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Behind the Scenes at Josh Holloway’s Sexy Cool Water Shoot


Josh Holloway is venturing into modeling again, stepping in front of the camera for the second time for Davidoff Cool Water cologne for the scent’s newest campaign. The ads will feature the 40-year-old star looking tanned, buff, brooding and shirtless with the sea as a backdrop — just like his character Sawyer on Lost.

“I am very honored to represent Davidoff Cool Water again for this new campaign. Cool Water represents power, masculinity and freshness. That’s what the ocean is to me. The power of Cool is back!” says Holloway in a statement. The Hawaii resident and extreme-sports fan continues, “I love Cool Water because it is simple, powerful and timeless. To me, the Cool Water man is not someone who is trying to be cool, he is someone who is comfortable with his masculinity.” The campaign was shot by famed fashion photographer Mikael Jansson on the luscious beaches of Hawaii, with the ads breaking this week.



Another celebrity fragrance – this time from emotionless Taylor Momsen!


While the rest of the world is expressing their concern for the people of Haiti while they struggle to recover from the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands and left many more without food, shelter or medical care, Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen tells OK! that, well… like, she’s just too busy right now to even pretend to care about the situation.

Last night, OK! caught up with the leggy teenager at the Victoria’s Secret store in NYC’s SoHo district, where she was promoting her new fragrance, Love Rocks. And when asked if she’s planning to follow the lead of stars like Wyclef Jean, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who are making high-profile donations and pleas for help, Taylor told OK!, “Um, right now I’m trying to just finish my record and getting through the last season of Gossip Girl for right now. So not so much thinking about that.”

But before you think she’s both clueless and heartless, Taylor added, “But it’s awesome that everyone is ya know working towards a good cause.”



Demi Moore launches a new viral ad campaign for “Wanted”


For more on “Wanted” go here!

Kim Kardashian launches a new fragrance!


Kim Kardashian took to her website to announce the launch of her new fragrance, named after herself.

The fragrance is now officially listed exclusively on Sephora’s website! It is available in two large sizes, perfect for your dresser, a ‘to go’ bottle that fits easily into your purse, and a rollerball! You can’t buy it until Feb, but if you sign up on their website you can get an email alert when it becomes available!

This was one of the most exciting projects I’ve been involved in because I got to be so hands on every step of the process from choosing scents, to designing the bottle and the accent features. You guys even helped me pick the pink bottle accents that really make the black bottle pop!

More exciting news to come surrounding the fragrance launch so stay tuned! :)

I’m not into celebrity fragrances (I won’t ever purchase a celeb fragrance, call me crazy) but if you are – you can go here to pre-order from Sephora!

Kim Kardashian drives me nuts. She is EVERYWHERE right now. Too overexposed, if you ask me!