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Nicki Minaj launches her new fragrance at Macy’s!

Nicki Minaj is the latest celebrity to launch her own fragrance. This week marks the launch of her debut fragrance, Pink Friday.

Sporting a blonde wig, and neon clothes, Nicki looked rather plastic at the New York launch. Doesn’t she? She doesn’t even look real! I don’t know what it is, but she sorta creeps me out, like a walking wax figure.

Pink Friday, a blend of sweet florals, vanilla and musk is packaged in a bottle crafted in the likeness of Nicki, and she couldn’t be happier with the final product.

“I’ve been thinking about [a fragrance] for like, the last two years actually; I knew I was going to call it Pink Friday,” Minaj told MTV News, adding that the final details came together in recent months. “I didn’t know I would have a pink wig on the bottle until I met with the fragrance company and they asked me what I wanted my bottle to look like and I said — is there any way we can put a pink wig on it?”

“They said, ‘You know what? Let’s try,’ ” she explained. “And they came back with sketches and I was floored that they actually nailed it, I couldn’t stop looking at the sketches.”

In addition to the signature pink wig and matching baby pink lipstick, the white and gold bottle also features a custom gold ‘Nicki Minaj’ nameplate necklace for added flare. “When I saw the actual picture and it began coming to life, I was like ‘wow,’ ” Nicki added. “My fans are going to spaz out when they see this.”

Nicki’s Pink Friday fragrance is just her latest foray into the world of cosmetics. Earlier this year, she debuted an off-the-wall nail polish collection for OPI, which included selections like “Did It On ‘Em” (named after her song of the same title from Pink Friday) and she also joined Ricky Martin as a spokesperson for Mac Cosmetics’ Viva Glam campaign.

Minaj’s Pink Friday fragrance is available for purchase at Macy’s.

I’m interested in smelling it, I always am interested in smelling celebrity fragrances…but that’s as far as I’ll go. I don’t buy celebrity fragrances. But apparently a lot of people do!


First look at Nicki Minaj’s new fragrance!

Nicki Minaj Tweeted a photo of her first perfume, Pink Friday (above), which is out at the end of September. According to the star, it smells “like angels playing”

Taylor Swift releases her first print ad for Wonderstruck Enchanted!

Taylor Swift’s 2nd perfume, Wonderstruck Enchanted, is due to be released this September and now we have our first glimpse of her very red ad campaign.

“I love the look of my ad,” Swift told “I’m wearing this amazing gown that I loved as soon as I put it on. It’s a classic look, and that’s been my recent style obsession. Anything classic and timeless.”

Wonderstruck Enchanted will retail for $49.50-$59.50, with body lotion available for $29.


Tom Ford unveils a $500 perfume! See it here!

Tom Ford has unveiled a pricy new fragrance, called Jardin Noir. The 8.4 oz bottle is priced at $495!! The fragrance will come in four individual scents that the 50-year-old designer say represent the unique “darker” and “thrilling” sides of each rose, lily, narcissus and hyacinth.

The designer, who carved a name for himself within the fashion industry when as the creative director of Gucci, said he was after a very different scent his previous perfumes.

Clearly, however, obsessed with the whiff of fresh blooms, past scents have included Black Orchid and Violet Blonde.

Mr Ford, who is also a film director and created the Oscar-winning movie A Single Man starring Colin Firth, told The New York Times: ‘When you showcase their [the flower’s] darker and less innocent aspects, flowers can become so thrilling and beautiful, they could almost ruin you.

‘That was the sensation I was after.’

The four scents are named Cafè Rose, Lys Fume, Jonquille de Nuit, and Ombre de Hyacinth.

The fragrance works out to be about the same price as a T-shirt from the designer’s ready-to-wear collection.

I guess if you have the money to spend on it, then go for it. I’m sure Tom Ford isn’t concerned with people like you and I who would never pay $500 for a bottle of perfume! I am, however, totally interested to smell it. I wonder how much it would cost for a whiff?

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