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Erin’s Christmas Must-Have Number 2!

The Ultimate Holiday collection from Tarte Carried Away Collector’s Set.  

I love how unique Tarte’s collection is. The pattern and cute bag with a huge mirror and everything you need to do your makeup perfect for travel. And the products are great, the eyeshadows are great quality really pigmented, and easy to blend. The glosses are great they have a bit of mint to them and I love the satin finish colors. The blush looks amazing just the right amount of color without being overdone.

The best part of this kit has to be the genius packaging. The roll out makeup bag and all the eyeshadows stay put behind the mirror. There is a ton of space in the pockets to add your own items you want to carry. Such a great kit and it would be great for any makeup lover on your list that travels or even gets ready at the gym. Beautiful products all wrapped up in a convenient and cute case!

Tarte Carried Away Collector’s Set $54
Travel beautifully with this impressive collection of tarte essentials. The all-inclusive set features six eye shadow quads for a show-stopping palette of bold, high-payoff shades in both shimmering and matte formulas. The deluxe maracuja glosses will perk up any pout with a mix of neutral and stunning shades, ranging from pale petal pink to deep crimson. The kit also includes an Amazonian clay 12-hour blush and complementary domed brush to brighten complexions, finishing powder to balance skin, and dramatic mascara for voluptuous, attention-getting lashes.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Adventurous (shimmering rose)
Tarte Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder
8 Tarte Maracuja Lip Glosses
Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! 4-In-1 Mascara
Face Brush
24 Tarte Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow
Adventurer Bag


 Only $54 Available at Sephora

Erin’s Christmas Must-Have Number 3!

I absolutely love Exude Lipstick, hands down one of my favorite lipsticks. The applicator is great no more broken lipsticks or melted messes when you leave it in the car. On top of that the colors are beautiful and last hours longer than most other lipsticks.  I love the hint of mint and how great it feels on.

Exude has two new colors for Fall that are perfection in a tube. Nude is a beautiful and light just enough to add a little something to my lips it even has a tiny bit of sparkle that makes your lips glisten. On the darker side the new Plum is gorgeous very build able I can start with just a touch to add color to my lips and then layer if I want a more dramatic look. You just can’t go wrong!

This Autumn season is all about playing with dark and light, working crisp and neutral tones one moment then deep rouge and berries in the next. Make a statement at any fall occasion with either of these luscious contrasting colors on those pouty lips. To gain that rich excess look, use Exude lipstick in Plum — or for a minimalist sleek absence choose Exude lipstick in Nude.

Exude is enhanced with a smooth hint of mint scent, and new, complex formula. The Exude lip crème is available in 9 colors and the Exude lip gloss is available in 5 colors. Both product styles are dressed in a sleek yet chic soft touch white case and retail for $29.00. Exude lipstick has transformed the way women use and apply lipstick by designing a sleek applicator that dispenses the perfect amount of color with every twist.

 Nude                                                                                    Plum

Exude Lipstick was invented by cosmetics industry veterans Diane Breidenbach and Laurence Mille. They had extensive conversations with industry experts who pointed out the problems with existing lipstick and lip gloss products. Following years of testing and intensive design work, they have created Exude Lipstick, a lipstick for the 21st century woman. Breidenbach and Mille hold worldwide patent protection for this product and are no strangers to the beauty field. They are the inventors of numerous patents and are poised to once again revolutionize the cosmetics industry with Exude Lipstick.

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Jocelyn’s Christmas Must-Have’s #3!

I love these little leggings so much, I had to make them #3 on my Must-Have’s list. I can’t think of anything I’ve ever seen that’s AS CUTE as these guys. Seriously! What’s better on little girl legs than adorable leggings!? Can you think of ANYTHING cuter than these? I now have three nieces, and I want to see all of them in these adorable tights. (Not to mention they’re a MAJOR must-have among celebrities, and all the cute daughters are wearing them. Naturally, I have good taste.)

Do these tights look familiar? If you love to see what the celebrities dress their kids in, then surely you recognize these leggings. I’ve seen them myself on Jennifer Garner’s girls, Sarah Jessica Parker’s twin daughters – and more! I reached out to the company and got a couple pairs for myself (okay, even though that’s a funny visual – they are not for ME…. but my darling nieces), and you would not believe how freaking cute these leggings are. They are quite possibly the cutest – girly – adorable tights I’ve ever seen!

I’m telling you about Luna Leggings so you will BUY SOME for your little girl. Your niece, your cousin, your daughter, your granddaughter. If you have a special little princess in your life, you have to grab a pair of these! I saw online you can find them at Kohls, and you can also get your own pair here> Luna Leggings.

How cute would a pair of these look sticking out of a stocking!? I mean, COME ON!!

Here’s a little back story on this amazing company.

When 3-year old Sienna Jade insisted on wearing tights every day, the search began for cute girls leg-wear.  “I tried to find Sienna a variety of fun and functional tights to keep up with her active and ‘fashionable’ lifestyle; that’s when I realized the market for girl’s tights was quite limited.”

Luna Leggings are inspired by Sienna – her love for bright and unique color combinations (as her drawings portray!), her carefree and creative style, and our mutual respect for the natural world around us- beautiful flowers, trees, and edible gardens.

“Using the perfect blend of high-quality organic cotton enables us to produce ultra-soft, long-lasting leggings.  Nylon stitching and seams maximize stretch and strength. A wide, reinforced waistband adds comfort and stay-ability. Luna Leggings are compassionately made in every way, and ultimately, something girls will actually want to wear again and again- comfortable, fashionable and durable.   “My girls like to look and most importantly, feel good.”

In order to construct fabric, and to the quality we desired, we had to go abroad. “It can be extremely difficult working with companies overseas- dealing with communication, quality control, and just feeling good about unknown factory environments.” A close relationship with the small, family-run knitting company in Rajasthan optimizes quality and reliability.  Spending time with the owners, their children and grandchildren, and sharing meals at their home in India, has greatly enhanced the working relationship and helped to create a close bond across continents. “We’ve hosted the owner’s daughter in our home – she actually dressed my girls in the very first Luna Leggings!”

Meeting with the factory employees, observing the pleasant, open-air working space, and having real relationships with the production managers assures not only an optimal product, but gives us confidence to dress our friends, families, and customers.

Luna Leggings were created to add spice, fun, and whimsy to every girls’ wardrobe, and to promote adventure and creativity in girls, their parents, and the entire world around us. We hope that wearing these tights will brighten everyone’s day and inspire an appreciation and enjoyment of the outdoors- perhaps this will even include growing an edible garden of delicious fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs, an important step to maintaining a sustainable community!

Luna Leggings donates 10% of profits to the Edible Schoolyard Project (formerly Chez Panisse Foundation). A local organization for us, the Edible Schoolyard involves middle school students in all aspects of farming a 1-acre organic garden and preparing, serving, and eating food as a means of awakening their senses and encouraging awareness and appreciation of the values of nourishment, community, and the land.

Alongside their on-the-ground program, they are creating a nation-wide online community to gather lessons and best practices from garden, kitchen, classroom and school lunch programs across the country, with the goal of building and sharing a curriculum based around food that is accessible to everyone.

Need more of a reason to buy? Check out some pictures from their look book below! (PLUS: Some pictures of celebrity kids wearing these adorable tights!)


Jocelyn’s Christmas Must-Have #4!

I can’t think of a more-complete, more-perfect eye shadow set than the one I’m sharing with you right now. This absolutely gorgeous holiday set from bareMinerals comes with 10 Velvet Matte Eyecolors AND 10 Velvet Satin Eyecolors! That’s 20 eyeshadows in ONE SET!!! This HAS to make my top 10, seriously.

Let me take it slowly, so I can be sure you’re paying attention. You get 20 eyeshadows – which if you were to walk into a bareMinerals store would cost you $220 – for the insane price of $79! Are you freaking kidding?? You guys would die, I’m telling you… you would die.

Dress up in lush, plush, sinfully decadent color. This collection of bareMinerals® Eyecolors lavishes lids with the pure sumptuousness of velvet. Indulge in 10 velvet matte shades for a rich suede finish and 10 velvet satin shades for a soft luminous sheen. Luxuriously touchable and beautifully blendable, these hues can be mixed, matched and layered to create endless irresistible looks.

Collection includes 20 petite eyecolors:

(0.28 g / 0.01 Oz. each)

Velvet Blueberry Eyecolor (creamy navy)
Velvet Violet Eyecolor (plush lilac)
Velvet Pistachio Eyecolor (crushed mint)
Velvet Vanilla Eyecolor (warm ivory)
Velvet Strawberry Eyecolor (soft wine)
Velvet Mauve Eyecolor (matte mauve)
Velvet Green Eyecolor (matte green)
Velvet Charcoal Eyecolor (matte charcoal)
Velvet Espresso Eyecolor (matte espresso brown)
Velvet Taupe Eyecolor (matte taupe)
Satin Sterling Eyecolor (satin silver)
Satin Lilac Eyecolor (satin lilac)
Satin Nude Eyecolor (satin nude)
Satin Plum Eyecolor (satin plum)
Satin Mist Eyecolor (satin mist)
Satin Rose Eyecolor (satin rose)
Satin Sage Eyecolor (satin sage)
Satin Gold Eyecolor (satin gold)
Satin Caramel Eyecolor (satin caramel)
Satin Peach Eyecolor (satin peach)
I’m pretty sure holiday gift sets don’t get better than this one right here. It’s seriously like a foot long, and full of 20 shadows. That special person on your list won’t need to buy eye shadow for like 10 years! (That may be a stretch, but I don’t wear eyeshadow everyday, so it probably would last me 10 years.)

You’re welcome! (Do you love me?)

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