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REVIEW: Umberto Dry Clean Dry Shampoo!

Umberto’s Dry Clean Dry Shampoo is a HAIR SAVER I tell you! Swimming season is upon us. Camping. Sun. Chlorine. Salt water. You name it – your hair is in for it this summer! You know what I’ve been doing? Keeping this bottle in my swim bag. After heading out for a day in the sun, it’s nice to spray on some dry shampoo to make your hair feel loved again. Who has time to shampoo their hair everyday? This product is the perfect in-between shampoo, for those hectic summer days!

You know what I love about Umberto? His products are affordable – and you can find them at Target! When you’re looking for a dry-shampoo this summer, pick this one up!

So lightweight – you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing – but it works!

Perfect Summer Hair products from Brazilian Blowout!

For months I’ve been using Acai Brazilian Dry Oil on my hair. Just a couple drops of that, and your hair is soft, healthy, and frizz-free for the day! I was excited to get my hands on a couple more of their products. This time I tried the Instant Volume Body Boost Powder and the Shine & Shield Spray.

I use the Instant Volume Body Boost Powder whenever I’m wearing my hair down. You shake just a small dab of this weightless powder into your hands, and rub it throughout the root areas of your dry hair. Less is definitely more with this stuff. Rub until the color is absorbed – and you’re good to go! It gives you some oomph in your roots – just where you need it!

After my hair is totally styled, I like to spray it with the Shine & Shield spray. It protects the shine in my hair – and keeps me frizz free all day!

Loving these new products! Here is more from Brazilian Blowout!

Instant Volume Body Boost Powder ($28) – This miracle volume powder adds instant volume to the root AND can be used as a dry shampoo to absorb excess sebum! Double Duty!

Shine & Shield Spray ($28) – With UVA/UVB filters, this spray is a beach bag must! Protect hair from annoying, hair-fading rays OR spray on dry hair for added shine.

Acai Protective Thermal Straightening Balm ($28) – Our heat-activated and humidity-resistant formula locks out frizz while straightening waves or curls.

Brazilian Dry Oil ($26) – We tend to over-wash and over-style our hair in the warmer months. Our non-greasy, fast absorbing Dry Oil helps to mend thirsty hair and hydrate crunchy ends. Perfect for all hair types, damp or dry.

Acai Deep Conditioning Masque ($40) – Salt and chlorine water can do a number on your hair! Our intense conditioning treatment infuses the hair with moisture to help reconstruct, strengthen, and smooth each strand. Leave in over night for best results.


Inexpensive hair oil – that actually works!

There is a new hair care line on the scene!  Natural Essentials ( went to great lengths searching the world to identify a diverse range of ingredients that generate efficacious and beautiful hair care results.


• A weightless blend of exotic oils and extracts designed to strengthen the hair cuticle of normal to dry hair

• Contains Bambou, Avocado and Maracujá

• Provides the ultimate smooth and frizz-free look, resulting in naturally healthy looking hair

• Penetrates quickly to deliver moisture and reduce drying time without weighing hair down

• $9.99 / 1.5 FL. OZ.

Did you catch the price? It’s only $10 for a big 1.5oz bottle! This stuff is going to last me forever! I’ve tried the Dragonfruit & Pitaya combo, and it smells heavenly. It really makes your hair feel smooth and silky, and it smells amazing! Knock out that frizz with just a couple drops! This awesome oil is a weightless blend of exotic oils and extracts which are designed to repair and dry damaged hair!

You’ll love this stuff – and I love it’s so cheap! I hate products that are so expensive you feel guilty buying them. This isn’t one of them! You’ll love it!

You can pick it up at Walgreens!

Introducing John Frieda’s Satin Hair Straightener!

John Frieda has released an awesome new hair straightener! Introducing the Satin Finish Hair Straightener! It has Advanced Ionic technology to reduce frizz and enhance shine.  With 15-second heat up and high heat, you can reach the variety of styles you desire.  It heats up to 455°F, for pinpoint styling.

(Okay, I have to ask…. can you imagine using a straightener at 455 degrees! WOW!)

I have very finnicky hair. We’re talking stubborn. It can’t decide if it’s straight – or curly – and has made me late to parties more times than I can count. I need good tools, like these, to help ease my pain. If I’m curling or straightening my hair, I know I can trust John Frieda’s tools. They have never steered me wrong, and they last a lifetime. I have now this straightener and a couple curling irons (oh, and a rod) and I LOVE THEM. They heat up in a second, and then the results last for hours!

You can buy this tool at Target – or by going here!