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Davine’s NaturalTech products worth owning!

Davine’s extraordinary NaturalTech Nourishing Shampoo is absolutely amazing. Its creamy texture produces a full-bodied, rich foam, whilst the mixture of gentle surfactants gently washes the hair structure. It makes my hair feel so amazingly soft, so healthy, I’m totally addicted. I love the smell of the shampoo, I love how little it takes for results, I love it all!
How to use:

Apply 20 gr. of product to scalp and damp hair, massaging in gently. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary. Treatment with Nourishing Shampoo can be repeated any time you wish according to scalp and hair needs.

Davine’s Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner is just what this girl needed for her color-treated hair. I have way too much grey (I’m never going to admit how much), so dying my hair once every couple months – is a must. This conditioner really puts life back into my hair. I’ve used it twice now – once a month – and the results are visible. My hair is softer, healthier, and I don’t feel so bad for dying my hair as much as I do. It moisturizes hair in depth making it soft and shiny. It improves compability and helps make the hair structure even.

How to use:

Apply 15gr. to lengths and ends. Leave on for 10 minutes, then comb. Rinse thoroughly. For a deep repair treatment on medium or thick hair, apply Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle after having rinsed Nourishing Restructuring miracle off thoroughly; leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse again and dry. The treatment with Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle can be repeated any time you wish according to hair needs.

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LeAnn Rimes debuts her dramatic new look on Twitter!

LeAnn Rimes, 30, has decided to change things up a bit.

The singer debuted her new bangs on Twitter on Saturday.  While getting her new look, she tweeted, ‘Love my Andy Lacompte! I got banged! Love em! Was time for a fun change.’

Shortly after the new ‘do, she headed to Palm Springs where she was performing a private show. Her husband went along for the ride. ‘Meeting my hubby and the boys there,’ LeAnn wrote on Twitter. ‘Love when I get to have fam around when I’m workin.’

The day before the star had performed at a pre-Grammys party, but she skipped the ceremony itself on Sunday. Here’s her look from the pre-Grammys party.

I don’t think I care for the bangs on LeAnn. In my humble opinion, bangs only look good on a handful of people. She’s definitely not one of them.

Red Carpet Worthy Waves via Unite!

Now that awards season is underway, here’s how you can create your very own “red-carpet” moment, using UNITE Hair:

·         Step One: While hair is damp, spray UNITE 7Seconds Conditioner ($26.25) from roots to ends and comb through.

·         Step Two: Apply a liberal amount of UNITE Blow & Set Lotion ($26.25) and work through from root to ends.

·         Step Three: Use a round brush and blow dry hair to create the initial wave. The blow dryer will activate the hold of the Blow & Set Lotion.

·         Step Four: Once hair is dry, section off the hair framing your face and create pin curls, securing with a hair clip.

·         Step Five: Using small sections, clamp a curling iron midway down the hair shaft. Roll up towards the roots. Slightly release the clamp of the iron while continuing to curl down towards the ends.

·         Step Six: After hair has been curled, release the pin curls and sprinkle a light amount of UNITE Expanda Dust ($26.25) throughout to maximize the volume. Shake hair out slightly to evenly distribute.

All UNITE Hair products can be found on

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Are you blow-drying your hair wrong?

Are you blow-drying your hair wrong? I never really thought I was, until I read these 6 biggest blow-drying mistakes!

There are a few critical factors at play. As easy as it is to go in with hair dryers blazing, you could be over-drying your hair. Or perhaps you’re using the wrong brush — not to mention holding it incorrectly. During a recent visit to Sally Hershberger’s downtown salon, we stopped stylist Teddi Cranford mid-blowout and got her best drying advice. What started out as a round of sincere questions, like “Why does my hair look flat one minute, then frizzy and wavy an hour later?” resulted in some pretty solid takeaway tips. Turns out we’ve been doing a few things wrong, and, perhaps, so have you. (It’s okay, we love you anyway.) Here’s what we learned:

Brush type: “The biggest mistake is using metal brushes,” says Cranford. The metal varieties heat up way too fast, making hair way too hot. Look for a round brush with with a mix of nylon and boar bristles.

Heat and air settings: With curly hair, it’s better to not blast the hairline with high heat and a high air setting,” notes Cranford. “Use low heat and low air to brush the kinks out of your hairline. Otherwise, you can over-dry your hair making it harder to work with and, ultimately, get the shape and movement you want.”

Holding the dryer in place: It would seem that pointing the dryer at your hair and, you know, just holding it there for a while would make it dry faster. Yeah, don’t do that. “Constantly be moving,” says Cranford. “You can’t just set the blowdryer on the hair, [or] you’re going to fry your hair off.”

The angle you hold the dryer and brush: “A good tip for at home is to make sure your brush is vertical and your blowdryer horizontal, as opposed to the other way around,” says Cranford. “This way you’re going to get more of a modern wave, instead of blowing everything under. A lot of woman do that. They blow forward, you should be blowing back. It’s the same with a curling iron, you want to keep it vertical and wrap hair horizontally — you’re going to create a better wave that way.”

Sectioning off hair: Ok. You’re probably thinking “I already do this.” But you might not be doing it correctly — especially if you’re plagued with the dreaded, wonky-in-the-back business (which, we feel, is the worst). “Section out a mohawk on top, then blow-dry the front and work your way to the back,” says Cranford.

Creating tension: “One of the most important steps is drying taut sections of hair (but don’t over-pull or yank). “This is essential for getting hair to dry smoothly, especially if you have cowlicks,” says Cranford. As far as how many times you pass over each section, Cranford says she’ll go over the hair 10 times if she needs to. Though she stresses, “I really making sure I’m getting the root and creating tension with the brush.”


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