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According to Womens Day Magazine here are the Top 8 Beauty Sins!

Here are your Beauty No-No’s! These (FREE) tips will help you look your best!

#1 – Falling asleep with your makeup on. Make sure you’re washing your face so your skin can breathe, and your pores won’t clog! A huge no-no!

#2 – Don’t sleep on the same side of your face every night! When you lay on the same side of your face, you can actually cause permanent wrinkles! Switch it up, sleep on different sides! Make sure you sleep on a fluffy pillow, not firm!

#3 – Do not wash your face with hot water! Hot water can cause your capillaries to pop, and cause red skin! Use tepid water!

#4 – Do not rub your eyes! The skin around your eyes is very delicate, and the more your rub your eyes – the more your eyes will sag! Stop rubbing! Also – moisturize eyes every day.

#5 – Wash your face before you wash your hair. When you’re in the shower, go from top to bottom. Wash your hair first, because when you wash your hair, oils from your hair wash down onto your face. (Ok, I didn’t even think about that!) Start with your hair – then wash your face.

#6 – Cut back on the facial moisturizer! There is too much of a good thing. You want just enough to coat your face, no more. It will clog your pores if you use too much!

#7 – Do not drink through a straw! It will actually cause permanent wrinkle lines around your mouth!

#8 – Do not wear tight ponytails. When you pull your ponytails too tight, you are pulling your hairline back! You will actually pull hair out by having a ponytail that’s too tight! Your ponytail should be lose to avoid hair loss!

So here’s my question. How many of these sins do you commit? The only two I do is drinking through a straw, and wearing tight ponytails. I just cut my hair, so it’s too short for a ponytail, but before I would definitely wear them tighter than I should!

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Want Sexy, Easy Hair? Women’s Health Magazine Helps You Get Disheleved

The flawless Uma showing how hot a bob can be!
Who knew that looking like a hot mess could look so good? Well, believe it. Disheveled hair is so right now and Women’s Health magazine gives you three styles that you can try to rock an effortlessly sexy look.

Let’s try one!

1) Let hair air-dry, then make a center part. Mist dry shampoo through your hair from roots to ends to create a piecey look.
§ Try: Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo, $5, at drugstores.

2) Loosely gather your hair at the nape of your neck, then roll and tuck your ends underneath the rest of your hair to create a faux bob. Secure the rolled-under section with randomly spaced bobby pins or small claw clips
§ Try: Goody StayPut Slide-Proof Hold Mini Claw Clips, $4.49, at Walmart.

3) Pull a few random two-inch face-framing sections loose and use a one-inch-barrel curling iron to tousle the ends. Spritz with medium-hold hair spray.
§ Try: Mark Mega Volume Hair Spray, $6,

If you want to see more of these styles and what stars are pulling them off, please visit or pick up the October issue on newsstands now!

‘Best in Beauty’ Revealed!

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I was watching the Today Show this morning, and Allure Magazine has revealed their “Best in Beauty” list!

Several of these products we’ve reviewed and tried, and agree that they are the best! Watch the video above!

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Megan Fox at the Toronto Film Festival

Red Carpet Watch
Megan Fox at the Toronto Film Festival

Megan Fox looked white-hot at the premiere of her new movie “Passion Play” at the 2010 Toronto Film Festival. She wore an elegant white Armani Privé dress and a sultry waved style created by celebrity stylist Creighton Bowman.

How to get the look:
“We decided a soft, and effortlessly natural look was the way to go with her dress which was sexy and short, and I wanted to play up the beauty of her long, luxurious hair,” said Creighton.

“The styling became all about products that would keep the hair looking fresh all evening long. I started by applying Lisa Chiccine Thickening Volume Foam, an alcohol-free styling mousse loaded with botanical extracts and certified organic ingredients, then towel-dried the hair from root to ends. I used it for this look because it’s really lightweight and gives a nice boost of natural-looking lift and volume.

Next, I did a loose, natural-looking blow dry and sprayed a light mist of Lisa Chiccine Hold Weightless Satin Hairspray all over her hair. I used Hold because it’s fast drying, flexible and gives an anti-static hold. It’s great for long hair that needs to move. Finally, I sectioned the hair and made random waves with a medium curling iron. To finish, I used a drop of Lisa Chiccine Shine, a great anti-frizz serum by Lisa Chiccine that doesn’t weight hair down. It also has sun filters to help prevent sun damage.

Lisa Chiccine products used to achieve Megan Fox’s red carpet hairstyle:
Lisa Chiccine Thickening Volume Foam a powerful mousse loaded with botanical extracts and certified organic ingredients, for exceptional lift and volume. (7 oz. / $26.00)

Lisa Chiccine Hold Weightless Satin Hairspray, for natural-looking, flexible, anti-static hold with no residue or build-up. (10 oz / $26.00)

Check out these and other great products at

Lisa Chiccine Shine, for brilliant shine and a protective, frizz-free finish. (2 oz / $38.00)