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How wonderful does “Pure Abundance” for your hair sound?


Aveda’s innovative formula transforms in your hands—from a powder to a light, absorbent lotion—then makes magic in your hair, increasing its diameter and creating an abundance of texture and volume.

• instantly thickens hair by 17%
• relies on natural bulking agents acacia gum and kaolin clay
• creates matte texture
• great for creating a gritty, “second-day hair” look

0.7 oz/20 g – $22.00 BUY IT HERE!

Secret to Reese Witherspoon’s gorgeous hair!


Reese Witherspoon confesses to using Johnson’s Baby Shampoo to gently wash her hair and keep it looking sleek and sexy. She is one young starlet who seems to always look great and her hair is always flawless. At less than $6.00 a bottle its also a great deal.

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