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NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: MHU is loving AGAVE Healing Oil!

Make Her Up is happy to introduce you guys to AGAVE Healing Oil!

This new, unique frizz-fighting hair care line includes three products: AGAVE Healing Oil Treatment, AGAVE Smoothing Shampoo, and AGAVE Smoothing Conditioner. The first hair care line formulated with extracts from the Blue Agave plant, noticeably less greasy than traditional nut extracts, AGAVE HEALING OIL, Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner are suitable for all hair types.

The AGAVE lineup includes:

  • AGAVE Healing Oil Treatment (4.0oz; $40): Ideal for all hair types, this non-greasy, lightweight formula smoothes, hydrates, restores and transforms naturally frizzy hair. Agave plant sugars hydrate and help preserve hair color.
  • AGAVE Smoothing Shampoo (8.5oz; SRP $25): Perfect for daily use, this acid balanced and Sulfate-free formula gently removes styling build up and dirt while hydrating, smoothing and nourishing hair.
  • AGAVE Smoothing Conditioner (8.5oz; SRP $25): Paraben-free and pH balanced, this formula tames frizzy hair, restores natural-looking shine and gently detangles and conditions without weighing it down.

I’ve been using the Oil Treatment above for the past couple weeks, and I’ve been LOVING it! I put a couple drops on my hair when I get out of the shower, and I dry like normal. I can absolutely see and feel a difference! My hair feels healthier, and smells amazing! This product is definitely one to try!

Please visit their website, and “Like” Agave on Facebook.

New report reveals men prefer their women with hair down below!

For many years, women have been convinced that men prefer them to wax all of their hair off, for a cleaner, “porn star” look. But a new report has been released, revealing that men actually prefer a natural look.

The poll asked 1,000 men what they preferred, and the big winner was “trimmed and tidy,” not the Brazilian which waxes the hair off completely.

Here are the results:

43% preferred natural – with a “Bermuda Triangle” – trimmed hair, and waxed edges

17% prefer a landing strip

15% prefer a heart shaped “Heart Breaker” (I’ve never heard of such a thing)

13% prefer ‘G Wax’ – a closely trimmed small square of hair

12% of men prefer totally waxed

Nads CEO Sue Ismiel said: “Pubic hair styles are fast becoming just as important as the hair on your head.

“Popular designs for women and it seems men are the landing strip, heart shape and triangle patch indicating some hair is sexier to sport than “the all-off”. But make sure you know what you’re doing as once styling begins there is no turning back.”

How about you – what do you do? Full wax? Trim? Landing strip? Sound off below!


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Katharine McPhee cut her hair off!

Katharine McPhee (above right) has cut her hair off! The ‘Smash’ was spotted with much shorter hair this week. The actress posted this picture above on her Twitter page. She looks amazing!

Is this her way of saying sayonara to Smash?

Amid cancellation rumors, the show’s star Katharine McPhee stepped out with a dramatically different do from the long, glossy curls she wears to play Karen. She’d gone a little shorter last week, but it appears she was ready for a major chop.

McPhee debuted a piece-y chin-length cut with ombré tips and face-framing highlights. Where her old do was very movie-star glamorous, the new look is more “L.A. hipster.”

I love her shorter hair. What do you think of her new ‘do?

Speaking of ‘Smash,’ how many of you watch the show still? I hear it’s being canceled, although nothing official has been announced. It’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too campy for me.


PHOTO: Sofia Vergara goes blonde!

Sofia Vergara has gone blonde! The fiery Colombian who plays Gloria on ABC’s ‘Modern Family,’ is actually a natural blonde, believe it or not. The 40-year-old showed off her lighter locks on Instagram.

“Blond ambitions!! Gracias to the amazing Kelly [Kline],” she captioned the sultry selfie, giving a shoutout to her colorist. “I’m ready for summer!”

Vergara has said in the past that she decided to go brunette when she broke into showbiz. Prior to the dye job, casting directors couldn’t reconcile her looks with her personality and Colombian accent.

“I’m a natural blonde, but when I started acting, I would go to auditions, and they didn’t know where to put me because I was voluptuous and had the accent — but I had blonde hair,” she explained in a 2010 interview with Self magazine. “The moment I dyed my hair dark, it was, ‘Oh, she’s the hot Latin girl.'”

“I loved it,” she said of the change. “Being brunette toned me down a bit.”

What do you think of her lighter hair?