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The PERFECT headband for Valentines Day‏


Okay, I think this is totally cute, not gonna lie!

Whether your celebrating your current love or inviting new love in, this Bando headband (for sale at, $34.99) will send a clear message!

If you love hearts as much as we do, then you shouldn’t go without this headband! Featuring a giant red sequin heart it sits atop a thin black satin headband.

Tra Tutti is a Couture with a Conscience: they donate 5-20% of every sale to charity.

Go here to order!

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All the tools you need for His N’ Hers hairstyles with Got 2b

I recently received some great men’s and women’s Got 2b products to try out and I wanted to tell you about some of my favorites. I love how well the Got 2b products worked on my families hair and the fact they are very affordable.

Check out the whole line at your local drugstore or grocery chain or if your an online shopper check out for their buy one get on 50% off special on Got 2b.


My husband and son love this stuff, my son calls it the foghorn he loves the nozzle and thinks its fun which helps me get his hair done.  Just spray it on and then work the hair however you want it styled and it will stick! I have a hard time styling my sons hair and getting the spikey look right but  Got 2b Glued is great because once you spray it on you have a minute to work your look before it sets and it doesn’t leave the hair crunchy looking.

Got 2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray

4: Blasting hold- spike, cement, finish.

Freeze that style into place with got2b blasting Freeze Spray. Spray through hair carelessly for that sexy, messy look or twist tips into spikes for outrageous hold that will last until your next shampoo. Only for stuck up styles and extreme rock hard hair.



If you man has hair that isn’t stick straight try Got 2b’s Magnetik. It smells delicious which doesn’t hurt but it also works wonders on soft wavy or messy hairstyles. It leaves just the right amount of hold but his hair will be soft and touchable.

Got 2b Magnetik Styling Cream

4: guys who want definition, non-stiff hold, game

* With pheromones

b Warned: This is not your ordinary styling cream.

got2b Magnetik Styling Cream contains pheromones ~ a man’s secret edge to make the ladies take notice. This styling cream defines and texturizes with a flexible hold that lasts all day. Without a stiff or crunchy-feeling style, she’ll love running her fingers through your hair!

got2b Creating Good Chemistry



Ok, on to one of my favorites, I am hooked on the Got 2b Smooth Operator hairspray!  I love the sweet scent but even better is how well this hairspray holds. When I heat style my hair I want it to last as long as possible and Smooth Operator makes that possible. Just a few sprays and my hair is not only much more resistant to the elements it helps tame and flyaways that happen when I heat style my hair.

Got 2b Smooth Operator Smoothing Hairspray

4: touchable styles: de-frizz, hold, indulge

Charmed Life Lesson #24
Always indulge when it comes to shoes, chocolate and hair care!

Give your tresses a treat with with got2b smooth operator smoothing hairspray. This indulgent finishing spray smoothies fly-aways and frizzies and keeps your style in place while providing an oh-so-touchable finish that’s full of movement. It’s the luxury you deserve for invisibly seductive style.



A great addition to your haircare routine when you are heat styling, Got 2b Smoothing Lustre Lotion helps protect your tresses from the heat damage. Like all their products Smoothing Lustre Lotion smells super yummy and gets rid of the flat iron smell hair can take on when heat styling. I have also noticed it leaves my hair super shiny, just a tiny bit of products and my frizz is tamed and my hair looks great!

Got 2b Smooth Operator Smoothing Lustre Lotion

4: touchable styles: control, silken splurge

Charmed Life Lesson #18
Know when to skimp and when to splurge — but it’s always more fun to splurge!

Don’t cheat your hair — give it the royal treatment with got2b smooth operator smoothing lustre lotion. This decadent lotion shapes, imparts an amazing weightless lustre and softness. Protects against damage from heat styling and contains a UV protectant.


Love your curls, don’t fight them with Profound Beauty!


I recently was introduced to the Profound Beauty line with some samples from the curly hair line and I am so glad to have found it. My hair is fine, super thick and curly so its easy to end up with a frizzy half curly mop. I am always on the lookout for great styling products to tame my mane and have found some lust worthy products from Profound Beauty. I have listed a few of my favorite products from the Profound Beauty line below that have worked wonders in my hair.


I love this curl cream, its so light but leaves me with well defined curls that are shiny and smooth.

Curl Cream
Reinforces a more natural curl that is clean smooth and glossy.

This moisture-rich cream conditions curls and enhances shape, as it smoothes the hair cuticle for more natural, silky, shiny curls with hint of control.

HOW TO USE: Distribute evenly through towel-dried hair. Finger style curls into desired shape. Squeeze for a tighter curl. Blow dry with diffuser, or air dry.



This is my secret weapon I have found it works amazingly on dried hair. Even if my hair has been tied back I work a little foam through my hair and the curls just pop right back out. This works perfectly for times when I wash my hair before bed and want a really quick hair routine to get out the door. Just a little dollop in my hair and my curls are perfect!

Curl Foam
Enhances curl formation with a clean and bouncy finish.

This light, airy foam improves curl memory and reduces frizz for bouncy, beautiful, perky curls. Curl Foam also creates volume, shine and movement with light hold.

HOW TO USE: Do not shake. Apply freely through towel-dried hair from roots to ends. Move curls into desired shape and squeeze for extra activation. Blow dry with diffuser, or air dry.



I use this every morning with curl cream. I put a little dollop of both in my palm and scrunch them through my hair, I am left with perfectly defined curls without the frizz!

Frizz Zero Mousse
Inhibits the formation of frizz for all hair types.

Eases blow drying while adding control and styling ability. Smoothes down and seals damaged cuticles, leaving a shiny, sleek finish. Hair can be styled alone or in combination with other Profound Beauty styling products.

HOW TO USE: Spread 2-3 pumps evenly through towel-dried hair. Use more for challenged or longer hair. Comb through. Style as desired.



A great leave in since I started using Time-Out Treatment my hair is so much smoother and it has really helped my fight against the frizz. With really fine hair a lot of leave-in’s weigh down my hair but Time-Out Treatment is light enough to condition without weighing down my hair.

Time-Out Treatment
Time-released, leave-in treatment containing micro-encapsulated ingredients that continually penetrate the hair fiber over an extended period of time.

Our exclusive Hydrophobic Complex™ mimics your hairs natural F-Layer, a barrier that lies on top of the cuticle, maintaining the hair’s moisture balance in order to prevent frizz. Color processing permanently removes the F-Layer, compromising the hair’s hydrophobicity and resulting in hair that is more porous and frizz inclined. Hush Time-Out Treatment mimics the F-Layer and restores the hydrophobicity of the hair – smoothing the fiber and allowing it to naturally repel environmental moisture that would normally result in frizz. Instantly detangles, absorbs into the hair and will not weigh hair down.

HOW TO USE: On towel-dried hair apply a precious amount of product to shaft and ends. Comb through to evenly distribute the product. Do not rinse. Use alone or in combination with your regular Profound Beauty products. Styled as desired. May also be used alone, as an overnight treatment.


Check out these great products and more at

Introducing Le Baby..


I was just sent a sample of a great new hair gel designed especially for kids called Le Baby. Created using all natural ingredients its safe for even the most sensitive skin. It works great on my kids hair creating cute hairstyles that aren’t sticky or stiff. I like that the product is all natural and doesn’t irritate their scalp, I can style their hair without worrying what I am putting on their skin.

Le Baby Hair Gel

Tami Dimmerman, creator of Le Baby, searched for a product that would tame and style her daughter Chloe’s fly-away hair without aggravating her eczema or irritating her sensitive skin. She hoped to find a safe, gentle and effective gel without harsh chemicals or potentially harmful ingredients. Unwilling to settle for what was in the marketplace, Tami spent months
experimenting with different all-natural formulas until, through animal-free testing, she found the perfect combination.

Great at home or on the go, l is a must have for every diaper bag. Whether headed to a play date, grandma’s house or birthday party, moms can create fun hairstyles and keep their kids groomed with a product they can feel good about. And while designed with kids in mind, Le Baby Hair Gel works on all hair types and is great for the whole family.


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