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Fashion Disasters on a night out?

Fashion disasters on a night out

Have you ever had a problem with what you’re wearing on a night out? We’ve all been there! Even if we spend hour after hour choosing the right outfit for a nightclub, dinner at a fancy restaurant or even for a few drinks at the local bar, there’s always a chance that something could go wrong which might wreck our whole evening.


When you go on a night out, no matter what your plans are or where you spend the next few hours, you’ll want to make sure you don’t embarrass yourself in any way. Sadly, there are a few things that could happen which might be beyond our control, but to avoid suffering a fashion disaster, there are a few things you could do:

Choose the right outfit

When you’re ‘glamming up’ for your big night out, make sure you choose the right clothes. Something that’s too long, too small or not comfortable enough can ruin your night, causing just about any embarrassing accident like tripping over after having a few drinks or tearing a hole in your expensive new dress.

Make sure what you wear looks good. Something too bright and garish or frumpy could be disastrous, as you want to make heads turn for the right reason. Think about wearing something stylish and understated, as that will mean you’re less likely to have an unfortunate yet comical accident!

Something a little different…

If you want to make a statement or just dress for fun, you don’t have to restrict yourself to just wearing a cocktail dress or something similar. Why not do something different and consider fancy dress, especially if you’re going on a hen night?

You could go dressed as a tennis player, doctor, nurse or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, perhaps go as a schoolgirl if you’re heading to a nightclub! I’ve tried that before, and loved every minute of going out in a fancy dress outfit, as did all my friends!

“How did that happen?”

Some fashion-related mishaps are more common than others, and only tend to happen on a night out. A survey by ladbrokes bingo of women across the UK revealed a few interesting results. Here are some of the most shocking:

  • 45% said they spilled or dropped their drink on their outfit.
  • 30% of women said they ‘laddered’ their tights!
  • 26% of women owned up to having toilet tissue stuck on their shoe!
  • 7% admitted they had their dress tucked into their underwear!
  • 6% of women spoke about their shoes or heel of their shoes breaking, which sounds like the most embarrassing thing that could possibly happen on a night out!
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PREVIEW: Beyonce’s new shoes are made of stingray, calf hair and anaconda.

Here’s a preview of PMK’s bespoke sneaker wedge for Beyoncé. The custom footwear design house Perfectly Made Kicks has taken one of the pop star’s favorite shoe styles, the Isabel Marant sneaker wedge, and recreated it in a luxurious Bey-approved style.

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Similar to customizing a tailored suit, the folks at PMK are masters at taking iconic shoes and reassembling them with the most creative materials a client can think of. Named “The King Bey,” the white-and-gold wedges are composed of a range of exotic skins including stingray, ostrich, calf hair, crocodile, and anaconda.

They just SOUND gross. Calf hair? Ew.


JUST IN: Jennifer Lawrence’s FIRST Miss Dior ads are released!

Jennifer Lawrence was announced last October as the new face of Dior. We’ve been waiting oh-so-patiently for our first look at the ad campaign, and today we’re getting our first look! Jennifer was tapped as the face of the Miss Dior handbag line.

This awards season, Jennifer has been wearing all Dior, including her baby pink Dior gown at last night’s Oscars. Some critics claim she looks too “girl next door” to represent Dior, but I don’t agree. I think she’s perfect.

Here’s Dior’s Spring/Summer campaign for the handbag line.

What do you think? Is Jennifer a good pick by Dior?

Bar Refaeli strips down for Passionata Lingerie!

Bar Refaeli is the new face – er body – of Passionata!

The 27-year-old supermodel poses for the line’s Spring-Summer 2013 collection.

These photos really are for the heck of it. Bar dated Leonardo DiCaprio for years, but her latest rumored boyfriend was Shawn White (I don’t get it).

I just had the funniest conversation with Erin – I sent her these pictures, and she says “They’re fake!! Have you ever seen her in real life? Nope!” I need someone to photoshop me…. who’s up for the challenge?


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