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Demi Lovato looks great on the July cover of Cosmo!

Demi Lovato is having an amazing year! Not only did she put out a hit album, but she also landed a seat on the judging panel of ‘The X Factor’. Here she is on the cover of July’s Cosmopolitan, and she looks great!

The 19-year-old singer and actress flaunts her figure in a skintight, fluorescent yellow bandage dress that hugs every curve perfectly.

Though she’s at a good place in her life right now, the “Skyscraper” singer can’t help but think about her dreams for the future.

“I want to be married with kids in 10 years,” she confessed to the magazine, later adding that she’s open to dating different types of guys until the right one comes along.

“I don’t have many deal breakers. I’ve done so much in my life, it doesn’t feel right to judge other people,” she explained, before remembering there is something she just won’t put up with from men:

“Oh, I know one quality I won’t tolerate. I would never be with a guy who is controlling.”

For more with Demi Lovato, pick up the July 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan, on sale at newsstand June 5.

Is it just me, or does this cover not look as photoshopped as most Cosmo covers do? I mean you can tell there’s some…. but for the most part, it’s a great cover!


Emily Maynard’s $350,000 ‘Bachelorette’ wardrobe!

Emily Maynard is determined to be the best dressed Bachelorette ever – and with a whopping $350,000 wardrobe budget, she’s already showing off her amazing style.

“We had an enormous clothing budget,” Emily’s stylist, Cary Fetman, tells In Touch in an exclusive interview. “It was bigger than any previous season – and we still went over!”

No doubt, Emily, 26, is pulling out all the stops in her quest to find Mr. Right.

“Emily has fabulous taste and was involved in deciding what we would dress her in this season,” Cary adds. “For me, it was like dressing a Barbie doll!”

And while Emily dazzles in her strappy $1,045 Christian Louboutin Straratata heels and a $40,000 nude Randi Rahm gown, there are some things she absolutely refuses to wear.

“Emily hates flats,” Cary says to In Touch. “She loves to be a girlie girl. She loves dresses and anything glitzy and sparkly.”

Despite Emily’s Southern charm, she isn’t your typical girl next door. Confesses Cary: “She is not a jeans girl by any means.”

How many of you are watching Emily’s season? I actually am really enjoying it! I think she’s doing a great job so far. Who are your favorite bachelor’s? I really like Sean & Doug!


Kelly Clarkson opens up about her new body and boyfriend!

Her chart-topping song is called “Stronger,” but “slimmer” was the buzzword when Kelly Clarkson flaunted her fab new physique at the May 24 premiere of her TV series, Duets.

Now the star opens up to Life & Style about her hot new shape — and new man! “I didn’t lose weight for work. I did it for me!” Kelly tells Life & Style.

But boyfriend Brandon Blackstock, whom Kelly’s been dating since late 2011, has certainly helped the star amp up her exercise and eat more healthfully! “I’ve always fluctuated,” the 30-year-old singer says, “but now I’m in a happy relationship. He gets my life. I’m just more active with him.”

Kelly, who’d been single for six years before Brandon came into her life, admits, “No one wants to be untoned when you’re dating someone.”

And although they share the same trainer, Kelly and Brandon  don’t work out together. “We did that once, and I don’t like huffin’ and puffin’ in front of my man and looking all red and gross and sweaty,” Kelly tells Life & Style.


Malin Akerman’s Summer Shape-Up Secrets!

With five films in the works, including Rock of Ages out in June, and a new ABC TV series debuting in the fall, Malin Akerman is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actresses.  She opens up to SHAPE about how she had to step up her diet and fitness routine before slipping on a bikini for this photo shoot.

On her fix-it list: I’m not going to lie: I was born with good genes [her mother was also a model]. But when I overindulge, I can get a paunch in my belly. And I’ve always wished I had more beef in my booty.

On her diet plan: I’ve never been on a fad diet or tried one of those crazy cleanses. I think they just mess up your system. I believe in eating as nutritiously as I can all the time—not just before I’m putting on a swimsuit. My mother raised me on fresh—rather than processed—foods, and that’s how I eat on a regular basis.

On her indulgences: I have my splurges. I can’t live without chocolate.  Though I barely consider it an indulgence because it’s good for you. I also love a thick steak and French fries. I try not to eat them more than once a week, but if they somehow land on the table in front of me, I won’t hold back . You’ve got to allow yourself the things you enjoy or you’ll just be miserable.

On her exercise routine: I prefer exercising in or near my home. I usually start my day doing some yoga poses and then go for a 45-minute hike in the park nearby. It’s hard to be consistent because of my schedule. There are days I only have time to do a few sets of crunches and push-ups in my living room or 10 minutes of jumping jacks. But no matter what, I try to do something each day.

On kissing Tom Cruise: The script called for the tonguiest tongue kiss of all time.  And we were like, ‘Let’s go for it.’ It was hilarious.  Working with Tom was a dream come true.  I can die happy now.

On how she’s feeling these days: I’ve learned that whether you’re stepping in front of the camera or slipping on your first bikini of the season, it’s not how you look but how you present yourself to the world.

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