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FIRST LOOK! Lea Michele for L’Oreal!

L’Oreal has just released their first image of Lea Michele as their new brand ambassador!

The Glee actress, 26, is making $1 million as the face of L’Oreal.

Miss Michele, who dates co-star Cory Monteith, said that she was thrilled to front the beauty giant, as she has long been fascinated by make-up.

‘Growing up on stage, I was introduced to makeup at a young age and I will never forget the first time I tried on a L’Oréal Paris iconic lipstick,’ she said in a statement.

‘It was instant glamour and I’ve been hooked ever since!’

She added that the brand’s famous slogan is one that resonates with her.

‘It wasn’t until I was a bit older that I fully understood the brand’s message of a woman’s worth, which I wholeheartedly agree with.’

The $1million contract will see Miss Michele follow in the footsteps of actresses including Eva Longoria, Rachel Weisz and Andie MacDowell.

Can’t wait to see the rest of the campaign!


Courteney Cox is the new face of Pantene!

Courteney Cox is lending her famously gorgeous hair to Pantene as their new spokeswoman! The popular hair company will unveil Courteney’s new campaign for its new Pantene Expert Collection in November. According to WWD, the two new lines are targeted at aging hair and extreme hair damage using new technologies to thicken and revitalize hair. “I’ve always been a fan of Pantene,” she said. “I was not expecting how my hair was changing as I got older. [It] was starting to get dry, brittle, and thinner.”

We’ll show you the campaign as soon as we get our hands on it!

Lady Gaga shaves the back of her head – WTH?

“I did it for u Terry. I’m sorry about ure mommy. She has princess die, but were all princess high,” Lady Gaga wrote, alongside this picture of her bizarre new haircut. What the heck is that!? It’s beyond ugly!

Richardson — famous shutterbug of the stars — announced his mother’s death Wednesday on his blog.

“R.I.P. Annie Lomax, My Mom 1938 – 2012,” he wrote, after posting several photographs of his mother in the ICU, as well as a bouquet of flowers and a note that read, “I Love You Mom, Get Some Rest And Feel Better.”

Other photos on Richardson’s blog reveal his closeness with Gaga — snapshots of the pair riding Soul Cycle bikes, goofing around backstage or cozying up in a hotel room after one of her concerts.

While never romantically linked, Richardson has snapped so many pictures of the singer he published a book of them in 2011, “Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson.”

Richardson is known for his work in fashion photography, and has often garnered criticism for his hands-on way of depicting subjects in overtly sexual manners.

Gaga’s tweet about Richardson’s mother also referenced her latest song, “Princess Die,” about the late Princess Diana of Whales.
“She has princess die, but were all princess high,” Gaga wrote.

“But we still have glamour in the front. ARTPOP,” she wrote as she posted a picture of the front of her new, ugly, haircut.

Oh Lord.


Lena Dunham chops off all her hair!

Lena Dunham has a new hairdo!

The ‘Girls’ star debuted the new pixie cut on Saturday afternoon, via Twitter. “I Miley’d the sh*t out of this Saturday,” the actress wrote.

In addition to her bold new look, Dunham’s also got a brand new beau. As Us Weekly first reported last week, the Tiny Furniture actress, 26, is currently dating fun.’s Jack Antonoff.

“They’re trying to keep it a secret,” explains a pal close to the star. Their jam-packed schedules can make it difficult to squeeze in quality time, but, a source says, “They have a good time when they can get together!”

I actually really like this cut on her. I think it looks really good on her, suits her!

PS: Do you guys watch ‘Girls’? OMG it’s soooooooooo good, can’t stand it! Can’t wait for it to come back! The first season was awesome!

PPS: My husband totally has a crush on her.

PPS: I doubt he’d still have a crush on her, if he sees her stying herself like Bieber.