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Clinique’s Perfectly Real Compact Makeup!

My skin is very sensitive. I don’t like wearing foundation – or powder – or anything. In the morning I just wash, and apply lotion. But every now and then I really need a good compact powder. When I saw this – I thought HEY, this might work! (If you’ve tried it, let me know!)


Perfectly Real Compact Makeup

Silky, oil-free formula looks like your skin—only better. Optimizes your skin’s varying tones to create a more even, perfected appearance. Buildable coverage lasts for hours, yet feels like nothing at all.

Lift up foundation pan to reveal sponge applicator. Using the sponge applicator, apply dry, starting in center of face and blending outward. Sponge applicator is washable with soap and water.


Borghese Spring it On


Get the look for Spring with Borghese’s Spring It On. Inspired by the runways of Milan, these unwashed palettes of color are all you need to create an updated look for the season.

With sheer eyeshadows to bring out the best in your eyes, silken lipstick that leaves lips asking for more and a bronzer that adds a touch of sun-struck color to cheeks; it’s everything a woman wants and expects in her makeup. Great colors and perfect products…everything a woman needs to leap into Spring. $27.50

Buy it here.

What would Barbie wear on her cheeks?


From MAC Barbie loves Mac blush. Comes in a super cute compact with Barbie depressed into the blush. I am a packaging junkie this is so cute I would buy it for the compact alone.  It comes in two great colors “Don’t be shy” and Fab. $17.50

Buy it here.

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Spray on foundation?


There is a trend in the makeup artistry business called air-brushing. It’s literally air brushing foundation onto your face to give it a smooth, velvety finish that you can’t necessarily get when applying foundation with a brush or your fingers or using a sponge. Since the air brushing technique is not readily available to the public because the equipment is expensive to purchase and to maintain, it’s not practical for the average consumer, so Classified Cosmetics decided to bring this techique to you! ERA FACE Foundation is foundation in an aerosol can! It’s an innovative product because you not only can use it on your face, it can be used as a body foundation, too!

The first patented, aerosol, oil-free foundation to give all skin types a flawless, professional airbrush application without a machine. This concealer, foundation, lash builder, and lip primer all in one provides a powderless, wear- and water resistant finish. ERA Cosmetic Puff and Headband included.

ERA FACE Foundation is good for all skin types and it does leave a sheer, natural finish.

ERA FACE Foundation is great to use on your legs and chest to give your skin a more even finish for when you want to go without pantyhose or when you want even color while on the beach or out for a hot night on the town.

To use: Always shake can well before each use. Secure hair away from face using Era headwrap and cover clothing prior to use. Hold the can 6-8 inches from your face. Close eyes and mist onto skin using an even, circular motion. Allow to dry for 10 seconds.

$55.00 – BUY IT HERE!

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