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Amanda Seyfried in Glamour Russia and InStyle Hair

She’s so gorgeous!

Fergie’s Summer Tour Haircolor Secrets Revealed!‏

Wonder how Fergie’s locks look so rich and fabulous? While on tour, traveling hairstylist, Jason Medina, keeps her haircolor looking Fergalicious with L’Oreal Professionnel Richesse Demi-Permanent Professional Haircolor. While most stars opt to go lighter for the summer, Fergie—ever the trendsetter—opted to go for a rich brunette for her tour this summer.

Medina says Richesse—which contains Ionene G + Incell with Apricot Kernel Oil to reinforce the structure of the hair, Oleo elements to recharge the hairfiber, and Topcoat Polymer to add shine—is key to keeping Fergie’s luscious chocolate locks looking shiny and fresh day after day.

Demi Lovato Debuts New Highlights on Twitter

Lightening up your locks for summer is a time honored tradition, and Demi Lovato is the newest star to do it.

Lovato just posted pics of herself with new chic layers, with strategic golden strands.

“Fixed some highlights + added more,” she posted on her Twitter. “I’ll add pics soon! I have blonde in my hair!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!”

The 17-year-old star of Disney’s Sonny With A Chance changed up the do after sporting a raven-colored mop for quite a while.

Maybe the new haircut will give her a fresh start after her recent breakup with boyfriend, Joe Jonas!

MHU loves her new look! Very cute!


8 New Ways to Rock a Braid from InStyle Magazine!

The Side Braid

WHY IT WORKS “Zoe Saldana’s simple side braid is more casual and day appropriate than a full-on French braid,” says celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel, who works with Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Bullock and Kristen Stewart, among others. “I love the modern piecey ends that keep the look from being too severe.”

EXPERT TIP This version works best if you have long layers. “The pieces slipping down in front are key,” he says. Wave your hair first and start braiding very close to the nape of the neck. “And keep the ends undone—a dab of styling cream will help break them up,” he adds.

The Peekaboo Braid

WHY IT WORKS “The duality in textures is stunning,” Abergel says of Ashley Olsen’s nearly hidden plait. “The key is mimicking the beautiful undone texture in the braid.”

EXPERT TIP Use a combination of beach spray and wax pomade to rough-up your hair, Abergel advises. “Tease and backcomb the section you’re going to braid before you start. That keeps it looking undone, haphazard and not too perfect,” he says.

The Double French Braid

WHY IT WORKS “This is an easy way to class up a braid and give it more of a chic finish,” Abergel says of Jessica Alba’s look. “The swept-back direction of the braiding really opens up her face.”

EXPERT TIP Part the hair in the center and divide into three sections. Twist the middle portion back, leaving the sides out, says Abergel. Then, loosely French braid the two side sections to the nape of the neck before wrapping them into a chignon with the rest of your hair.

The Fishtail Braid

“I love the softness of the sweeping hair across the head,” Abergel says of Diane Kruger’s look. “It’s very elegant because the braid isn’t too tight against her head.”

EXPERT TIP This braid isn’t a French braid—meaning it shouldn’t start at the top of your head. Instead, Abergel suggests you begin braiding just above the ear. (As for the fishtail technique, simply break the ponytail into two ropes, take a skinny section from the left and add to the right, then repeat to the ends of your hair.) Finish by twisting a section of hair around the end and pinning in place. “It will look more authentic and hand-done,” Abergel says.

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