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NEW KIEHL’S FOR CURLS: Introducing “Weightless” Curl-Defining Spray‏


All the ladies out there with naturally curly hair like me know how hard it is to fight frizz without weighing down the curls. Kiehl’s has a great new Weightless Curl-Defining Spray that not only defines and hydrates your curls but it’s also packed with nutrients to improve the overall look of your hair. I can’t wait to try this!!!

Kiehl’s introduces “Weightless” Curl-Defining Spray

To add to the daily repertoire of our beloved curl-conscious customers world-wide, Kiehl’s Since 1851 is proud to introduce an advanced styling technology to the Stylist Series™ Collection, “Weightless” Curl-Defining Spray. Utilizing a unique combination of natural ingredients, our curl-defining gel-spray strengthens and fortifies hair while providing lightweight, long-lasting definition and hold that revives curls and waves for a soft and voluminous effect.

“Weightless” Curl-Defining Spray addresses the growing customer desire for styling products that offer health benefits to hair in addition to optimal styling benefits. Our non-greasy formulation allows for extended control over unwanted fly-aways and frizz, while imparting natural curls with a healthy-looking shine. Formulated with Kiehl’s nurturing ingredients of Sesame Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Soybean Oil, Silk Powders, and Vitamin E, the formula provides the correct dosage of nutrients to make hair less susceptible to the dryness that curly-haired customers often experience.

Curly hair, by its nature, tends to be drier and more brittle than straight hair, largely because necessary oils secreted from the sebaceous glands travel more easily down the shaft of straight hair, providing natural moisturization to the entire shaft. The lack of natural oil disbursement in curly hair can result in dry, frizzy and fly-away hair that is difficult to manage and control.

Key Ingredients: Sesame Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Soybean Oil, Silk Powders, Vitamin E.

Key Formula Attributes:

• Boosts shine, body, and curl definition

• Promotes bounce and life to curly and wavy hair

• Provides extended frizz control

• Strengthens and fortifies hair

• Leaves hair soft and smooth

$17.50 Kiehl’s Weightless Curl-Defining Spray

New Tresemme 24 Hour Body Collection


 I have naturally thick hair so I worried that using the Tresemme 24hr body foaming mousse would make me look like a lion. After giving it a few test runs though I love it, instead of my hair doing its usual chia pet frizz look as the day progressed I had the same great even volume throughout the day! My hair stayed smooth and soft the whole day, it works great when I style my hair with hot rollers the curls look perfect and stay intact and smooth all day .


Tresemme 24 hour body foaming mousse
Lightweight, maximum hold mousse that will pump up your hair’s volume to incredibly new heights.

Volume Control Complex builds body that will outlast even your longest day.
This product gives your hair a light, fluffy texture and weightless volume that never feels sticky or stiff.
The foaming formula works in tandem with your heat styling tools to maintain optimal body and bounce.

$4.49 Tresemme 24 Hour Body Foaming Maximum Hold Hair Mousse


This is a great root boosting spray! My hair is naturally thick and it tends to look really full on the bottom but the weight of my hair flattens the top leaving me frustrated. I have tried a few root boosters in the past but ended up tossing them because they either left my hair sticky or just didn’t work.

Tresemme’s new 24hr root boosting spray was easy to work through my hair without being sticky and it smells great. My roots had body all day and it really helped the weigh down problem I have with my hair.

Tresseme 24 hour body root boost
A weightless styling spray that builds awe-inspiring body and bounce to give your hair (and your day!) a little lift.

This product with Volume Control Complex fortifies your roots with volume that will last for as long as your day (and night) goes on.
Thickens up your hair to provide the perfect base for gorgeous body.

It’s ultra-light and won’t weigh down your hair or let it fall limp throughout the day.

Zap flat roots without washing your hair by blasting them with 24 Hour Root Boost and then blow-drying.

$4.49 Tresseme 24 hour body root boost

My review Smooth N’ Shine!


First off, like all the Smooth N’ Shine products I tried this smells amazing. It has a faint coconut smell that is just enough to leave a nice scent without overpowering. I have been using this for a few days and I can see a difference in my hair the frizz has been a lot better especially when I heat style it.

Smooth N Shine Nourishing Balm 5.5 oz. Jar

Therapeutic Formula Promotes Stronger and Healthier Looking Hair
* Contains Lipo-peptides, Coconut Oil and Wheat Protein
* Safe for Chemically Treated Hair

Price: $5.29


Simply a great leave in conditioner my ends dry out really easy and they have really improved since since I started using this after washing my hair. My overall hair is much softer and easier to comb and the ends look and feel great.

I also use it on my daughter’s hair before bed it helps keep her hair from getting crazy bed head and makes mornings that much easier.

Smooth N Shine Therapy Conditioner Leave-In 7 oz.

* Contains Lipo-peptides, Coconut Oil and Wheat Protein
* Protects Hair from Heat Styling and UV Damage
* Leaves Hair Soft, Strong and Healthy
* Safe for Chemically Treated Hair

Price: $5.29

Protected: 10 minutes to radiant, shiny hair!

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