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Megan Fox opens up about her “bombshell” image, says “I felt powerless”

Megan Fox lands the February cover of Esquire Magazine, and if you can believe it, these pictures were taken AFTER giving birth to her son. Esquire named the piece “Megan Fox Saves Herself”.

The interview is actually pretty interesting. She opens up about hating fame, being raised very religious, and about giving birth to her baby boy. She talks about her “bombshell” image, and how her looks make her feel. It’s hard to hate her after the interview, really. I think she holds her own. She makes sense, and I think she comes off pretty well. Check out these highlights from the interview:

Megan on fame: “I don’t think people understand,” she says. “They all think we should shut the f–k up and stop complaining because you live in a big house or you drive a Bentley. So your life must be so great. What people don’t realize is that fame, whatever your worst experience in high school, when you were being bullied by those ten kids in high school, fame is that, but on a global scale, where you’re being bullied by millions of people constantly.”

Megan on the Bible: “I’ve read the Book of Revelation a million times,” Megan Fox says. “It does not make sense, obviously. It needs to be decoded. What is the dragon? What is the prostitute? What are these things? What is this imagery? What was John seeing? And I was just thinking, What is the Antichrist? When war breaks out in the Holy Land, like it is right now, if that is a sign of the immediate end times, then where are the other signs? Is it possible that it’s the Internet or fame itself or celebrity?”

On giving birth: For the birth, she had no doula, no midwife. She left the hospital in just over twenty-four hours.

On her bombshell image: “I felt powerless in that image,” she says. “I didn’t feel powerful. It ate every other part of my personality, not for me but for how people saw me, because there was nothing else to see or know. That devalued me. Because I wasn’t anything. I was an image. I was a picture. I was a pose.”

Removing her Marilyn Monroe tattoo: “I feel like I willed it be gone,” Fox says. “They told me it was going to take six sessions and it’s nearly gone in one. I started reading about her and realized that her life was incredibly difficult. It’s like when you visualize something for your future. I didn’t want to visualize something so negative. She wasn’t powerful at the time. She was sort of like Lindsay. She was an actress who wasn’t reliable, who almost wasn’t insurable…. She had all the potential in the world, and it was squandered. I’m not interested in following in those footsteps.”

Will she remove any other tattoos?: A quote on her rib cage reads: “There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart.” She thinks it’s stupid now. And she isn’t entirely sure about the line from Nietzsche either: “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Who she admires now: “Ava Gardner. She had power. She was a broad. She got what she wanted and said what she needed.”

On growing up in a Pentecostal church in Tennessee: “The energy is so intense in the room,” she says, “that you feel like anything can happen. They’re going to hate that I compare it to this, but have you ever watched footage of a Santeria gathering or someone doing voodoo? You know how palpable the energy is? Whatever’s going on there, it’s for real. I have seen magical, crazy things happen. I’ve seen people be healed. Even now, in the church I go to, during Praise and Worship I could feel that I was maybe getting ready to speak in tongues, and I’d have to shut it off because I don’t know what that church would do if I started screaming out in tongues in the back. It feels like a lot of energy coming through the top of your head — I’m going to sound like such a lunatic — and then your whole body is filled with this electric current. And you just start speaking, but you’re not thinking because you have no idea what you’re saying. Words are coming out of your mouth, and you can’t control it. The idea is that it’s a language that only God understands. It’s the language that’s spoken in heaven. It’s called ‘getting the Holy Ghost.’ ”

She’s not into drugs or drinking: “I can’t stand pills. I don’t like drinking. I don’t like feeling out of control,” she explains. “I have to feel like I’m in control of my body. And I know what you’re thinking, Then why would I want to go to church and speak in tongues? You have to understand, there I feel safe. I was raised to believe that you’re safe in God’s hands. But I don’t feel safe with myself.”

She believes in aliens and leprechauns: “I believe in all of this stuff. I believe in all of it…. I like believing. I believe in all of these Irish myths, like leprechauns. Not the pot of gold, not the Lucky Charms leprechauns. But maybe was there something in the traditional sense? I believe that this stuff came from somewhere other than people’s imaginations…. We should all believe in leprechauns. I’m a believer….”

I grew up in a Baptist church which was very conservative, and I went to a private school where they encouraged speaking in tongues. It scares me. To this day it just gives me the heebie jeebies. It’s the scariest looking/sounding thing. I can understand getting yourself to the point where you’re speaking in tongues, but actually doing it – yikes.

I liked the interview, what did you think?


Deception cast shares style and beauty secrets!

StyleList visited the set of NBC’s new hit Deception and chatted with its stars to get their secrets for looking good.

“I could put her in tin foil and she would still look good” – Amy Roth, Costume Designer, Deception, on how easy it is to make Meagan Good look, well, good.

StyleList spent the day on set with the cast and crew of Deception, the new hit show on NBC (and yes, we can say “hit”; the pilot was #1 in it’s time slot on Monday, January 7th). They caught up with the show’s stars, including Meagan Good, Ella Rea Peck, Katherine Lanasa, and Wes Brown to find out their style mottos, product must haves, and personal secrets to looking good.


ELLA RAE PECK (Mia Bowers)
“I love to be comfortable more than anything. My favorite thing to wear is a big baggie sweaters and jeans… I love boots… knee-high riding boots. I just kind of wear what’s in my closet. I have things in my closet from when I was 12 that still fit me.”

WES BROWN (Julian Bowers)
“I’m a jeans and t-shirt guy. This show has been the first time I have worn this many suits. My confession is: I like it!”
“I finally caved in and bought an expensive pair of jeans. They are 7 Jeans. I’m a Levis man – and I’m not abandoning them.”
“At home, I have about 15 pairs of cowboy boots. I very rarely wear tennis shoes.”

“Eclectic, sexy, earthy, and body conscious. But I definitely like things that are very playful, like a bright logo tee with a Roberto Cavalli leopard skirt and bright blue heels.”
“I look best in a pencil skirt, it’s always been my go to thing. As well as a v-neck and a button up blouse: these create the best lines on me. I wear a lot of jackets, and suits, and in the ’80s and ’90s, and I save a lot of my suits and jackets, because you can’t beat a great blazer. It can go with a great t-shirt, or anything. I love to pair with jewelry as well. And I like one of a kind jewelry.”


MEAGAN GOOD (Joanna Locasto)
Always keeps EOS lip balm in her makeup bag.

“I am a mascara girl. My face looks harsh easily with too many lines. If I have to do eye liner, I have to do a whole look. I use brown eyeliner too. It’s just a bit softer.”

“I wash my face once a day with glycerin soap, a really mild glycerin soap, to get all the makeup off at night, and then I have a light moisturizer that I use. In the morning, I just rinse, I don’t like to wash too much.”


“I guess there are moments where you don’t know that you are going to have your photograph taken, and you wish you had worn matching socks [for example]. Or, tucked your shirt in. “

“I saw Johnny Depp rocking the long hair, and I thought, you know what, I am going to try that. Works for him, not me. I looked pretty ridiculous for about a year, with dumb facial hair. It was more or less, long hair was cool, I tried it, and it looked like I had a really bad wig on.”


“I don’t know what the whole deal is with mustaches everywhere. Those really annoy me. It was cute at first, but now not.”

“I don’t understand, leggings. The thing I find most unattractive is when a woman looks like she has tried way too hard. The dress is too tight, the makeup is way overdone. Less is more. Less is sexy”


“I do try to get lots of rest when I can, and I use Eucerin.”

“I drink a lot of water, and I think sweating is really important. Heading to the gym, working out, or taking a sauna or something. Keeping skin moisturized is very important.”

I actually like NARS lipstick in Jungle Red, and I use that as my blush as well. And an eyelash curler is a must. Even if you have nothing else and just curl those, you will look good.

“Less is more, keep it simple, keep it classic.”


“Anything vintage is the hardest to shop for!”

“You have to have a good pair of jeans, and if that means spending a lot of money on them, they will last forever.”

“I had a closet full of very low quality clothes and a lot of them. And I didn’t really understand, why would you pay $200 for a pair of jeans? And I was told, ‘You don’t have to have a giant closet full of cheap clothes. Have a small closet, full of nice quality clothes, and get rid of all the crap.’ I haven’t totally given up on my closet though – I love my Levis and my t-shirts.”


“I just got this amazing vintage coach bag, and I’m not even really a bag person, but this bag is incredible. It fits so much stuff in it. I never leave without that thing.”

“I really like the timeless looks of Kerry Grant, George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Dempsey. A more manly style, rather than trying to be too fancy.”

“Cameron Diaz has that fun bright style that I like myself. “

“Deception” airs Monday nights at 10pm on NBC.



Naomi Watts gorgeous Vogue Australia cover!

Naomi Watts looks absolutely gorgeous on the cover of Vogue Australia‘s February 2013 issue.

Here’s some from the interview inside the magazine.

On The Impossible: “It was definitely hard work (but) had it been on green screen, you wouldn’t have got the same feeling. I mean, we were in that pool, struggling to breathe. Of course, nothing to the extent to what the real people went through, but, nonetheless… I’m not even a strong swimmer.”

On playing Princess Diana: “In the case of Diana, of course, there is a huge pressure to look right, to have good hair, to walk and speak (like her). And I instantly thought: ‘Oh no, I’m going to fail at that because the comparisons are going to be monumental’.”

On the acclaim: “Of course it’s nice to hear all that. But one doesn’t want to get too carried away with the buzz. It’s going to either be a happy ending or a disappointment, so if you invest too heavily you are destined to have some sort of anticlimax.”

I went and saw ‘The Impossible’ the other night, and I have mixed feelings on the movie. On one hand – I thought it was amazing. On the other – I felt a bit taken advantage of, emotionally. I’ll explain. The tsunami scene in the beginning of the film is probably one of the hardest scenes I’ve ever watched in a film. It’s so incredibly intense, my stomach was in knots and I found myself not even breathing. It’s spectacular. It is absolutely MIND blowing, that scene.

As for me feeling taken advantage of…. it was the kind of movie that WILL make you cry. And they know it. The emotions are raw, every scene is almost like “are you crying yet? Okay now….. NOW are you crying? That wasn’t sad enough? Okay – how about NOW….. NOW are you crying???” I felt like the movie’s goal was to make you cry. Did I cry? Yes. How could you not. But I don’t like movies like that. Movies that prey on your emotions. I’m not sure how they could have made the movie any different, but I did feel a bit played after the movie was over. I have no idea if this makes any sense to you.

Naomi Watts was nominated for an Oscar for her role in ‘The Impossible’. Did she deserve it? Yeah, I guess so. I don’t think she’ll win – because I think there were better performances last year. But she really did do good.

I would recommend seeing ‘The Impossible’ if nothing else than to see that scene in the beginning (bravo to the director!). But bring your tissues – you’re gonna cry!

SNEAK PEEK: Beyonce’s very revealing GQ cover!

The internet is buzzing today about this picture of a nearly naked Beyonce on the cover of what might be GQ’s February issue.

On the potential cover, the 31-year-old singer is seen showing off her Bootylicious body in a cropped peek-a-boob athletic tee (she’s clearly getting ready for her major Super Bowl performance), red leopard panties with zipper pockets (feisty and functional) and plenty of bling (“All Gold Everything”).

No confirmation yet that this is actually the February cover, but I’m thinking it definitely is!

She looks amazing!