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Need a summer shampoo and conditioner? Try Tresemme Platinum Strength!

Summer is the season for surf, sun, and showing off! Many women are focusing on getting fit for the warmer weather – but time spent in the gym can take a toll on your hair. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice style to break a sweat! TRESemmé Celebrity Stylist John D. has compiled his top tips to help you keep your hair in shape before, during and after your workout:

1. After you exercise, quickly blow-dry your hair to get rid of any excess moisture that may have accumulated during your workout. Apply TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo (available in Volumizing, Smoothing and Color Care varieties), concentrating on the scalp and roots of the hair. Then, shake the hair out using your fingertips to evenly distribute the product. Your hair will be refreshed and ready to go.

2. To avoid the tell tale “dent” that seems impossible to flatten after a workout, try a loose topknot instead of a ponytail. Loosely twist the hair on top of the head, and secure with a few hairpins rather than an elastic. After your workout, release the pins and shake out your hair for a volumized look.

3. To protect your hair from breakage caused by tight elastics and hairpins, try holding the hair back from the face and shoulders with a handkerchief or cloth headband. This will limit breakage and will eliminate dents.

4. If you decide to use a blow dryer, flat iron or other styling tools, be sure to apply TRESemmé Platinum Strength Heat Protect Spray to shield your hair from harmful heat.

5. Next time you do a wash, use TRESemmé Platinum Strength Shampoo & Conditioner, which can repair up to two years of damage and leave your hair healthy, shiny and ready to take on all your summer activities.

I’ve been using this shampoo and conditioner for weeks now, and I’m loving it!! My hair feels so much healthier after using these. Considering all the chlorine and sun my hair is exposed to – that’s saying a lot!

Buy anywhere Tresemme is sold!

REVIEW: Umberto’s Roman Oil Serum!

This exotic elixir works magic on all hair types, mine included….and that’s really saying something. Most Stubborn Hair of the Year Award Goes To: ME!

Roman Oil Serum from Umberto features everything that an oil serum should, and leaves out everything it shouldn’t.

  • Lightweight
  • Moisturizes
  • Conditions Hair
  • Smoothes Coarse Hair
  • Tames Frizz
  • Enhances Shine

I’ve been using this wonderful serum since I went to LA and visited the Umberto Salon in Beverly Hills personally last year (see the pictures from our visit to Umberto Salon here!) Unlike many serums, this sheer formula instantly absorbs into the hair. It doesn’t sit on top – making your hair feel greasy and slimy. Umberto added natural oils from his native Italy that provide amazing conditioning benefits all day long.

Pump one small drop on your palm, and distribute through hair. You won’t be sorry! This product is ridiculous!

You can also find this at Target!

REVIEW: Umberto Dry Clean Dry Shampoo!

Umberto’s Dry Clean Dry Shampoo is a HAIR SAVER I tell you! Swimming season is upon us. Camping. Sun. Chlorine. Salt water. You name it – your hair is in for it this summer! You know what I’ve been doing? Keeping this bottle in my swim bag. After heading out for a day in the sun, it’s nice to spray on some dry shampoo to make your hair feel loved again. Who has time to shampoo their hair everyday? This product is the perfect in-between shampoo, for those hectic summer days!

You know what I love about Umberto? His products are affordable – and you can find them at Target! When you’re looking for a dry-shampoo this summer, pick this one up!

So lightweight – you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing – but it works!

Perfect Summer Hair products from Brazilian Blowout!

For months I’ve been using Acai Brazilian Dry Oil on my hair. Just a couple drops of that, and your hair is soft, healthy, and frizz-free for the day! I was excited to get my hands on a couple more of their products. This time I tried the Instant Volume Body Boost Powder and the Shine & Shield Spray.

I use the Instant Volume Body Boost Powder whenever I’m wearing my hair down. You shake just a small dab of this weightless powder into your hands, and rub it throughout the root areas of your dry hair. Less is definitely more with this stuff. Rub until the color is absorbed – and you’re good to go! It gives you some oomph in your roots – just where you need it!

After my hair is totally styled, I like to spray it with the Shine & Shield spray. It protects the shine in my hair – and keeps me frizz free all day!

Loving these new products! Here is more from Brazilian Blowout!

Instant Volume Body Boost Powder ($28) – This miracle volume powder adds instant volume to the root AND can be used as a dry shampoo to absorb excess sebum! Double Duty!

Shine & Shield Spray ($28) – With UVA/UVB filters, this spray is a beach bag must! Protect hair from annoying, hair-fading rays OR spray on dry hair for added shine.

Acai Protective Thermal Straightening Balm ($28) – Our heat-activated and humidity-resistant formula locks out frizz while straightening waves or curls.

Brazilian Dry Oil ($26) – We tend to over-wash and over-style our hair in the warmer months. Our non-greasy, fast absorbing Dry Oil helps to mend thirsty hair and hydrate crunchy ends. Perfect for all hair types, damp or dry.

Acai Deep Conditioning Masque ($40) – Salt and chlorine water can do a number on your hair! Our intense conditioning treatment infuses the hair with moisture to help reconstruct, strengthen, and smooth each strand. Leave in over night for best results.