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Hair Care for less!

I was recently sent a big box full of Suave products, which I’ve always loved in the past.  The box was full of products for me, my husband and my two boys!  I’ll be reviewing the products over the next couple days, there’s too many to do in one day!  First of all, I’ll review my favorite, the new Vibrant Shine line from Suave!


Restores shine and luster to dull hair for bright, shimmering strands.

  • Moisturizing formula restores shine as well as Sebastian Laminates Shampoo
  • Formulated with silk amino acids to remove build-up and reveal hair’s natural shine

$1.92 – $2.49 at your local drugstore!


Replenishes moisture to dry hair to restore luminescent shine and leave hair gloriously silky.

  • Moisturizing formula restores shine as well as Sebastian Laminates Conditioner
  • Silk amino acids and vitamin E restore hair to a healthy, vibrant state

$1.92 – $2.49 at your local drugstore!

Banish bad hair days!

bottles.jpgI love the look of my hair blown out and straightened but in reality as a stay at home mom I don’t have much time. I am usually just lucky to get through a shower alone now that my 3yr old has figured out how to pick the bathroom lock. I have used hundreds of different products to make my naturally curly hair look styled and not like I gave up on myself. A lot of products work for a while but over the day my hair gets bigger and bigger or dries out. I have finally found something that leaves my hair looking as great at the end of the day as it did at the start.

Hair Play’s Set is great for a blowout my hair stays super moisturized and it helps keep it from getting frizzy as the day wears on. My favorite way to use Set is right out of the shower on towel dried hair, just a few pumps of foam and I am able to work it through all my hair. After its worked in I just twist sections of my hair and then leave it as it dries and unrolls you are left with soft supple curls that last until your next shower. Best of all it keep my hair from frizzing and the conditioning agents keep it from drying out.

UPDATE : I’ve been using SET for a few weeks now and I am truly amazed by the difference. I have long curly hair that tends to get very dry and tangled. Within a few weeks of using SET my whole hair texture has changed it’s now smoother and softer and my curls hold without frizzing or drying. One of the best things about SET is I can now comb right through my hair when I get out of the shower, prior to using SET it would take me forever to get all the knots and tangles out of my hair. The more I use SET the more I love it! If you haven’t ordered it yet don’t wait any longer!

“SET” Great for Setting, Twisting, Blow-drying and Natural Hairstyles

Do you desire freedom from impossible hair? Are your hair products giving you less than the performance that you desire? Have you wondered how celebrity hairstyles look so perfect? Do you need new products that will leave you with healthy hair, vibrant and manageable? Are you looking for a product that caters to natural hairstyles as well as hairstyles to make you look sexy and sheik? “SET” is your answer. With “SET,” a detangling, leave-in conditioner, you will enjoy more control with your natural texture or you can blow dry your hair leaving it silky smooth. With “SET” your hair will have a healthy natural shine without being weighed down. “SET” is hair styling and hair care combined with the light scent of an ocean breeze.

“SET” provides flexible hold for styling all hair textures. It is easy to foam and shares essential properties of both mousse and gel for healthy hair. It can be used as a leave-in detangler/defrizzer conditioner to control natural curly styles. “SET” is a thermal protectant for naturally shiny blow-outs.

“SET” is setting lotion. Redefined.
All textures, all styling needs, one product.

If you want healthy hair that always looks ultra sexy, is very manageable and low-maintenance than use “SET.”

$19.50 Hair Play Set

Viewer Review: Frizz-Ease: Thermal Protection


Thanks to Candy from Dallas, TX for the review:

Tell us about it!: For those of us who have less than perfectly straight hair and are slaves to our flat iron, this product is for you! After stepping out of the shower and toweling my hair, one pump of this product spread through out my hair makes all the difference in the world. Even on those mornings when I forget or run out of conditioner, this product alone makes my hair silky smooth and shiny. My hair is much healthier, fewer split ends, and never gets tangled or out of control with this product. Its the best 8 bucks you’ll spend at the drugstore on your hair!

Frizz-Ease Thermal Protection Hair Serum

Frizz-Ease Thermal Protection Hair Serum instantly shields all hair types against the damaging effects of heat-styling UV exposure that lead to frizz. Infused with a Thermal Shield Complex, this defensive formula safeguards strands with a layer of protective gloss; buffers hair against styling stress to effectively prevent breakage & split ends. Minimizes color fading. Leaves hair smooth & silky with vibrant shine whether you style straight or curly.

Product Benefits:

* Protects against damage and color fading caused by heat-styling & UV exposure
* Daily use smoothes, shines & prolongs color
* Defends against damage & frizz
* Style straight or curly


Use after shampooing and conditioning on wet or towel-dried hair. Can also be used on dry hair to smooth, shine and protect. Use sparingly by dispensing a dime-size amount of serum into palms. Rub hands together and distribute evenly throughout hair. Use more or less depending on hair length and thickness. Style as desired.

$8.99 Frizz-Ease: Thermal Protection (or at your local drugstore)

Guy Riggio- The hot new hair trends for Fall!



THINK: Give your hairstyle a fall makeover.

WHAT THEY ARE: Tips and tricks for fall from renowned stylist Guy Riggio. Change your hair with the season with expert advice from one of the foremost stylists at the Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in Los Angeles. “This fall is about extreme high fashion and looking polished, sharp and luxurious,” says Riggio. “This includes your best accessory—your hair.”

Riggio predicts the trends that will be taking the runways by storm this season:


The Low Ponytail—“Those girls who know they look great with their hair pulled back should definitely rock this look for fall,” says Riggio. “Before you gather your hair and pull it all back, section out a piece of hair at the nape of the neck. After you pull your hair away from your face, brush it with a Mason Pearson brush—every woman should invest in one. This will ensure that the hair visually moves backwards and remains uniform. Tack slicked hair into place with light hairspray to prevent flyaways. Fasten the ponytail with a clear hair band, then take the hair that’s sectioned out and wrap it around the ponytail, using a bobby pin to fasten.”


Sleek Flat Ironed Hair—“To get this look, start by blow drying using a small amount of your favorite relaxing cream,” Riggio recommends. “If hair is too stubborn to go straight, use a brush that is part plastic and part boar bristle. A ceramic flat iron is the best choice for straightening, as it’s very forgiving on the hair. After ironing, use a light application of your favorite glossing drops as a finishing touch.”


Braids—“Braids are going to make a comeback this year,” Riggio predicts. “But don’t envision Little Bo Peep—these braided up-dos are chic and bohemian all in one. The great thing about braids is that most girls can do them on their own. I recommend making random mid-thickness braids in the back of your head and a few from the side, leaving the front pieces straight. Then twist and wrap the braids around one another in a bun, making sure you intertwine the straighter pieces from the front and sides in with the braids. Secure the bun with bobby pins and remember to leave the style a little messy.”


Full Hair—“Bouncing, full, sexy hair is a great look for women who have wavy hair and don’t normally wear it down or flat iron it,” explains Riggio. “There are many ways to achieve this look—use a brush and blow dry, or use a large barreled curling iron. Even though roller sets can be a little time consuming, they do wonders for achieving this luscious look.”

WHERE TO FIND IT: Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in Los Angeles, 8440 Melrose Place, Los Angeles, 323.653.4040