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Beauty Q&A


Q: Lucy Liu looks gogeous on the red carpet yet always low-key.  Her secret?

A: Keeping the glow subtle, Lucy Liu’s makeup artist, Erin Ayanian Monroe, goes for a fresh but carefully sculpted look.  “Makeup should blend and flatter without the bells and whistles,” says Monroe.  “True beauty is about looking effortless.” 

Her favorite trick: applying rose blush to the apples of the cheeks, then dusting a lighter pink shade directly above them and blending it back toward the temples.  She also swipes highlighter on the cheekbones to create a beautifully sculpted but natural-looking effect.  She finishes with mascara and rose lipstick, and there’s still room for statement hair like her sky-high pony, above.



Steal This Look! Keira Knightley


Erin and I went and saw The Duchess yesterday, and while it was somewhat depressing, we both loved it.  I love period pieces, and this was really well made.  Is there anything that Keira Knightley does poorly?  I thought she was amazing, and she looked absolutely stunning throughout the entire movie!  She has the most flawless, beautiful skin I’ve ever seen!  When I saw this photoshoot in November’s Glamour Magazine, I had to share.  Is she not perfect?

Here is the trailer for The Duchess.  If you like Keira Knightley, then you’ll love this movie!


I love the idea of doing smoky eyes with brown, instead of black.  It’s a look that you could easily wear everyday!

Mimic Keira’s look with Tricia Sawyer’s palette of four neutral colors that can be used on any skin tone.


Tricia Sawyer says she uses The Essentials Palette shadow quad more than any other in her kit. The set of four colors comes in a sturdy professional palette with a large mirror.

Shades include: Generosity, an ivory nude (use as a base or highlighting color), Compassion, a deeper nude with a touch of warmth (use under the brow at the outer top corner of the eyes for some warmth – also a great blush color), Perspective, the perfect neutral taupe (use for shading the eyes, cheek bones and even the jaw line), Wisdom, a dark neutral brown (perfect for deep shadow color or even eye lining).

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Check out these other pictures of Keira!


Christina Aguilera is obsessed…


Christina Aguilera is hooked — on makeup. The pop star, 27, has trouble putting down the eyeliner. “Her makeup team will be done, and she’ll look great, but she’ll see herself in the mirror and say, ‘More!’” an insider tells Life & Style. Her biggest vice is foundation: “She’s not happy until you can draw your initials in it!”

But don’t expect Christina to kick the habit any time soon, which is a shame, says the insider: “When she’s in the makeup chair in the morning with no makeup on, she’s stunning. She’s a naturally beautiful girl. But she just doesn’t see it that way.”


Julianne Moore Talks About Partnership with Burt’s Bees


Julianne Moore recently opened up to Ben Lyons with E! about what drove her to natural skincare products and partnering with Burt’s Bees, working on the feature film “Blindness” and her new children’s book.

When asked about the confusion that can arise when shopping for natural skincare products, Moore talks about how Burt’s Bees and the Natural Products Association worked together to develop “The Natural Seal:” “Burt’s Bees has worked with this group — it certifies that products are 95% natural, and they won’t cause any harm to your person. I think because the kind of toxins that we have to live with on a day to day basis, there’s no reason you need to get them in lotion.”

Moore’s children drove her to become passionate about natural products: “I have kids who have eczema for example, so I can’t put anything on them or they’ll have a reaction to it.”

When Lyons asks what it was like to work with director Fernando Meirelles on the feature film “Blindness,” Moore says: I always say that great directors have a lot, they always have a very distinct vision. So that’s what he did. He was very, very sure about what he wanted.“

In addition to acting and spreading the word about Burt’s Bees, Moore is also a children’s book author: “Yes, I have another book coming out next spring, it’s called “Freckleface and the Dodgeball Bully.” It’s about her going to school and dealing with somebody who is a bully.”