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Bobbi Brown’s Award Winning Gel Eyeliner!


I love eyeliner.  Love it.  I went through the whole Cleopatra phase with annoyingly thick eyeliner.  I’ve tried color, pencil, liquid and powder eyeliners.  So when I stumbled across this new eyeliner – I was like “Oooooooooooooooooooooh, I’m gonna have to have that.”

AWARD WINNER! ‘Best Long-Wearing Liner’ from “In Style” magazine (April 2007). This innovative eyeliner offers the precision of liquid liner and the ease of a gel-based formula. Color is long-wearing and water-resistant. Can be used to create subtle to dramatic looks.

HOW TO APPLY:  Dip tip of Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush into gel formula (coat both sides of brush head). Wipe off excess on tissue before applying to eye. Work quickly as product becomes transfer-resistant once dry.

Best part of all?  Check out the colors this bad boy comes in! How fun!!


$19.00BUY IT HERE!

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Dove Brightening Eye Cream with SPF 8



This SPF 8 eye cream is made with Antioxidant Vitamins A and E, and skin brighteners to reduce the appearance of dark undereye circles, puffiness, and fine lines. Recommended for normal to dry skin.

Now you can party all night long and hide the evidence. $9.79


Buy it here.

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I want this undereye concealer.

It’s cute.  Okay, that’s not the only reason why I want this.  It looks so easy to use!!  Introducing Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat


Thanks to it’s weightless, moisturizing texture, this creamy concealer hides undereye circles without creating a cakey look.  The light-reflecting pigments make eyes extra bright! 

A take-anywhere pen-brush for adding a touch of light or banishing shadows and signs of fatigue from the eye area, the hollow of the chin, the contour of the lips and the sides of the nose.

$39.00 - BUY IT HERE! (Or pick it up at your local Nordstroms!)

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Looking to get Katherine Heigls vampy red carpet eyes?


Katherine had long and thick lashes on the Emmy red capet thanks to DuWops’s Lashlacquer which is a two-step, double-sided mascara. The formula on one side thickens and the other adds length.

Buy it here.

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