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Awesome present, just in time for Mother’s Day!


I love this fragrance ball!  I think it’s so beautiful, and would make a beautiful addition to any room!  It smells amazing, and looks even better. What mother wouldn’t want to receive this on Mother’s Day?

Amber Vanilla Hazelnut Ceramic Fragrance Ball by Chesapeake Bay Candle!

This gourmand fragrance is comprised of essence of cheerful plum and creamy hazelnut, blended with a floral bouquet of cyclamen, heliotrope, and chestnut flower. Luxurious undertones of vanilla and amber give the velvety touch to this delectable scent.

Embossed ceramic fragrance ball is approximately four inches in diameter, and contains a sachet of fragrance beads.

Only $20.00! – BUY IT HERE!

Jay-Z Lines Up Fragrance Deals For Kanye West And Rihanna


Parlux Fragrances Inc. has entered into a licensing agreement with Iconic Fragrances LLC to launch new fragrance lines by Kanye West and Rihanna. Rap mogul Jay-Z is one of the principals of Iconic. The Wall Street Journal reports that in addition to fragrances by West and Rihanna, Parlux is also in negotiations with Jay-Z and a female singer for two other fragrance lines that will launch in the next two years.

Under the new agreement, Iconic will receive royalties and profit sharing as well as options to initially purchase up to four million shares of Parlux at $5 a piece.

Parlux’s Chief Executive Neil J. Katz said, “We believe this proactive investment by Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West is an indication to the market place of the underlying value of Parlux.”

Katz is hoping the new agreement will soon reflect in the company’s stock price which is currently at ninety cents a share. The share price would have to go up considerably before it would make financial sense for Iconic to exercise their options.

Rihanna and Kanye West’s fragrances are scheduled to hit stores by the summer of 2010.


NEW from Estee Lauder, Pleasures, Sandalwood & Amber splash!



A refreshing new way to enjoy some of the liveliest notes of Estée Lauder pleasures-Sandalwood and Amber.

Go ahead, don’t be shy. Splash it on with abandon. The striking 8.1 oz. bottle (8″ tall) is sized for generous use. Or, spray it on all over with the included spray pump.

It’s sheer. Refreshing. Spirited. What are you waiting for? Give yourself a splash of excitement.

It smells amazing! Smells like summer! It’s a great scent for any mother this Mother’s Day!  Love this stuff!

$52.00 - BUY IT HERE!

Avril Lavigne launches her new fragrance, Black Star!


Just because you’re a celebrity does not mean you have to launch a fragrance! Or does it?

Pop’s punky princess Avril Lavigne hit London to launch her first-ever fragrance, Black Star, with P&G Prestige. Hosted at the aptly named Punk in Oxford Circus, the star dished about the creative process behind the pink hibiscus, black plum and dark chocolate scent. “I wanted to make sure the fragrance was really me — me in a bottle,” she said. American fans still have a wait to find out precisely what Avril smells like as Black Star won’t launch in U.S. stores until this fall.

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