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Have you tried Goody headbands recently?

Goody- Back to Basics

To tell you the truth I have an enormous head . While in day to day life its not an issue whenever I try on hats or headbands its anywhere from a painful to a humorous experience. I just read about the new Goody Ouchless Flex Pressure Free Headbands and said prove it. A headband that will fit the masses and me, I would like to see that.

Well prove it they did I was just sent a Goody Ouchless Zig Sag headband to try and it really is painless! The headband is still firm but has give on the sides so it doesn’t squeeze my head. And the tips of the headband are cool little bendable soft rubber pieces so you can adjust tighter or looser to fit your head. I have already worn it a few time and each time I forget its on which rarely happens with my head and headbands. Cute designs, no pain and under $5, genius!

Classic, chic and timeless – the little black dress is always in season. This no-fail option, which can be found in a variety of shapes and styles, can go from work to play any day. But there’s only one “Little Black Headband” and Goody’s® got it!

The Ouchless® Flex Pressure Free Headband features adjustable tips and flexible plastic for a no squeeze fit. Goody thinks it’s about time to stop sacrificing comfort for style – don’t you?

Get great hair without the hurt, only with Goody®!

Classic Comfort

New Stress-Less Designs Coming in Spring 2010!

Zig Zag Design

Skinny Design

2 Strand Design

Goody Ouchless Flex No-Squeeze Headbands ($2.99-$4.99)

(The new Goody Ouchless headbands will be available for purchase in May)

Check them out at your local drugstore or mass retailer.

Splurge vs. Steal: Beautiful Blooms

Energize Your Hair This Season with Goody®!

Along with my ouchless headband I was sent a Goody Havana Global Chic Headband to check out. I have to say its really cute, the flower is a little big to wear with my hair pulled back but with my  hair down, super cute.

I haven’t had much of a chance to wear it, after trying it on and being impressed that it didn’t hurt my head my daughter claimed  it as her own. She has been wearing it for two days straight and thinks it goes perfect with every outfit. Either for yourself or the little girl in your life the Goody Havana Global Chic Headband is an easy and inexpensive way to add a little fun to your look.

Floral headbands are all the rage this spring. For sweet, sophisticated styles at a fabulous price check out the Goody Global Chic Collection! It’s inspired by the flora and faunas of exotic lands around the globe. The Havana Headband adds a splash of color and boho vibe to even the simplest of outfits. Bring out your whimsical side out this season with Goody.

Goody Havana Headband: SRP: $7.00

The Goody Global Chic Collection will be available exclusively at Walmart stores in mid-April 2010.

Straight is Sexy This Spring — Try Profound Beauty!‏

Profound Beauty just sent me some samples of their Linear Serum and Cream to see if I could tame my curly hair. I  really like this line from Profound Beauty, the Linear Serum was a definite standout. With fine hair a lot of straightening serums can weight down my hair and leave it greasy. The Profound Beauty Linear Serum has the power to tame my flyaways and help straighten my hair and its never left feeling or looking greasy.

My favorite thing about these two straightening products, you can use them even on towel dried hair no heat styling required. As much as I love my hair being stick straight I just don’t want to spend that much time with my blow dryer and hot iron everyday . I use a dab of the Linear Cream and Serum and comb through and even with air drying my hair stays straight and no flyaways!

This season get the magnificent mane you’ve always dreamed of! The Profound Beauty Stylist Linear Serum gives a sleek and shiny finish to hair for free flowing style with natural movement. This light weight silky serum restores moisture, imparts intense shine, protects against heat styling and fights frizz. Simply distribute evenly through towel-dried hair and blow dry to perfection.

For thicker more coarse hair, try the Profound Beauty Stylist Linear Cream. It smoothes and softens resistant hair for controlled straight styles that will last all season long!

For a tutorial on how to change your hairstyle depending on the season, occasion or trend check out “The M Files” at

Profound Beauty Stylist Linear Serum ………………… ……. SRP $30.00

Profound Beauty Stylist Linear Cream ……………………….. SRP $28.00

Check out all the great Profound Beauty products here.

Make Her Up Introduces Garnier HerbaShine!

Forget spring cleaning, jump start spring with a whole new shiny look, introducing new Garnier HerbaShine! In just 10 minutes you can go from plain brown to a radiant Copper Mahogany Brown haircolour or dump your bland blonde for a Luminous Light Blonde.

A truly amazing new product from Garnier Haircolour, HerbaShine is a great non-permanent hair-colour that takes just 10 minutes. The ammonia free formula means no harsh chemical smell. And the rich fortifying formula contains natural bamboo extract the results, amazingly shiny hair. With 18 shiny shades to chose from you are sure to find the perfect colour, all the fun of enhancing your natural look without any of the damage!

Go here for more information, tips and tools and to pick the color that’s right for you!

Judge Demands Kelis Pay $5,000 For Weave

Kelis has been ordered to pay $5,000 for a hair weave after allegedly failing to settle a salon bill.

The Milkshake hit-maker is said to have received the hairstyle at a Santa Monica, California salon last May – but faced legal action from her stylist over the alleged outstanding debt.

Legal documents were subsequently filed and the case was sent to trial – but Kelis failed to attend the hearing on Monday, according to

The website reports that the judge entered a default judgment for the R&B singer to pay the full amount.