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Jocelyn’s Christmas Must-Have, Number 8!



This nail polish definitely made my Must-Have Christmas list this year, because I absolutely LOVE it! It’s fun, and new and the girl/woman in your life would love to try it, just as I did! It’s inexpensive, and would make the perfect stocking stuffer. Another cute idea would be to tie a nail polish on the outside of a present with some ribbon! What girl wouldn’t love that!?

I was sent this new nail polish to try a while ago, and to be honest I wasn’t in a hurry to try it. It’s Matte, and to me – that seems really strange in a nail polish!

I was sitting there at my desk yesterday staring at the nail polish, and decided to give it a go. Right off the bat I noticed two things. First of all, it’s AMAZING going on. You don’t need any base coat – or top coat, and one layer of polish is all it takes. It goes on wonderfully. Second thing I noticed is that it dries almost immediately. I looked down, and the wet polish had dried into a beautiful red matte color.

The color I’m wearing is Posh, and it’s in the MatteVelvet 2009 line. There are two other awesome colors in this line – check them out here!


I love this stuff! If you are looking for something new, I highly recommend this! I had several people via twitter (are you not following us yet? Follow us at @makeherup) ask me to send pictures of what my nails looked like. The whole matte look is hard to capture in a picture, but I tried!! I don’t have glorious nails, but you get the idea.

MATTEVELVET nail color by Zoya is not intended to be worn with a base coat, top coat or speed dryer of any kind. Due to the unique matte formulation, color is not as long wearing as traditional nail color. A completely clean, dry nail surface yields the best results for matte nail color wear. For best results make sure to always prepare the nail with Zoya Remove+ (3-in-1 nail polish removed, nail plate cleaner and new color prep.) prior to applying color.

Only $6!! Buy it here!

Erin’s Christmas Must-Have, Number 7!


I am a huge Smashbox fan they have the greatest eyeshadows and simply the best eyeliners. Now you can get two of their best products in a super cute palettle for the holidays. I love the customized color set all put together in the perfect little kit  and even a little look book to get going on a great new look.


Smashbox WISH Eye Wish Palette ($234 Value)
What it is:
A limited-edition mega eye palette that creates an endless array of party-perfect looks.

What it does:
This limited-edition eye palette of 12 shadows, 4 cream eye liners, and a mini Photo Finish Lid Primer creates an endless array of party-perfect eye looks. Use the included step-by-step Get-the-Look Book and discover countless ways to wear these gorgeous shades.

This set contains:
– 0.02 oz Mini Photo Finish Lid Primer
– 12 x 0.06 oz Eyeshadow
– 4 x 0.03 Cream Eye Liner

*Discover the beauty of giving and getting with this dream-come-true array of vibrant shadows, creamy liners and bold lip colors that inspire optimism and hope. With every WISH purchase, $1 will be donated to Children’s Miracle Network*, a non-profit that grants the wish of life to millions of sick or injured kids by providing care and investing in life-saving research. Help Smashbox make miracles happen this holiday. (Donation up to $25,000)


Erin’s Christmas Must-Have, Number 8!


I stumbled on my 8th must have by accident. I was browsing my local Bath and Body Works and found some of the Sleep product line in one of their great end of season clearance sales. I had just started getting up really early for work and jumped on the Bath & Works Sleep line to help me get relaxed and ready for bed at night.

Cut to me pouring some of the Sleep Luxury bath in my tub I almost squealed with delight at the scent. The Lavender and Chamomile melt into the most relaxing scent and the bubble bath scents the whole room and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and smelling perfect! 

A great gift for the busy girl in your life its a great scent and will help relax away the holiday stress. It’s also great for kids when I am feeling generous I add a little to my kids bath and it helps mellow them out for bed time.


Luxury Bath
Sleep – Lavender Chamomile

Sleep well. Lavender Essential Oil soothes and calms so you can sleep better. Chamomile Essential Oil has a lulling effect to enhance sleep. This luxurious cream bath contains aloe to nourish and rejuvenate skin.

* Breathe deeply for best results
* Fragranced with essential oils and other natural fragrances


Erin’s Christmas Must-Have, Number 9!


Jocelyn was the first to try the Instyler and after hearing her rave about it I had to try it. The informercials looked too good to be true but the Instyler lived up to the hype. I have super thick and frizzy hair and it’s a fight to straighten it no matter how hard I work with a flat iron there are always bumps in the back. The Instyler made it easy I just slowly brushed through my hair with the rolling iron and my hair was left soft and super straight!. One of my favorite things is how soft and shiny my hair is after instead of the flat iron burned look my hair was silky smooth and looked really healthy. 

A great gift if you want to splurge on someone special in your life, right now the makers of the InStyler are running a great deal if you buy one InStyler you can get one free! You can give away two amazing gifts for the price of one think friends, sisters, daughters or give one away and keep one to fall in love with yourself!



It’s not a brush. It’s not a flat iron. It’s not a curling iron. It’s the InStyler®!

The InStyler® is a totally new styling and straightening tool unlike any hair styling product ever invented!

The secret to the InStyler® lies in its rotating heated polishing cylinder, along with four rows of precision-aligned bristles.

Here’s how it works: when you run the InStyler® through your hair, the first set of bristles gently sort and separate your hair strands. Then the rotating heated polishing cylinder gently glides over your hair, smoothly polishing, straightening, and styling each strand. Finally, the second set of bristles puts the finishing touch on your hair, leaving you with shiny, silky, “In-Styled” hair! It’s truly amazing!

And the best part is, because of the InStyler®’s patent-pending design, your hair won’t get smashed and baked by the super-intense heat of a flat iron or other “hot” tools. In fact, the InStyler® uses less heat than traditional hot tools, and delivers better results. How? Because the InStyler®’s gentle heat in conjunction with the rotating motion of the polishing cylinder literally polishes your hair strands individually so it doesn’t need extreme heat to get amazing results.

Your hair will be shinier, bouncier and full of lift and life!

Plus, the InStyler® does so much more than any styling tool out there. Get lift and fullness – right from the root! Get a sexy flip in seconds. Straighten even the toughest, most coarse hair – and still get fullness and style without the stick-straight “flatness” of a flat iron. Do a full style in 8 minutes… and change it again in two minutes! Wrap your hair around the rotating polishing cylinder – and get an amazing curl that lasts all day!

If you can hold it, you can do it with the InStyler®!

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