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DIY: Ombre Highlights!

I’m turning 36 in a couple weeks. Over the weekend we had some family members over for dinner, and one of these said family members pointed out how grey I am. He said “Wow, I didn’t realize how grey you are!!” Thanks. Thankyouverymuch. I am grey. Like grey, grey. I know I have more grey than any of my peers, but I try to keep it hidden with monthly root touch-ups.

So anyway, on my monthly trip to Sally’s yesterday, I was standing in the dye aisle, and was looking at all the colors – wondering if I should try something different. I mean, it’s practically my birthday, right? Something new? I’m officially closer to 40 than I am to 30. Not depressing at all, right? I need something fresh, something exciting. I didn’t want to make an appointment, and wait weeks to get in, and drop $100+ on highlights. So I thought to myself…… why can’t I try doing it myself?

I asked the Sally’s employee what I should buy, and he picked out all the products I would need to do ombre highlights myself. I came home and watched 100 You Tube videos on the process, and found that everyone pretty much does it differently. So what you’ll see here is my unpolished, unprofessional and mighty easy way to get ombre highlights yourself.

Do you like how I started the post with the AFTER picture, and not the BEFORE picture? For that bad boy – you’re going to have to follow me after the jump… More »

Stop by any of these locations this month and get your sample of Silky Dirt!

Silky Dirt, the amazing Shine & Define Creme by Jonathan, will be available FOR FREE this month! Visit these locations of Duane Reade this month to pick up your sample!

Silky Dirt is perfect for controlling and smoothing your hair. The creme will add definition, texture and amazing shine. It contains Sweet Almond Protein (and smells good enough to eat!), UV Filters and Essential Water.

You rub a TINY amount of this product between your fingers until it emulsifies – and then rub it through your dry hair. You will love the way your hair feels and smells!

Go pick up your free sample today!

Good Hair Day With Jennifer Aniston: Confessions

Hair matters. Just ask any woman who’s cried over a haircut. Or who has a “product graveyard” in her shower. Women are obsessed with hair – and it drives them to do some pretty outrageous things. In a new web series from Living Proof, Jennifer Aniston explores just how far women are willing to go for a good hair day – and why maybe it doesn’t have to be that way.

Today Jennifer Aniston and Living Proof launches The Good Hair Day web series with Aniston consists of three chapters, each released on (and hosted on YouTube). The series features real women talking about their hairalongside Aniston, and Chris McMillan (Aniston’s longtime hairdresser and a stylist for Living Proof).

Here’s another hilarious video.

Submit your hair obsessions, confessions and lessons for a chance to win a chance to meet Jennifer Aniston and get a haircut by Chris McMillan! This also marks the launch of Satin, an oil-free and silicone-free serum that creates the smoothest hair possible with less time and effort than traditional serums. It is currently available exclusively on


I know what I’m getting you for Christmas!

The Air Curler, because you’re worth it!

Believe it or not this gem is an actual product that you can really buy, if you’re dumb enough to believe this choppy commercial. All you have to do is put your straight hair inside the Air Curler – and voila! Curly hair! Except, notice how in every scene where the hair comes out perfectly curled – the commercial has been edited? Of course there are scenes of girls pulling their hair out of the curler, and it LOOKS curled, but it’s obviously just twisted by the wind, and one run of your fingers through the hair would put it all back where it started.

I feel like someone should call the Better Business Bureau. This is horse caca.


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