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When the weather turns warmer, women get blonder. Yet while we love the way we look with lighter, blonder locks, we definitely don’t love the havoc that bleaching wrecks on our fragile follicles!

Do you know that bleaching can not only cause:

  • an over-processed look
  • change in hair texture from lustrous to limp, lifeless, and frizzy
  • damage to the hair cuticle from the outside, in—leading to MAJOR breakage

Ryan Nickulas of the Ryan Darius Salon in NYC’s West Village recommends Goldwell’s Topchic Highlift Blondes Color Treatment for clients who want to go boldly lighter, yet much more gently.

Ryan favors this treatment because:

  • It lifts and tones on one step, instead of two, making the process much more gentle because you don’t need to strip out all the natural pigment to add color

Ryan advises that it is best to lighten:

  • If you have gone dark for fall and winter, this color treatment is the best way to lighten locks for spring/summer
    For hair that is already light, it gives your hair a rest from harsh and damaging highlights, yet still provides the beautiful blonde shade that you adore

Go here for more info!

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Hot Hair of the Week: Bella Swan from “Twilight”‏


Hmmm…Bella’s headband looks suspiciously like Goody’s StayPut™ Hold Tight. Stay Tight. Headband! You too can create Bella’s look from the hit movie AND keep your hair in place, thanks to Goody’s innovative StayPut™ technology!

The patent-pending technology incorporates an innovative tread design that prevents Goody StayPut™ from slipping or rolling. Despite its amazing hold, Goody StayPut™ is still easy to remove without pulling out or damaging your hair. Additionally, through competitive testing, Goody StayPut™ headbands had 39% more holding power over traditional headbands!

** And don’t forget about Goody’s line of Ouchless® brushes and combs to get your hair movie star ready before putting on your headband! **


Goody® StayPut™ Hold Tight. Stay Tight. Headband – $5.99 (at your local drugstore)


What I love right now.


I am loving Aveda Brilliant Damage Control spray right now, not only does this smell amazing but it helps detangle my hair and protect during combing and styling. I have noticed a big improvement in flyaways and my ends are much smoother even when I use hot tools to style my hair.

Aveda Brilliant Damage Control

The foundation for any hair style, use this spray as a pre-styling tool to protect your hair from the hazards of combing, heat styling, and sun damage.

• For all hair types
• Protects against thermal damage
• Reduces breakage from combing
• Helps protect against UV damage

$6.00-$15.00 Aveda Brilliant Damage Control

Got 2b CrazySleek


My natural curl is almost impossible to remove completely by myself even with a flat iron. I have tried and tried to recreate that perfect salon blowout but I always still find clumps of curls. At the store this weekend I was looking for a new and low cost product that would help smooth my hair and decided to try Got 2b CrazySleek.

After washing my hair I worked the lotion through to the ends and got to work blow drying and flat ironing. I am really impressed by how well my hair straightened no clumps of curls to be found. On top of getting my hair being really straight my hair also remained soft enough for me to run my fingers through without any tell tale flat iron dry out. I loved this product and with a coupon at Fred Meyer it was only $3.99!  Can’t wait to try more from the Got 2b line.

Got2b crazysleek

4:  heat-activated straightening

  • smooth
  • protect
  • hold

Works with the heat of your blow dryer and flat iron to deliver
long-lasting, smooth hair that resists curling.  Provides thermal

$5.99 Got 2b CrazySleek