chin, blend in a downward stroke. Work with small amounts of foundation at a time (it’s better to start light and build slowly to get the desired finish).

STEP 2 Apply concealer to the eyelids and under the eyes using a concealer brush. The motto here is “less is more.” (Too much concealer can result in creasing.) The concealer should also be used to cover blemishes and as a base coat for the lips.

STEP 3 For a dramatic brow, use a brow brush to apply a rich brown shadow to the eyebrow in short strokes. Make sure the color is well blended to create a natural shadow effect.

STEP 4 Working with an eye blender brush, apply sheer iridescent shadow to the brow bone only. Apply a light bone shadow to the rest of the lid. In the crease, apply a warm taupe and blend well with your brush. You want the crease color to be soft and natural.

STEP 5 To line the eyes, wet a pointed liner brush and dip it into black eyeshadow to create a modern version of liquid liner. Start a narrow line at the top inner corner of the eye and gradually thicken, tapering off at about 1/8 inch beyond the outer corner of the eye. Use a black eyeliner pencil to line the inside of the upper lash line and the very inner corner of the bottom. Finish by curling the lashes and applying two coats of black mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

STEP 6 Contour your cheekbones using a light pink cheek gel. Dab a small amount on the back of one hand. Pick up a small amount with your fingertips and lightly dab and pat the color onto the face, starting just below the cheekbones and working toward the hairline.

STEP 7 Outline the lips using a lip liner. Make sure to seal in the outer corners of the mouth with the pencil. This gives the lips extra definition and depth. Use a lip brush to blend the liner up and into the lip to erase any signs of a definite line. Apply a rich red lipstick to the lips with the lip brush, starting from the corners and working toward the center. As a final touch, dab a small amount of lipgloss onto the back of your hand. Pick up a small amount with your lip brush and lightly dab it over the color. Be careful not to smudge or disturb the color you just applied.

STEP 8 For subtle, sexy shimmer, finish with a dusting of iridescent loose powder on your forehead, cheeks, shoulders and chest.


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Need somewhere to store all your beauty loot?


A genius idea from Glamour executive beauty editor Mary MacLean: She repurposed a garden tote to hold her hair stuff, using the side pockets for brushes and the main compartment for hot tools. I love this idea I have a hard time keeping all my hair tools from becoming a massive twisted mess.

$33.99 BUY IT HERE. 


Sonia Kashuk Weekender makeup bag

The detachable clear zippered bags inside are awesome, as are the many cute prints (Pucci-style! gingham!) available. I like the compartments my current travel case is a similar to a train box so it can be hard to find things once they slip to the bottom.

$22.00 BUY IT HERE. 


Creative Bath cosmetic organizer

The case that will keep the most compulsive neat freaks happy. With multiple compartments and lipstick slots, it gives every product its very own home.
$21.99 BUY IT HERE. 
Not just for forks

Container Store mesh desk drawer organizers,

If you want to keep your beauty secrets to yourself and declutter, stash products away in drawers. A kitchen utensil tray keeps products neatly sorted. I used to use this type of organizers for my makeup but bought the solid plastic kind and then ended up getting all gunky. I like the mesh on these it would be easier to keep clean.

$2.50-$6.00 BUY IT HERE.

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Carmindy’s 5 Minute Face

Need to look pretty toute de suite? Watch Carmindy—makeup artist from TLC’s What Not To Wear—as she offers time-saving tricks from her new book, “The 5-Minute Face,” with beautiful Benefit products.

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How to apply nude makeup for a natural look!


I saw this picture of Alyssa Milano today, and I thought her makeup looked so nice!  It’s very natural makeup, and it looks really great! I found this great 8 step how-to apply natural makeup.  Look beautiful without looking like you’re wearing too much makeup!

Step One

Start with clean skin. Apply a thin layer of makeup primer to whole face (I highly recommend to splurge a little on face makeup, because it’s important to have good quality, long staying makeup). I suggest Laura Geller Spackle, or Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, both from Sephora. Allow it to dry for a few seconds.

Step Two

Put a dollop of foundation on the top of your hand, to warm it. Gently pat foundation (don’t rub. Trust me, the results are much better) onto face, wherever it needs correcting. If you choose a good, medium or full -coverage foundation (my personal favorite is Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra-it stays on the whole day, and there’s no need for retouching), you won’t need any concealer. Don’t forget to blend it well so you don’t have foundation marks showing on your jaw line.

Step Three

Apply loose powder (BareMinerals Mineral Veil is amazing) lightly all over your face except for cheeks, so you don’t lose that natural glow.

Step Four

Apply your bronzer in circular motions on the apples of your cheeks, but LIGHTLY. It has to look very natural. Excessive makeup is never good. Also apply some on the bridge of your nose, on your forehead and on your chin. Blend well!

Step Five

Next, apply your brightest eye shadow right under your brow bone, and a little bit on the inner corners of your eyes too. Then, put on the medium shade of the trio, and finish right under the light eye shadow from the brow bone. Blend them together with your finger. Third, apply the darkest eye shadow on one fourth of the outer part of your eyelid, and blend it well with the medium-toned one. It might seem a little bit complicated, but once you get the hang of it it’ll look beautiful!

Step Six

Use the same dark shadow to line the outer corner of the lower part of your eyes, and smudge, smudge, smudge! Next, use pencil eyeliner to line the inside of your eyes.

Step Seven

Apply one coat of mascara (volumizing is the best) and let it dry for several seconds. Apply a second coat, AND a third one if you want to look like you have faux lashes on. It looks amazing, but if you don’t like the look one coat suffices.

Step Eight

Last, apply nude lip color to your lips with a brush, so the color will look more natural. Vincent Longo’s Wet Pearl Lipstick in Sweet Samba is very flattering for fair, ivory or olive skin. Sephora Gloss Lipstick in 41 looks great for darker skin tones.

Picture of Alyssa was taken yesterday!

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