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Jocelyn’s Christmas Must-Have, Number 10!



This was one of my favorite hair products from 2009. Icon AIRSHINE Brilliant Shine Spray is absolutely AMAZING. It makes my hair shine and brilliant! It doesn’t weigh my hair down, doesn’t make it greasy in the least. It tames my frizzies beautifully – I am in LOVE with this stuff! This product would be perfect for Christmas! It is awesome!

Icon AIRSHINE Brilliant Shine Spray promotes surface gloss. AirShine blasts dry air for incredible surface shine while shielding style from environmental damage. Rich complex of ingredients contains vitamins for care, protection and brilliance.

I.C.O.N. has one of the most unique philosophies in the beauty industry. They seek to create a feeling rather than just a look and embrace the concept of touch. I.C.O.N. products represent the best in beauty and are packed with powerful ingredients inside high-quality formulas. I.C.O.N. is changing the way you look and the way you look at beauty.

$19.50 – BUY IT HERE!

Get Gorgeous, Healthy Hair!


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Paris Hilton launches her own beauty line, which includes an imitation of the InStyler!


On Tuesday night, Paris Hilton turned the rooftop of the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills pink for the launch of her new line of beauty products. She looked like a life size Barbie doll in a hot pink Alice + Olivia strapless, flipped out blond locks and a Ken doll named Doug Reinhardt by her side.

Unlike most Hollywood events, this guest list was kept to Paris’ friends and family. The only other celebrities in attendance were Hilton family members. Nicky Hilton looked just as pretty as her sis, but in a more edgier style with a structured shoulder blazer worn over a black and white stripe dress and towering patent pumps. But her nails fit right in with the pink theme of the night.

Mom Kathy sported hot red peep-toes and a frizz-free ‘do thanks to her daughter new hair styling tool. Click the gallery below to see who else was at the event–and to get a look inside the gift bags lucky guests got to take home, which included the the new Celebrity Styler and Ultimate Brush, as well as Paris’ Dream Catcher Funky Color ClipIn-Go extensions and a signed photo of the hostess, herself.

The Celebrity Styler is a complete rip-off of my favorite styler, the InStyler. I’m not sure how Paris and co. get away with such a blatant rip off, so you should ban Paris! The InStyler rocks!

Check out Paris’ beauty website here

Paris’ Instyler Celebrity Styler:

The original Instyler:


Introducing an anti-aging product for your hair!


Icon A Soothing Serum – Keep hair ageless with a soothing serum. Liquid anti-oxidant vitamin formula that protects the cuticle and returns hair to a youthful appearance using the ACE of vitamins. Highly concentrated formula can be used on wet or dry hair to strengthen, hydrate and add youthful shine. Scrunch into dry curls or smooth over blow dries for added vibrancy and brilliant finish. Combats free radicals to neutralize and destroy damage. Protects hair from environmental damage.

Within this ultra-light, liquid silicone base is a vitamin enriched rejuvenating formula that soothes the cuticle and returns hair to a youthful appearance. The anti-aging vitamin formula works to combat free-radicals and protect the hair from environmental damage. Serum can be used on wet or dry hair to strengthen, hydrate and add youthful shine. Ideal for split end repair and thermal protection.

I’ve had this product for a couple weeks now, and I’ve been able to give it a try. I really like this product – I can really tell the difference. I like that it’s highly concentrated, makes it seem more worth the money (since it comes in a small bottle). I can tell this will last a while, and I appreciate that! Our hair definitely ages with the rest of our body, and could use a little “me” time!

$26.50 – BUY IT HERE!


Planet Beauty is a retail chain of beauty boutiques throughout California providing a unique selection of skincare and hair care products as well as salon services to meet every beauty need, while ensuring excellent customer service through product knowledge and hands on training for all its dedicated employees. Since the first store opened in 1992, Planet Beauty boutiques have drawn a cult following of gorgeously groomed shoppers as well as numerous celebrities including Hilary Duff, Megan Fox, Mena Suvari, Miley Cyrus, Steve Carell and more.” Make Her Up LOVES Planet Beauty, and loves shopping on their website. If you haven’t checked them out yet, now’s the time!