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What would you wear on a night out to a casino?

draper dress

Any casino that you choose to visit for a night out, whether it is just the one nearest to you in your local area or one of the top ones in a city like London, will have some kind of dress code – particularly at night. However part of the fun of a casino night is dressing up, and there are plenty of different clothing options for women – making the right one to choose dependent on the type of casino you are going to and the type of night that you have planned there.

Unsurprisingly the dress codes at places like The Bellagio in Las Vegas are a great deal stricter than those you will encounter at your local casino, but even if it is just a night out at the latter, most women will want to look good. One option that never fails to achieve this effect is to wear a short black dress, as this indicates that you are out to have a good time, while also looking understated and classy. However if you are going there primarily to play casino games like poker or the slots, rather than to party, perhaps a longer cocktail dress will give off a more serious vibe.

For extra-special visits to places like the Bellagio and other top casinos, most women will want to hit the heights of glamour. This is an opportunity to wear expensive full-length evening gowns, and accessorise with your best jewellery, so you can pretend to be a jet set high roller for the evening. Finally there is the casino party, and many of these have a fancy dress theme, so use this as a guideline. One common theme is old-fashioned gangster, which will mean a tight gown, gaudy gold jewellery, furs, red lipstick and retro 1930s hairstyle, to achieve the full classic Hollywood gangster’s moll look. Then again, should the theme be Jazz Age, a shorter flapper dress, topped off with a feather boa or headband, will be a more fitting outfit. But remember, you can always get a great gaming experience whilst in your pyjamas at home at, so you wouldn’t have to worry about looking the part.

This post provided by Tom Shannon.

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Kristen Stewart goes topless for Balenciaga!


Check out Kristen Stewart’s latest ad for Balenciaga’s Rosabotanica fragrance!

If it doesn’t look all that new to you, it’s probably because it looks a lot like her 2013 ad. I’m a bit bored with the ad, to be honest.

In the photo, Kristen wears a vine of colorful flowers, and that’s about it.

In other Kristen news, the actress has just been announced as the face of Chanel’s Métiers d’Art Paris-Dallas collection. Can’t wait to see those ads!

Victoria Beckham donates a mountain of shoes for Typhoon Haiyan aid!

BZmymKICQAAy8Qe.jpg large
Victoria Beckham is doing her part to help victims of the Phillipines’ Typhoon Haiyan. The fashion designer donated a mountain of shoes to the British Red Cross, in order to raise money to aid the victims.

“Big clear out of my shoes, on sale tomorrow in aid of @BritishRedCross #ShopDrop,” the star Tweeted along with the photo of dozens of pairs of pumps, sandals, stilettos and boots. She included a link to find info about the sale in case you’re looking to pick up a pair or two yourself. You’ll want to be close to London’s Kensington & Chelsea Red Cross shop tomorrow — but if you’re Posh-sized and looking for labels like Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo or Roberto Cavalli, perhaps it would be worth the plane ticket.

And if you needed further proof of just how major this donation is, check out the other photo Beckham tweeted, below, of herself atop the mountain of boxes on its way to the Red Cross. All the money raised from the Beckhams’ clothing will send hygiene parcels and more to victims of the typhoon, proving that their hearts are as big as their shoe collections.

That’s great! How would you like to get your hands on a pair of Victoria’s shoes?


Kelly Osbourne is releasing a clothing line that will include plus sizes!


Kelly Osbourne has been all over New York Fashion Week. She’s making the rounds not only as co-host of E!’s Fashion Police, but also to promote her new clothing line. Kelly says the new line will be plus-sized friendly. What does she mean by that? She has said that all of her clothes will cost the same – whether you’re a size 2 or 24.

Will opening up about her new line, she also humorously opened up about her own chest size, saying it’s getting bigger without explanation! Here’s more from Kelly on her clothing line – and boobs:

1. The clothes will be bigger, yes, but not more expensive. “First thing I want to make very clear: I’m not just doing a plus-size line. I’m doing a line for every girl that goes past a size 10. In my research, I’ve found that the prices go up after size 10 and that really hurts my heart – it’s not fair! So with my line, the size 2 will be the same price as the size 24. Yes, there’s more fabric and yes, it costs more to make, but it will be the same price for every girl that wants to wear it, end of story.”

2. That said, the clothes will be large enough to accommodate her, uh, growing bosom. “I have no idea what’s happening to me – my boobs have grown very large and I don’t know why,” she confesses. “Everyone is like, ‘You’re pregnant, you’re pregnant!’ and I’m like, ‘No! that’s not happening!’ It’s kind of fun, though. It’s nice have them for once.”

3. Crop tops will probably be involved. And her dad Ozzy will probably rock one, too. “I’m always in crop tops. I love them. In fact, the funniest Tweet I’ve ever received was from my father after I posted a pic of myself wearing a crop top. He said, ‘I love that shirt! Can you get me that shirt?’ and I was like ‘No, Dad! It’s a crop top!’”

I think it’s great – her approach to clothing. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with – and I wonder where they’ll sell it? Will it be high end clothing – or clothing normal people like moi can afford?


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