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Still looking for something for mom?


Check out the new Jetsetter kit from Dior perfect travel sizes for the mom on the go or as an introduction to the line.

Dior Jetsetter Kit

What it is:
An all-in-one makeup set.

What it does:
The Dior Jetsetter Kit locks up her heart with this perfect Dior couture-inspired keepsake box. So chic and versatile, it’s all you need to take your beauty to exciting new places.

What else you need to know:
The kit includes adorable travel sizes of two Dior Rouge Lipsticks in Office Beige 296 and Selection Mauve 485 (0.04 oz each), a Diorshow Mascara (0.17 oz), a Diorshow Unlimited Mascara (0.10 oz), and 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Incognito 030.

$35.00 Dior Jetsetter Kit

New Dior Fragrance! J’adore


Charlize Theron is Dior’s spokeswoman.  Who oozes sex appeal more than Charlize! 

J’adore by Dior!
Radiant, sensual, sophisticated, J’adore is a fragrance that celebrates the renaissance of extreme femininity and the power of spontaneous emotion with a brilliant bouquet of orchids, the velvet touch of Damascus plum, and the mellowness of amaranth wood.

Mandarin, Champaca Flowers, Ivy, African Orchid, Rose, Violet, Damascus Plum, Amaranth Wood, Blackberry Musk.
For the confident, sensual woman who celebrates her femininity – this is Dior’s golden girl.

$50.00 – $85.00 BUY IT HERE!

The perfect liquid liner!


I buy a lot of Dior products, not gonna lie.  I love using them, they are such great quality – and will last all day.  It’s nice to not have to re-apply makeup half way through the day.  Dior products stay fresh, and looking amazing, all day.


I have noticed that liquid liner is making a strong comeback with celebrities.  I love how Penelope has her eyeliner, it’s almost the “cat eyes” look.  I decided to brush off my liquid liner that I’ve had for years, and give it a try.  Of course, the liner was so old, it flaked off when it dried.  So I headed to Sephora, and thought I’d pick up Dior’s Style Liner, and give it a shot. 

The liquid liner does take some time getting used to, but once you’ve got it down – it can be well worth it!

Style Liner
Intensify your eyes with this rich, creamy liner created especially for the runway. Now you can get that model-esque, “femme fatale” look on your own – in seconds flat.

$30.00 – BUY IT HERE!

Here is Penelope Cruz at a “Elegy” photocall in Madrid, Spain, April 16.  She looks amazing!


I’ve found my new favorite perfume!


My favorite sister-in-law bought me a little thank you gift recently.  She’s getting married, so I threw her an engagement party.  She went out and bought me a few wonderful gifts, and one of them was Dior’s Addict Shine.

I’m not usually the type to buy perfumes.  With my allergies, I can only wear a handful of fragrances, and they normally have to be pretty light.  This is the PERFECT scent for me.  I absolutely LOVE it.  I wear it, even when I’m in my jammies and not leaving the house. 

It’s perfect for those of you that like light, fruity scents.  It’s amazing – the top of my favorites!

Dior Addict Shine
A Refreshing Fruity Shine.
Introducing a new facet of Dior Addict, Addict Shine, a luminous and dazzling fragrance. Dior Addict Shine is a reflection of John Galliano’s style: ultra feminine, sophisticated, and impactful. It’s a young, chic, and sensual fragrance for the woman who has to shine.

Dior Addict Shine radiates its fresh fruity and glowing charm with an unexpected citrus-y top note of cedrat, a fresh middle note of gardenia and raspberry, and a sensual base note of cedar woods. Available exclusively at Sephora.

Cedrat, Gardenia, Raspberry, Cedar Woods.

$40.00 – $73.00 BUY IT HERE!

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