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Love it!

I feel like I change shampoos and conditioners almost monthly. I have somewhat long and really thick hair so it usually takes a sizable amount of shampoo and conditioner to cover all my hair. On top of that I am kind of a shower junkie and a lot of days I take two or more showers and I wash my hair twice (I know it dries it out I just can’t stop).

My most recent purchase was  Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship products for long hair. I decided to try it since some of my recent finds left my hair weighed down and over conditioned after a week or two of use. I have now been using Long Term Relationship for about a week and it is perfect for my hair. It helps detangle it enough so I don’t have to fight to comb my hair but it doesn’t over condition it to the point of limp.

It smells great with the raspberry scent and under $4 a bottle you can’t go wrong. Right now Herbal Essences is even running a promotion for a free manicure or pedicure with every two bottles you purchase. How can you refuse a little pampering on top of great hair? For more on there current promotion you can check out the info here.


Grow your hair as long as you want*!

With a fusion of red raspberry & satin our love grows longer.  I’ll help your hair live a long, healthy life.  Long story short, I’ll strengthen your hair against split ends and breakage.  So, get lost in your length with my velvety fusion with red raspberry & satin.  It lavishes every inch of your hair, protecting against damage and leaving it so luscious, you’ll love it up & down, all around town.

$3.99 Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship (or at your local drugstore)

Weird & Wacky Hair Tips!


Here are some weird hair tips – People Magazine swears actually works!

  1. Texturize with Ivory soap: Lather and run your fingers through the ends for instant pieceiness, says Babaii.
  2. Shampoo with Palmolive: “It will soften red or brunette hair color that has gone too bright or dark,” says O’Connor.
  3. Blot away grease: “Pat blotting papers on roots to soak up the oil,” says Babaii.
  4. Tame with Chapstick: “I put a little in my palm and smooth it over baby hairs,” says McMillan.
  5. Spray deodorant to create volume: “You get a massive amount of lift” if you spritz natural deodorant on the roots, says Babaii. 

That picture has nothing to do with anything…but I typed “frizzy hair” in Google, and this lovely family popped up.  I think it’s great! :)

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Another great curl defining gel!


I found another great product for curly hair last week, Strictly Curls by Marc Anthony. It helps define my curls and keep them in place all day, it also really helped keep the frizz at bay. On top of working great it smells like Lemon Meringue so yummy!

Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Defining Lotion

* True professional.
* Best seller.
* Eliminates frizz and repels humidity to lock in individual soft, shiny curls.
* Protects color.
* Salon perfected by World Champion Hair Stylist Marc Anthony with his trademark Moisture Gloss formula.
o Wraps silk proteins and Vitamin E around each curl
o Delivers heat protection and shine
* Alcohol free.
* No animal testing.

$7.99 Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Defining Lotion

Finally a product for curly hair that is worth my adoration!


Besides my love for Fekkai Glossing cream I am always trying new products to help add a little life to my curly hair and prevent frizz. I’ve had a hard time finding something that doesn’t dry out my hair or just leave it limp and weighed down. While browsing my local Ulta store last week I decided to grab a few new curl enhancing products and I was lucky enough to stumble on Nexxus Curl Energee.

I love that Curl Energee is a spray it helps disperse it evenly without using too much product and it really helps my curls maintain there shape throughout the day. It is great at reviving curls as well at the end of the day you can spritz a little on your dry hair and scrunch and your curls are energized and ready to go again for a night out.

Nexxus Curl Energée

curl enhancing styler

Whether you have ringlets, corkscrews, coils, or waves, this leave-in conditioning styler will help get them their most gorgeous.


Snarls and tangles are controlled thanks to a formula which helps to reduce frizz while adding greater definition and form to even the most unruly of curls. In addition, it contains Chamomile and special Smoothing Ingredients. Hair’s strength, resilience, and healthy look are all enhanced as the nurturing cocktail in CURL ENERGÉE works its magic.

$11.65 Nexxus Curl Energee